Facial Surgery: Face Lift Types & Choices

Facelifts have long been popular for helping to minimise the impact of facial ageing.

Some people are still hesitant about how they’ll look after a facelift (will everyone know you’ve had something done?)  But that’s because early facelift methods were simply NOT nearly as technically advanced as current facelift procedures (especially if performed by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, who takes into account your full facial anatomy including underlying structures as well as excess, saggy-looking skin.

So today, with the right Surgeon and the right approach, you can benefit from natural-looking, long lasting facial rejuvenation results by choosing to have a Facelift.  Not only does the procedure show high satisfaction ratings on consumer Forums (such as the Plastic Surgery Hub, The Plastic Surgery Forum & Real Self), but a research study has found that the average ‘perceived age reduction’ achievable from a Facelift is 7.2 years (to 8 years) of ‘reduced ageing’ of the face.face-lift-middle-facelift

Ageing DOES change the facial structure – quite a bit, for some individuals.  Facial Surgery CANNOT make you look like you did in your 20’s, again.  Realistic expectations of surgery are pivotal to having a pleasing result. But surgery CAN often significantly rejuvenate your face and give your appearance-confidence a genuine boost for years to come.

Imagine being able to turn some of the effects of the clock BACKWARDS by nearly 7 years with the help of one of our leading Plastic Surgeons for facial rejuvenation.  

Facelift Types:  Options & Choices for Facial Rejuvenation

Fortunately, for our generation, there are numerous different approaches to Facial Rejuvenation – including several types of Face Lift surgeries, from lower face lifts to middle face lifts to upper face lifts, to thread lifts and the natural-looking, long-lasting SMAS and Round-Block Face Lift approaches.


Types of Facelifts: How do you know which type of facial surgery is best for YOUR appearance?

The type(s) of Face Lift Surgeries and Rejuvenation Procedures that will suit YOU best depends on a number of different factors:

  • the specific areas of your facial appearance you are wanting to improve (tighten or rejuvenate)
  • the influence your genetics and your lifestyle have had on your facial skin & appearance
  • your facial anatomy including your features, your bones, facial muscles, tendons and facial fat
  • your skin’s overall health and resiliency (e.g. elasticity and collagen levels) which change as you age
  • the degree to which your facial muscles, facial fat and bones have atrophied over time
  • how well you have been looking after your skin
  • whether or not you’ve had prior surgery or other skin rejuvenation procedures

Types of face lift surgery including SMAS, Round Block Face Lift and Light Touch

Are you considering a Face Lift Surgery?

If you’re wondering IF it’s time to consider a face lift procedure to rejuvenate your facial appearance, you’re best to see a Specialist Plastic Surgeon (or to ask an expert Injector such as Sandra Wallace) if they think it’s time.

The benefit of surgery over other non-surgical methods of rejuvenation is that it tends to be more significant, and longer-lasting, when properly performed.

Here are some general questions to ask yourself to assess whether you might be a candidate for Facial Surgery (Rhytidectomy):

  • Are your facial features starting to look a bit hollow or saggy, especially on your lower face?
  • Do you miss having a distinguished jaw line?
  • Is your facial skin getting a crepey-looking appearance?
  • Does your jowl skin sag below (or beyond) your jaw bones?
  • Has cumulative collagen loss along with gravity taken a toll on your facial skin and left you feeling you look older than you actually are, or older than you want to look?

If you’re on this Face Lift page, chances are that you’ve sometimes pulled back the lower face skin with your fingers, revealing a more taught facial appearance.

Face Lift - reduces sagging jowls

Hopefully you’ve read the main page on Face Lift procedures so that you are familiar with the overall face lift process and it’s many benefits for facial rejuvenation.

If not, save this page as a bookmark, then click here for procedure overview information. OR you can send an Enquiry Form for further information OR to secure a confidential consultation time with one of our leading face lift Plastic Surgeons (Melbourne, Berwick, Williamstown or Sydney.  We’re experts in getting natural looking, long-lasting quality Face Lift results.

