Types of Breast Surgery

There are different types of breast surgery, and each one is customised to suit the patient’s needs. For more information, visit our NEXT STEPS page.

What are the KEY types of cosmetic breast surgery available?

Two categories of breast surgery are COSMETIC SURGERY and RECONSTRUCTIVE. Some procedures have both aspects, but reconstructive has a medical purpose, and cosmetic surgery is done purely for aesthetic reasons.

For example, Breast Augmentation may be either COSMETIC or RECONSTRUCTIVE. It’s primarily COSMETIC but some women may have a deformity (severe asymmetry, ptotic breasts, tuberous breasts) that may lead to a medical purpose for the procedure.

Breast Reduction is often medically warranted due to the associated health conditions of large, heavy or pendulous breast tissues/breast volume. This can cause chronic skin infections and back pain, neck pain and shoulder strap pain. It can also impede quality of life.

Breast contouring such as fat transfer or grafting to breasts after liposuction is a cosmetic surgery in most cases; to help with cleavage contouring or to hide the edges of an implant in someone with very little natural breast tissue.

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