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types of facelift surgery -types-of-face-lift-surgeonThere are several types of Facelift surgery.  New methods have been tried in recent years and you might have read about ‘quicker healing’ Facelift procedures, such as a thread facelift or mini facelift. But our experts believe most ‘quick fix’ surgery shortcuts can lead to short lasting outcomes.  We believe that it’s best to get a longer term result the FIRST time you have face surgery, and to choose a stellar Surgeon who cares about how you’ll look in 5 to 10 years time (not just in a few month’s time). A good facelift result, in the view of our Melbourne Facelift Surgeons, is one that looks natural AND is longer-lasting.  

Our widely respected Melbourne Surgeons for Facelift Surgery can help you choose from different types of Facelift Surgery & Eyelid or Brow Procedures

  • There are several proven types of Facelift Surgery approaches to rejuvenate the face.
  • Two proven methods that give good long-term results for many patients include::
    • Round Block Facelift
    • SMAS Facelift

Other methods may include injectables, threads and mini lifts (but these may not be suitable for most ageing faces).

Find out why a certain procedure type would be better for you over another by visiting with a Surgeon, who can give you honest advice about what YOUR face would benefit from in terms of surgery options. Phone (03) 8849 1444 today to learn more.

Surgical Facelift or Liquid Facelift or Both?

Cosmetic injectables may be an added solution to refine the underlying skeletal structure and replace volume.

Facelift or Neck Lift Surgery often works best when the skeletal structures and skin surface are also treated for signs of ageing.

This can be done with dermal filler injectables (facial fillers), high tech skin lasers, light therapy treatments, skin peels and topical prescriptions to reduce aged spots and lines or wrinkles.

  • At our practice, we fully customise the surgery to meet each patient’s specific needs.
  • What will benefit one person may not be the best option for another patient.
  • The type of facelift surgery you  need will be unique to YOUR facial anatomy and needs.
  • If the surface or skin texture is also showing extensive signs of ageing or pigmentation from sun damage, we may suggest skin refinement solutions to compliment the surgery for a better overall result. This might include lasers or skin peels and home care systems to improve the colour, collagen levels or smoothness of the skin.


So many types to Facelift procedures to choose from these days  – how do I know what’s right for me?

That’s why our Melbourne Facelift Surgeons take the planning stage of your Facelift so seriously.  It’s also why they offer top level patient care while your healing – to help YOU do what YOU can to get the best overall result from your facial surgery.


What does Facelift Surgery accomplish? And will I need a neck lift as well?

  • A Facelift primarily restores contours and firmness to the skin of the jowls or LOWER face.
  • Depending on your jawline and neck skin or fat deposits in that area, you may also have a diagonal “double chin” appearance to your neck. This may require a combined surgical approach that addresses the LOWER face and jawline AND the neck skin.
  • If you want a more angular look restored, either a Facelift or a Facelift with a Neck Lift and/or Under-Chin Fat Reduction Injections may be required to get the appearance changes you are wanting from your Facelift. Liposuction, fat reduction and skin tightening is often part of these procedures.

In terms of what it can do for YOUR face, it’s best to visit with one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons who focuses on Facelift, Necklift and other facial rejuvenation procedures. Phone (03) 8849 1444 to find out which of our widely regarded Facial Surgeons can help you get a natural-looking, long lasting Facelift.

How Many Types of Facelift Surgery are available? And how do I know which one is best for me? 

Every person in unique and faces age individually (even twins tend to age differently).

  • Facial anatomy, genetic in nature, is only one aspect of facial ageing.
  • Lifestyle, sun exposure and facial expressions also take their toll on the appearance of the face.  
  • Health changes and hormone deficiencies can also contribute to more rapid ageing of the face and skin.


What ageing tends to lead to is collagen strength loss, bone loss and skin laxity.  

Over time, you will start to develop jowls along the jawline or a ‘double chin’ and fatty neck that has lost it’s more-defined contours.

A Facelift can help restore a more youthful, firmer appearance to the LOWER face (there are other procedures for the upper face, just ask your Surgeon).  