Rhytidectomy: An overview of different types of Face Lift Procedures

  • Facelift surgery is formally called a Rhytidectomy surgical procedure
      • however, there are many different types of facelifts including SMAS and Round Block
      • there are three key regions of the face (imagine a face with hand-drawn lines divided into horizontal thirds)
      • Rhytidectomy is a term primarily relating to lower face lift surgery
      • A face lift can help improve the look of your face by reducing the more visible signs of facial ageing


    face lift for asian skin types

        • Research has indicated that the visible reduction of ‘facial ageing appearance’ can be up to 7 to 8 years
          • You can look 7 to 8 years younger after healing from surgery if you have the right face lift procedure
          • You’ll want to be sure it’s performed properly by an Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is highly experienced in facial rejuvenation surgery and who can combine procedures, such as a neck lift or skin resurfacing to remove wrinkles, when required to get the more youthful look you’re wanting to attain

    types of facelifts, facial beauty and look younger with face surgery

    During a face lift procedure, your Surgeon:

        • Removes (or redistributes) excess facial fat
        • Positions (aligns) and tightens the underlying facial muscles and
        • Helps rejuvenate the appearance of the skin of your face (and neck)

    With facial surgery, however, there are THREE key areas of the face:

        • the upper face
        • the middle face
        • the lower face


    With today’s many options, different face surgery procedures (varying types of Face Lifts or Facial Rejuvenation Surgeries) help address each of these key regions of the face.  Ageing skin may be addressed partially through surgery and partially by other methods, such as lasers, injectables or other light-based therapies as well as deep peels (such as Enzyme Peels or other skin resurfacing peels).

    For best facial surgery results, some Face Lift candidates may choose complementary procedures to attain a more thorough facial rejuvenation effect.

    Male face lift surgery, face lifts for men, injectables strategy

    Surgical & non-surgical procedures

    The liquid Facelift is a great option if you’re younger, but eventually you’ll likely need Surgery to get a longer lasting, significant result.

    Frequently combined surgical & non-surgical procedures to restore a more youthful, tighter or refined facial appearance include:

        • skin resurfacing with deep chemical peels, laser treatments (such as Fraxel Restore) or other light-based treatments
        • Wrinkle-reduction Injectables (sometimes called a Liquid Facelift or a Lunch Time Facelift)
        • Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) or Dermal Volumisers (Dermal Fillers) to help restore lost facial volume
        • neck surgery or neck liposuction

    If your neck has accumulated excess fat (or has very sagging, baggy skin), then you might want to combine a Face Lift with a Neck Lift procedure for best lower-face rejuvenation results.

    double chin for facelift neck lift

    What are key reasons women & men request Face Lifts or other Facial & Neck Surgery?

    Many of us DO live – and work – for longer periods of time than did earlier generations. We often have greater social and business opportunities later in our life as well – in our fifties, sixties and beyond.

    So we tend to be more active – socially and in our careers – in our later decades than earlier generations such as those of our parents or grandparents.  And both women and men seem to be more concerned with looking better, for longer periods of time.

    Part of these trends may relate to the ready availability of photographs and other digital profile trends, and part due to the changes in our working and personal lives:

        • Later-life career changes have become common
        • Re-partnering in ones forties, fifties, sixties and beyond is also increasingly common as early partners become lost to separation, divorce or premature deaths
        • The work force is diverse and we may work alongside people who are 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years younger than we are, and we may notice our ageing more keenly if this is the scenario we find ourselves in, career-wise, after forty or fifty or even sixty years of age


    face lift types of procedures SMAC Round Block

    Plus, for the baby boomer generation, most of us look after our health and fitness as well as our skin. We may have long used cosmeceutical products, gotten regular facials, or invested in Fraxel laser rejuvenation or other means of getting better looking skin.

    But eventually the years of sun exposure (at the beach, in the garden or on the golf course) and other ageing factors DO take their toll. So does the normal atrophy of our facial bones, facial muscles and facial fat.  Our faces start to get a weathered, wrinkled and sagging appearance.

