3 Things To Know About Getting Breast Enlargement after turning 40


Over 40 years of age – and wanting larger breast? What you need to know about breast enlargement surgery after 40.

Breast enlargement surgery is popular for women of a widely varying ages. Most women choose breast enlargement surgery after age 20 and upwards, once the breasts have reached their natural development (but where they are asymmetrical, small in size, ptotic or tuberous). But MORE women over the age of 40 – and even over 50 years of age – are getting breast implants for the very first time. What’s good to know about Breast Enlargement after turning 40?

This blog discusses skin differences that may affects your breast procedures and why you may need a breast lift AND breast implants to enhance your breast shape after turning 40 or 50.

Breast enlargement options in slightly older patients

Are your choices for breast implants the same after 40 as they are in younger patients – or are they different? 

The PRIMARY concerns that are different for Breast Enlargement after the age of 40 (compared to in one’s twenties) are:


  • your skin may NOT be as resilient or as firm as it was when younger
  • your skin condition will also limit implant size
    • skin condition often impacts the SIZE of implant you’re likely able to carry
    • too large an implant may result in premature sagging, additional ptosis or the risk of ‘bottoming out’
  • your nipples may not be in the best position for an implant and may require a ‘nipple lift’ (breast lift)
  • you may have more noticeably asymmetric breasts
  • the best outcomes might involve a breast implant AND a breast lift


  • after 40, you are more likely at a more stable TIME of life in terms of raising children
    • many women, but not all, are finished having have family by the time they’re in their forties
    • this may mean your breast augmentation results MAY be more stable over time – because your breasts won’t be impacted by pregnancy or breast feeding
  •  BUT thyroid function can decline after 35 or 40, or after passing through menopause
    • this can mean you have more body fat and/or breast tissue than BEFORE the kids came along
  • your WEIGHT may also FLUCTUATE OR increase steadily over time, which can change your results
  • you may have MORE natural breast tissue, which may allow for a smaller implant OR just a breast lift to improve nipple position and breast mound shape (reducing the empty looking breast or lifting nipples for a more uplifted, perkier appearance)



  • you are more likely to have incorporated steady exercise routines and regular eating patterns by the age of forty than when you were in your early twenties.
  • if you live a healthy lifestyle and have more ME TIME after 40, you could actually find your nutrition and exercise improve your results or longevity compared to women who have implants BEFORE having children (this can vary, however).

Four MOST POPULAR Breast Shaping Surgeries for Women Over 40

Whilst your skin MAY become less resilient as you age, your weight and lifestyle may be more stable. Plus, if you have adequate natural breast volume, you may be able to CHOOSE between 4 key types of breast shaping procedures:

You MAY end up with a longer-lasting surgery result than if you had surgery in your twenties, before children; but this can vary from patient to patient.  Older patients MAY have higher risks or longer healing periods than younger patients, but this can vary. Ask your Surgeon for details as you attend a consultation and health history review.  Remember, too, that risks and results can vary from patient to patient.  Smokers also have MUCH higher complication rates and delayed wound healing, so if you smoke, be sure you QUIT well before your procedure date.

Visit the Breast Augmentation page for more information on breast enlargement procedures.

What being over 40 means to breast enlargement patients

  • Your SKIN condition will impact the SIZE of the implant you should choose
  • A breast and nipple LIFT MAY ALSO be required to get a good result from augmentation
    • If enough tissue, a BREAST LIFT may even be an ALTERNATIVE to breast enlargement with implants
    • OR a combined breast-lift-augmentation may be the best solution for certain physiques
  • Fat transfer may be an added shaping option


Breast Enlargement Surgery Trends in Women over 40

Reasons Women Over 40 are Seeking Breast Augmentation in Increasing Numbers at our Melbourne Clinic: An Overview of Breast Augmentation Trends for older patients

Our Specialist Surgeons for Breast Augmentation have certainly seen an increase in requests for Breast Augmentation made by women over the age of 40 because they are:

  • Ready for some ‘ME’ time or self-improvement time
  • Wanting to get their physique BACK IN SHAPE
  • Unhappy with EMPTY LOOKING breasts after breast-feeding
  • Got FIT again but feel their breasts don’t match their FIRMER, fitter body (you can’t exercise skin)
  • Okay with the TIME FRAMES and FINANCES required to have an OPERATION
  • Able to take RECOVERY DOWNTIME now that the children are more self-sufficient

Weight loss or post-bariatric surgery is also a reason some women seek Breast Augmentation in their 40s.

Being pregnant LATER IN LIFE may also lead some women to want Breast Augmentation after having children

  • Other women may have recently had children in their 30s or early 40s.
  • They may feel a bit dismayed at just how much their breasts have begun drooping since having kids.
  • They may seek to augment their breasts to restore the fuller, firmer look they had before pregnancy OR during breast feeding.


Some Women Seek Breast Augmentation After a Divorce

  • Others find themselves recently divorced and re-entering the dating scene again in their 40s or 50s.
  • If they feel they look a bit ‘frumpy’ or have redundant skin after losing weight, they may decide they want a ‘complete Mummy Makeover” – including a reduction of excess fat and skin from the abdomen (Tummy Tuck) and either a Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift (with or without implants) or Breast Reduction.