Other than eyelid lift surgery, Facelift surgery is one of the top requested surgeries for restoring a youthful look.

  • That’s because the earliest signs of ageing are often seen around the jawline (sagging jowls), lips, cheeks, eyelids and brow area. 
  • Facelift Surgery can significantly reduce the visible signs of ageing on the face.
  • A more refined jawline looks more youthful from all angles – including from the front, side and three-quarter views.

Sometimes Facelift Surgery is best off combined with Neck Lift Surgery or with Double Chin Treatments using Injectables.

As shown in the Neck Lift photo below, a Neck Lift may be the right solution for some patients instead of a Facelift. Alternatively, a Neck Lift Surgery may be combined with a Facelift to improve the overall results (plus skin treatments).

Many patients with jowls also have some neck fat they would like reduced; so patients may choose to have a combined Facelift/Neck Lift to get more defined lower face contours that have withered due to ageing or weight change.

Types of Facelift Surgery or is a Neck Lift all you need?

Facelift surgery can be sought by individuals of many ages.  Read Melbourne Surgeon Dr Geoff Barnett’s opinion on the “Best Age for Facelift Surgery” on his Blog.

All surgery has benefits and risks. For facelift surgery risks click here. These will be discussed with you during a consultation.

Key benefits of getting a Facelift 

Whether we like it or not, we know that ageism is a part of our modern culture where youthful looks are idolised.

  • In your career, online business profiles, relationships or public presentations, HOW you look DOES matter.  
  • Attractiveness and youthful looks influence everything from interpersonal relationship choices to career options to income levels.
  • Studies show that a GOOD result from facelift surgery can improve the appearance of a person’s face by reducing the ‘perceived age’ of the person’s face by up to 7 to 8 years.  

Whist you can’t STOP the clock, turning back the effects of ageing by just under a decade can result in a very pleasing rejuvenation outcome.

And as above, this can be further enhanced by skin resurfacing using deep chemical peels, laser-based therapy treatments and topical prescription ointments.

We customise Types of Facelift Surgery to meet your needs in Melbourne Surgery Face SMAS Round Block options

There are several different approaches to Facelift Surgery.

Most Facelift Surgery aims to reduce excess skin from the lower face that lead to a saggy looking jowl or ill defined jawline.

  • Facelift surgery procedures aim to tighten lax facial skin and reduce ‘sagging jowls’ to re-define the chin and jaw area.
  • Sometimes, however, combined surgery options and injectable strategies will be the better option to restore your lower face to a more refined appearance.  
  • It really depends on the condition of your skin and facial bones, and how much they have lost collagen or have atrophied over time.

Our Surgeons are highly adept at getting natural looking results for help restore vitality to your facial appearance. 


The lower or mid-face face result of facial restoration surgery: Results depend on the Type of Facelift Surgery & the Patient’s Anatomy and Skin Health

This page overviews different types of procedures. However, our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for Facelift Surgery in Melbourne can provide more specific information during a confidential consultation.

Phone us today on (03) 8849 1444 or send in a confidential enquiry to find out what can be done for your appearance through natural-looking facelift strategies.

You can also read our Facelift procedure pages if you’d like more general information on what it can help you achieve.

Am I a good candidate for facelift and if so, what type of facelift or Surgeon to choose?


Good Candidates for Facelift Surgery or Neck Lift Surgery might have these criteria:

  • Sagging or plump jowls
  • An ill-defined or indistinguishable jawline that ‘blends into the neck and cheek without definition’
  • A tired or hang-dog facial appearance, even when well rested
  • A heavy lower face or lax lower facial skin
  • Prior surgery that didn’t go to plan (a botched facelift or an unnatural look)


If you answer YES to any of these questions, perhaps it’s time to see what can be done to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and ageing on your lower face.

  • Do you feel self-conscious about your jowls or neckline, especially in photographs or from the side?
  • Do you believe you have aged prematurely?
  • When you look in the mirror, are you mortified to see the face of one of your parents seemingly staring back at you?

