Caesarian Scars of the Stars: 7 Celebrities with C-Section Scars


Celebrities C-Section Scars revealed online.

7 Celebrities who had Cesarean deliveries and who spoke about their experiences and/or shared their images online.

Not everyone has a vaginal delivery. C-section deliveries – which lead to C-section Scars – have been on the rise in Australia and across the globe.  Read the statistics on Cesarean deliveries and Caesarean vs Vaginal deliveries here. The significant increase (growth) in C-section operations performed in Australia and around the world has led the World Health Organisation to issue a statement cautioning against using C-section methods when there is NO medical indication it is necessary.  That noted, 1 in 3 women in Australia are likely to have a C-section – either via choice or as a precautionary measure, or by medical condition requirements. In today’s top-rated Plastic Surgery blog, we cover C-section scars of celebrities. That’s right – Celebrity C-Section scars of stars – featuring celebrities who had C-section births and who either wrote or posted about their C-section delivery experiences on their social media channels or in magazines such as People Magazine.


C-Section Delivery vs Vaginal Births – the increase in C-Section vs Vaginal Deliveries – means an increase in C-section scars too

Read the statistics and facts on C-Sections in our blog:

What is A C-Section? Caesarean vs Vaginal Delivery Statistics

Multiple Caesarean Delivery Scars: Deliveries by C-Section and the Scars that follow.

  • In one study, about half of women, on average, who had a first birth by Caesarean-section, preferred a trial vaginal delivery for their second baby, but other studies show an 85% repeat rate in delivery method from first to second or future pregnancies.
  • There are some risks to attempting a vaginal delivery after having a prior caesarean-section delivery; but many women to successfully deliver second or third babies vaginally after having a C-section.
  • If the uterus ruptures, however, an immediate hysterectomy may be medically-required.
  • Multiple births do seem prone to needing a C-section given studies suggest that planned vaginal deliveries of twins may have a 4 in 10 chance of needing a Caesarean, for delivery of at least one twin.
  • Find out more about C-Sections and delivering twins vaginally vs cesarean.
  • Read about how many C-sections are safe to have.

Scars after a C-section (Caesarean scars)

  • Some women have had multiple C-sections, and their belly-area baby-exit area wounds tell the tale.
  • The scars may be vertical or horizontal or both, depending on the approach your Surgeon believes he or she needs to take.
  • Other women have vaginal births and the effects on their skin may be less visible, although typically MOST women who have given birth have stretch marks and some loose skin – or even a lot of skin or a belly-apron requiring Abdominoplasty or Liposuction.

Given so many women have cesarean deliveries, we’re going to discuss Celebrities who had C-section deliveries and posted their scar photos or cesarean delivery stories on line.

Which Celebrities have had Cesarean Deliveries (C-Section)?

  • The answer is more than we may ever know.
  • The only celebrities we can be are assured of having had a C section are those that have posted their c-section scars on-line – had the Paparazzi reveal that part of their post-baby body – or told their stories in magazines, in videos or on social media channels.
  • Most Celebrities who had C-sections are happy to share their stories but few of them have posted their c-section scar pics online.

What’s great about sharing Celebrity C-Section delivery and pregnancy stories?

  • Women who end up with a large C-section scar and stretch marks – like to know they are not alone.
  • It’s a way to ask if there have been any advances in the treatment of stretch marks after pregnancy.
  • It helps women understand that each women scars differently after surgery including scarring after cesarean deliveries.

Some famous celebs who have opened up about their C-Sections include:


A sampling of 7 Celebrities who had C-Sections

    1. Kate Winslet – had an Emergency Cesarean delivery of Mia (as told to Daily News)
    2. Jennifer Lopez – delivered her TWINS via C-section as told to Wonderwall
    3. Brittany Spears – gave birth to her 2 sons via cesarean delivery
    1. PINK – also had a C-section delivery
  1. Victoria Beckham – delivered all 4 children by C-Section.
  2. Amber Rose – had an Emergency C-Section / unplanned C-section according to USMagazine instead of a water birth (yes, those birth plans sound great on paper but can readily change!)
  3. Christina Aguilera also had a Ceserean delivery as told to People Magazine.