In summary, the primary REASONS for women in their 40s to want Breast Augmentation are NOT dissimilar to those of women in their 20s.

  • The main goals are typically wanting firmer, fuller breasts and better cleavage.

  • But the underlying motivations and lifestyles may be different at this later stage of life.
  • So, too, their options – more women may require a combination of a breast lift with augmentation OR may choose between numerous options, from an uplift alone to a lift with augmentation to additional shaping with fat transfer procedures.

What You Need To Know if You’re Considering Breast Augmentation Over 40

Breast Enlargement in Your Forties: Increasingly Popular

  • The majority of women choosing breast enlargement Surgery are in their twenties and thirties, but more women in their 40s and 50s are choosing augmentation.
  • Reasons often relate to feeling less-full on top (wanting more volume or curves) and desiring more cleavage or side-boob in Australian’s coastal outdoorbeach and fashion culture.

The reasons women in their 40s and later have enlargement are typically the same as younger women; however, PTOSIS of the skin is typically a concern as well as SIZE.

Your skin may not be as resilient as it was when you were young, BUT your surgery results MAY potentially be MORE sustainable over time – particularly if you wear a good support bra and follow your surgeon’s instructions.

Being a bit wiser with time, you may recognise the value of a great support bra after breast enlargement! And you’re finished having children – two things that may help your breast results last longer!

  • Younger women may have firmer, stronger skin, which helps support their implants;
  • BUT they are also more prone to wanting to go braless (lacking support) or to want heavy implants for a larger size.
  • Younger women also need to understand the impact future life changes will have on their breast surgery results – including that augmentation results WILL change over time.
  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding and body weight changes can greatly impact breast surgery results; plus the lifespan of an implant is estimated to be up to 10 years, meaning that future replacement surgery (or a breast lift) may be necessary to sustain a good result (or multiple surgeries if you want to use implants through your adulthood).
  • This noted, not all women change out their implants every decade and replacement timing varies from patient to patient.


By the time you’re in your forties, your ideas of an ideal shape and size might have changed. You may be more likely to choose a more body-balanced size or shape.

breast augmentation trends in australia - breast implant size trends Melbourne Breast Surgeon

But there’s no PERFECT breast shape and no ONE ideal breast implant size – you and your Surgeon need to aim for the size that’s best – and right – for you.

  • A 250 cc implant may look perfect on a smaller frame where there is thinner skin
  • A 400 cc may seem just right on a person with a larger frame.

It really does depend upon the patient’s dimensions, skin health and ideals.

That’s why it’s so important to choose a Specialist Surgeon who goes to extensive lengths to plan for breast surgery to suit each individual patient, such as our leading team of Surgeons.


 over age 40 and wanting breast implants breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation Over 40: What’s good to know

1. You may have a more balanced idea of what’s a good augmentation size for your body and your lifestyle.

  • In our twenties, we may feel that ‘bigger is better’ and want to go overboard with larger breast implant sizes.
  • By our forties, we might have an improved sense of what’s proportionately balanced in terms of attractiveness – and hence, we may be less susceptible to following what our beach pals are doing in terms of choosing an augmentation size.
  • In our forties, we may also be more willing to listen

2. Breast Volume may be more stable over the age of 40 than in younger years.

  • Whilst weight changes, pregnancy and hormonal shifts can impact the size of the breasts and surgery results can change over time in younger women; many women find they are at a stabler weight – and lifestyle – by their 40s.
  • This means that the results of breast augmentation over 40 MIGHT just be a bit more predictable than in earlier years when women are having children.
  • Even so, your skin strength determines the quality of your final result as much as picking the best sized implant for your body; and having your Specialist Surgeon optimise the placement of the implant or fat transfer.

3. You may have healthier lifestyle habits and enjoy less high-impact forms of exercise such as cycling or yoga and walking.

  • Wearing a supportive, quality sports bra CAN help women of ALL ages maintain their breast augmentation results over time.
  • Yet some women participate in very high impact sports (jogging/running, boxing, pole jumping, tennis, horse back riding) when they’re younger – which may place extra stress on breast skin after augmentation, especially if they do not wear the right support garments/sports bras during exercise and other times of day.
  • Once the knees start complaining about high-impact exercises, many of us will switch to less-impact exercises (swimming, cycling, yoga, walking) – which may be of benefit in maintaining breast augmentation results for some patients.

So as we age, we might find we enjoy exercises that are less stressful to our joints – as well as easier on other parts of the body.  And this MAY be one benefit of having Breast Augmentation over 40 compared to in your twenties.

Take away message above over 40s Breast Augmentation vs in your 20s:

  • Younger women who get breast implants may soon start a family, or change their BMI/body weight over time; all of which will change their breast surgery appearance results.
  • If you’re a woman in your 40s who’s finished with your family, you WON’T typically have these changes to contend with.

You will, however, need to keep an eye on the condition of your skin strength to avoid premature sagging – a good support bra is a requirement for long lasting results, according to the experience of our top Breast Augmentation Surgeons in Melbourne, and correct placement along with choosing a moderate breast augmentation size can help reduce risks of premature breast drooping.

Your skin WILL age, however, and your breasts will continue to sag more over time – with or without an implant.

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