Do you miss having a more defined jawline or fewer chins? A Facelift with skin treatments can help.

If you want to refresh your appearance, you may be a candidate for one of our long-lasting, proven facial rejuvenation procedures including a SMAS Facelift or Round Block Facelift or combined procedure.types-facelift-surgery-smas-roundblock


What options do you have for different types of Facelift surgery?

The only way to know what facelift procedure is best for your facial concerns is to visit with one of our top Facelift Surgeons in Melbourne, Berwick or Williamstown.

Our Team’s Facelift Surgeons include:

Dr Douglas McManamny, Specialist Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon including Facelift Surgery, Nose Surgery and Body/Breast Procedures 

Dr Geoff Barnett, Specialist Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery including Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring and Breast Procedures

Dr Richard Maxwell, Specialist Plastic & Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon for Cosmetic Face Surgery as well as Breast & Body Contouring Procedures 

Send an enquiry form today (at the bottom of this page) or phone a Patient Care Coordinator on (03) 8849 1444.


Most Common Types of Facelift Surgery and Related Procedures


Again, there are some late-to-be-offered options that promise good results with little down time, but many patients find these have been over promised and under delivered.  

Caution about getting a Facelift Surgery.  

You don’t want to:

  • go into what you hear is a quick-fix, quick recovery facelift surgery and find you need more surgery just a short time afterwards
  • find out the earlier surgery complicates your ability to have one of the more proven, long-lasting methods.  
  • enter into any surgery without understand the healing time involved, the scars, and the surgical risks (that’s why it’s good to see a top Specialist before you proceed – fortunately our Surgeons offer practical and honest advice about what surgery can – and cannot – do.

So we suggest not taking short-cuts and having the surgery that will suit YOUR face best – and the only way to assess that properly is to meet with one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons in person.

Am I a good candidate for facelift and if so, what type of facelift or Surgeon to choose?

WE have three widely regarded Face Lift Surgery Specialist Plastic Surgeons on our team: Dr Barnett, Dr Maxwell and Dr McManamny.

Our Surgeons use highly skilled, trusted methods of facial rejuvenation for Facelift procedures. They use thorough, customised techniques and aim for a natural-looking, yet long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing result.  (No one wants to look ‘over done’ – fortunately our Surgeons know how to get you a natural looking result that suits YOUR face and skin health).

Facelift or Eyelid Lift or Cheeks? Surgery of the Face is divided into 3 areas.

Ageing of the face is usually not an isolated occurrence. But if you’re thinking of a surgical solution such as a face surgery or neck lift, you’ll want to explore what area of the face is bothering you most.  Some areas will contribute more to ageing and will hence have an overall more powerful effect of rejuvenation AFTER surgery.

Upper (Brow and Eyelids), Mid-Face (Cheekbone area), and Lower (Jawline, Jowls and Neck).

In general, however, types of Facelift Surgery or Facial Rejuvenation Surgery include: 

Any of the above procedures with injectables to replace lost facial volume and tighten loose skin along the lower face.

  • There’s also a Liquid Facelift as a complimentary procedure or short-lasting interim measure.
  • However, if the skin is lax or crepey in appearance, often a Facelift is required to get a good outcome as your skin health DOES have an impact on what you can – and cannot – accomplish with non-surgical measures.

Our Team of Plastic Surgeons and Skin Rejuvenation Specialist can help you determine what best approach to take.

types of facelift surgery and best age for a facelift


For more on Non-Surgical or Minimal Facelift Options, search our Top Plastic Surgery Blogs.

As with all cosmetic procedures, the results from any Facelift is highly dependent on the skill and training of your Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

  • Facelift Surgery is a highly technical procedure.
  • Facial structures are lifted, moved and reshaped during a Facelift surgery
  • This require precise skills but you’ll be in very experienced hands with our Melbourne Surgeons.
  • They involve re-sculpting the skin and adjusting underlying tissues to help your skin sit firmer over your features.

Internal facial structures are ALL interconnected and ALL interact, visually, to effect your overall appearance after surgery.