Visit’s poignant C-Section scar photography article/exhibit.

Other Celebrities reported to have had C-sections/Cesarean deliveries:

Angelina Jolie – her first biological child was born by C-section as were the twins about 2 years later.   Here, she discusses pregnancy in Vanity Fair.

Stars with Scars: Other Stars with C-Section Scars include:

  • Camilla Alves
  • Bethany Frankel
  • Gewn Stefani
  • Denise Richards
  • Marcia Cross
  • Kate Hudson
  • Jenny McCarthy
  • Brooke Shields
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Elizabeth Hurley
  • Jessica Simpson

We commend these ladies for talking about their C-sections! 

Not so candid camera – few stars DO show their c-section scars online

  • This being said, unfortunately, there are very FEW celebrities who feel able or brave enough to share picture of their C-section scars online.
  • So while many will talk about their other surgery procedures quite openly – from breast lift surgery and implants after breast feeding to a Tummy Tuck – they are less keen to share their scar pics.

With the home birth movement growing strong and online trawling an issue for celebs, some stars MAY have been embarrassed to say they had a C-section or to show images.

Like all things to do with pregnancy this is changing. Any previous stigma surrounding ‘too posh to push’ is not a concern to most Mums who need to have a C-section or who choose to have one due to pregnancy or health concerns.

We aren’t sure if the lack of photos of celebrity C-section scars online is because of “c-section shaming of celebrities,” skin embarrassment (of which there should be none!) or fear or judgement, but we would be happy to see more from this list show their scars  — there is nothing to fear, and everything to celebrate!  After all, whatever way your baby comes into the world – you conceived it, carried it and gave birth to it – vaginally or by caesarean!

How to Tell if Your Ab Muscles Were Torn, Split or Damaged During Pregnancy

The few brave picture sharers for C-Scar Photos (Cesarean scar photos)

We trawled the internet and found are 3 celeb mummies who were brave enough to show their c-section scars online — thanks. ladies and well done for being so open!

1) Jenny Mollen shared her C-section scar photos online

Jenny Mollen, actress and wife of fellow actor Jason Biggs of the American Pie series, bravely showed her c-section scar via Instagram. With an impressively flat stomach 2- weeks post-partum, the mum of 2 boys (Sid and Lazlo) has been an outspoken advocate for lifting the veil on all kinds of pregnancy issues, such as pre-partum depression, placenta previa an sharing lots of candid shots in People magazine articles of her pregnancy and new mummyhood. Kudos, Jenny!


2) Jessie James Decker shared her C-section scar photos online

Singer Jessie James Decker, and wife of professional football player Eric Decker, share two kids and Jessie also shared selfies of her c-section scar on Instagram. Proudly showing off her one-month postpartum “c-section scar and pooch,” Jessie is a great inspiration to all mums to be proud of what their bodies can do and not to be afraid to show their c-section scars – especially when your surgeon has done such a great job and there is such minimal scarring after just one month! Nice job, Jessie!

c-section-scars-on-celebrities - Life and Style Magazine link to C-Section Scar photos of celebrities

3) Sarah Cawood shared her C-section scar photos online and spoke about her recovery problems after having a cesarean 

British television presenter and broadcaster Sarah Cawood wins our respect for her strength, fearlessness and honesty.  She revealed to the Daily Mirror. complete with ver graphic pictures, what happened when her C-section scar turned septic and nearly killed her. Her organs became infected and she had to have an emergency bowel resection. We applaud Sarah for sharing her story and raising awareness that not every woman has a smooth C-Section recovery, and which warning signs to look out for.


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Fresh C-Section scars may also be treatable (results can vary significantly) to help them fade or reduce keloid risks – see our Coco Ruby team about skin needling or Fraxel. Suitable candidates only.

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