    And we can end up looking older than we feel – or older than most of our colleagues.

    face lift surgery for men

    The result of these lifestyle factors is that, in current times, both women and men seek to look younger in whatever ways they can.

    If you’re considering a Facial Surgery procedure, chances are that you want to LOOK better – or younger – in person as well as in photographs on your digital business profiles (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) – or you may be wanting to attract a new partner after a bereavement or a divorce.

    Face lifts can be appealing if you are looking at new career opportunities (or want to stay competitive in the workforce), or if you want to keep up with a younger spouse or a partner who regularly gets anti-aging treatments, rejuvenating surgery or injectable treatments.

    There are also other reasons people consider Face Lift surgery, such as an upcoming graduation or award ceremony,  a public speaking engagement, a photo shoot or video filming project – even a holiday or wedding.


    Facial surgery, facelifts in melbourne, best outcomes and age for a face lift

    What to be sure you do before consenting to a Face lift procedure.

        • Choose a qualified, highly-experienced facial surgery Plastic Surgeon
        • Discuss your facial concerns at length including what Facelift options – or combined surgeries – can get you a great result

    Face lifts are effective for women and men who want to correct:

        • Loose skin and fat under the chin and jaw
        • Mid-facial sagging
        • Sagging areas of fat or deep facial creases
        • Creases between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds)
        • Jowls that sag due to loss of collagen or facial muscle tone

    If you want to treat signs of age in your brow area, eyelids, and midface  areas, you can sometimes combine a facelift surgery with a brow lift (and/or eyelid surgery or an upper Blepharoplasty or even a Canthoplasty).

    Additionally, injectables and/or skin resurfacing can help enhance the final outcome of your facelift surgery. Some patients may also want augmentation of their features with either dermal volumisers (fillers), a chin augmentation or other types of facial enhancement surgery.

    How is a Facelift Performed?

    You’ll be operated on in a fully accredited Hospital under general Anaethesia.

    The Facelift procedure takes approximately two hours.

    This can vary from patient to patient or if other procedures are added.

    The facelift procedure itself will vary depending on your facial structure, your appearance concerns, your Surgeon and your desired end result.

    The three most common incision techniques are:

        • Traditional facelift: 
        • The “full” facelift helps to rejuvenate the face, jowls and neck
        • This includes fat sculpting, lifting and re-positioning the muscles and deeper facial tissues
        • Skin will be excised (trimmed) and re-draped
        • The incision would begin at your temples and move down towards the front of your ear (around your earlobe) and behind your ear to your lower scalp (hairline).
        • Another incision may sometimes be created under your chin, if necessary for the type of face lift you are getting.
        • Limited-incision facelift: For rejuvenation focused around your eyes and mouth, including your nasolabial folds or to help remedy deep creases, your surgeon may make precise, short incisions at your temples and around your ears and possibly in your lower eyelids and/or under the upper lip.
        • Neck lift: A neck lift concentrates on reducing jowls, loose skin on the neck and excess fat under your chin area.
        • The incision for a neck lift is typically made around your ear lobe and behind your ear towards your lower scalp.

    Face Lift Incisions

    Incisions for a face lift are closed with stitches or with other sutures or skin closure methods.

    Your Surgeon will artfully place your scars so they remain primarily hidden in your hairline as well as hidden in the natural contours of your facial structure.

    Are you a good candidate for a Face Lift procedure?

        • Are considering a face lift for personal reasons, not because someone else is pressuring you to do so?
        • Do you have realistic expectations about what facial surgery can – and cannot do?
        • Do you want to significantly improve one or more of the visible signs of facial aging as listed above?
        • Has your face begun to sag a bit, but you still have some reasonable elasticity in your skin (not extremely saggy or overly crepey in appearance)?
        • Are you in generally good healthy?
        • Are you a definite non-smoker (not even a social smoker)?

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