So you want an experienced, artisan Surgeon with great skills in getting a natural-looking, harmonious result for your Facelift procedure

  • Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons are highly experienced and highly regarded by their peers and patients.
  • They have at least 2 to 3 decades of experience getting men and women natural-looking facelift results.
  • They are skilled in avoiding ‘over done’ looks and work with your existing anatomy and skin properties to get an aesthetically pleasing result from your surgery investment.
  • They can also perform eyelid rejuvenation or body and breast procedures – with such a large team, we have dedicated specialists for whatever main procedure you are looking into having performed.


With complex facial surgeries, it’s even more important than ever to choose an experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon rather than an under-qualified or less-trained practitioner.  

You’ll relax knowing you’ve chosen a highly adept Facial Rejuvenation expert as all of our leading Facelift Surgeons are highly experienced.

Each Facelift Surgeon has a long track records of getting superb, natural-looking results that are also long lasting.

Will everyone know if I have a Facelift? The answer is NO.

  • With a skilled Plastic Surgeon, people will likely notice you look ‘more rested’ or refreshed after a face-lift procedure.
  • They may also think you’ve lost some weight  or had a long holiday– otherwise they will not know specifically WHY you look better (unless they see you during recovery OR have a highly trained eye to know what to look for).

Types of Facelift Surgery - Melbourne Facelift Surgeon

Many people feel that they “know” what a person who has a facelift looks like — but in fact, they are usually only aware of patients who have had BAD facelifts or undesirable, unnatural-looking results (the “drawn” or “wind blown” look is a risk if you use a junior surgeon or over zealous practitioners who isn’t highly skilled).  Go for QUALITY over COST as you only have one face and you don’t want to risk it.

What makes a BAD Facelift Result and how can I avoid this?

  • The appearance of excessively tightened skin, eyes that appear under tension and a generally stretched appearance are often symptoms of excessive reshaping and excess skin reduction during surgery.
  • A conservative approach by a specialist Plastic Surgeon will avoid these issues.
  • Our elite Team of Surgeons focuses on getting you a very natural-looking, pleasing rejuvenation result from your Facelift procedure.

What Melbourne Facelift Surgeon to Choose for Facelift Surgery?

Choose from our leading Melbourne Facelift Plastic Surgeons including Dr Richard Maxwell, Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Douglas McManamny.

In Sydney, Choose from Dr Richard Sackelariou, Dr Richard Drielsma or Dr Lionel Chang.

In Melbourne, our Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr Benjamin Burt, performs eyelid lift and Blepharoplasty procedures.

Why Choose Us for Facelift Surgery?

  • Exceptional & natural-looking Facelift Results
  • Practical Surgery Advice
  • Bespoke Surgery & Extensive Planning
  • Rapid Recovery PACKS and Scar Treatments including Healite II
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Follow Up

Our elite team of Plastic Surgeons have over 20 years of experience in providing natural looking, harmonious facial enhancements.

In Melbourne, you can choose from Dr Douglas McManamny, Dr Geoff Barnett or Dr Richard Maxwell for your Facelift or Neck lift procedure.

best Rhinoplasty Specialist Plastic Surgeon   Facelift Sureon and Asian Breast Augmentation Surgeon   Breast Augmentation Surgery Round or Anatomical implants melbourne  

Our leading Melbourne Plastic Surgeons also perform body and breast rejuvenation surgeries.

Facelift and Other Rejuvenation surgery is a journey.

You want to embark on the journey with a highly-trained, experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon who doesn’t cut corners during Surgery and who prioritises Patient Safety by operating in an accredited Hospital.

  • What sets us apart from other Surgeons is not only our decades of success in providing patients with best-care practices and natural looking facelift surgery outcomes and long-lasting results.
  • It is also that we believe surgery is a collaboration between Surgeon and Patient.

Good Cosmetic Surgery Outcomes are a result of Collaboration.  

Good Communication between Surgeon and Patient is Crucial to a successful surgery experience. Send an enquiry form and ask about the 7 Steps to Successful Surgery Guidebook.

We believe in honest, open and empathetic communication so that we can, together as a team, help you get the best potential outcomes from your Facelift procedure.  

  • Our motto is that we believe good Plastic Surgery outcomes result from the right patient having the right procedure at the right time, in the right facility, with the right Surgeon and the right Anaesthetists.
  • This means that selection of the right surgery procedure for each and every particular patient is a crucial part of getting a great outcome from a Facelift procedure.

Call us today to find out more (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form in below.

We can go over the procedure options, skin preparation and post-surgery recovery processes, and what you can expect the surgery to accomplish for you.  We give honest, practical advice and expert care.

You’ll love how easy it is to talk with our Team of Surgeons and how empathetic, caring and knowledgeable they are.

That’s what makes them widely regarded as experts for Facial Rejuvenation and natural-looking facelift results.


We don’t cut corners. We’re not a discount, cheap ‘back room’ surgery facility – we operate in fully accredited Australian hospitals.

Surgery is serious and involves certain risks. Some surgeries are considered ‘less major’ than other surgeries, in terms of theatre time and aneasthetic time and your recovery periods. Yet ALL surgery carries risks and should never be taken lightly.

For major surgeries such as facelift or necklift procedures, our Surgeons operate in a fully accredited Australian hospital using highly experienced Anaesthetists.

We feel this is important for optimal patient care and best-practice facelift surgery in terms of patient comfort and patient safety.

Choosing Our Team of leading Plastic Surgeons for facial surgeries means you will get care excellence and honest, practical advice about which specific procedure (or procedures) will help YOU to look your best.  And we’ll ascertain that you get a pleasing, natural looking result that is aligned with your other features and complements your entire face.

Our priority is to provide excellent patient care and precision surgery procedures, with an aim on minimal scarring, hospital based procedures, and DRAIN-FREE methods. In a collaborative and comfortable setting, you and your Surgeon can develop a rejuvenation plan to best meet your skin and facial revitalisation (anti-ageing) needs.

DRAIN-FREE Surgery procedures & scientifically-proven products in your Rapid Recovery Packages.

Face Lift Procedures: Types & Categories

In Summary, there are a number of different types of Facelift surgery procedures. They are complex and best described with diagrams and drawing and demonstrations in a consultation (where you show the Surgeon what you are wanting changed and they show you how and where they would operate to get you the results you are wanting for your facial surgery).
Broadly, most Facelift Surgery does fall into a few key categories although there are variations.
We are happy to send you a helpful summary list of the different procedures if you send a confidential enquiry form, below. Or schedule a one-one consultation with one of our caring Facelift Surgery team members or a Specialist Plastic Surgeon for Facelift or Neck Lift Surgery.

 Why not get started in discovering your best facial rejuvenation options? Send an enquiry form today. types-face-lift-surgery-options-healing-scars 

NEXT STEPS on your Surgical Journey

Visit our FAQ pages, learn more about your procedure, have a look at our photo galleries and patient reviews.

How to Book your Initial Consultation  

  • Call us today to find out more (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form in below.
  • A Referral from your GP or from your Specialist is helpful but NOT essential – you can have a consultation without a GP Referral
  • Book a consultation with your Surgeon by paying the $200 consultation fee

What to Bring to your Surgeon Consultation

  • Bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices
  • Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly
  • You may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothes

Want more information before scheduling your Surgeon consultation?

  • Request more information about the procedure – call or contact us
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  • Speak with a past patient that has had the procedure – call or contact us
  • Browse our Frequently Asked Questions including how to choose a Surgeon for your procedure


Surgeon Differences Between Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons: Who tends to have had more extensive formal training and higher level Specialist Qualifications? Who can operate in a fully accredited hospital rather than a back room clinic?

Do you know the differences in qualifications, training and experience between different types of Surgeons and Specialist Plastic Surgeons?

READ our blog by clicking here.

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*Remember that everyone is an individual and results can vary from person to person. During a consultation, we will show you many BEFORE & AFTER FACELIFT SURGERY of our Patients (who have given permission to show their images in clinic but not on the web).