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In our recent blog articles, we mention cosmetic surgery and social media influences on public knowledge about different types of Surgeons – and trending plastic surgery options. We also gave tips for avoiding botched cosmetic surgery, such as the importance of understanding differences between doctors who offer surgery AND choosing a genuine Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon (FRACS). In this blog, we cover several top social media influencers who’ve had Cosmetic Surgery in Australia.

Top Social Media Influencers who’ve had Cosmetic Surgery in Australia – Brittney Saunders

Image source: Hunter Plastic Surgery (Plastic Surgery News) accessed online on 5 December 2017.

Recently, one of Australia’s top cosmetic and beauty YouTube V-LOGGER, Britt Saunders, shared her VIDEOS about her breast augmentation experience with a FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Newport, NSW. She’s one of a number of important social media influencers who shared their cosmetic surgery journey with others this year.

Another is Beauty YouTube V-Logger and Cosmetic Blogger Amea May.


One of the top Social Media Influencers in Australia who had cosmetic surgery is the lovely Brittney Lee Saunders from Newcastle, who v-logged about her Breast Augmentation procedure.

Brittney Saunders, a popular vlogger, has a large social media following, and over 165,000 watched her six-month post-breast augmentation update video.

She is definitely one of Australia’s iconic Influencers across important social media channels.


She focuses on the beauty and cosmetic space, and her presence is followed by a large number of individuals here and overseas.  Brittney Saunders social media following includes:

Below is an image of Britt Saunders YouTube VLOGS.

Britt_Saunders Brittney_lee_saunders_Youtube_Channel_Influencer @Britt_Saunders

Click here to view her videos and subscribe to her Vlogger Youtube channel!

Brittney Saunders used Social Media to reveal her Breast Augmentation Surgery experience (Video) and Results

Like many celebrities and social media influencers who have breast augmentation, Brittney Saunders (Brittney Lee Saunders) was NOT private about her surgery experience or results. She has shared not only post-breast augmentation selfies and professional photography session images, but her own VLOGS on what it was like, and how she feels after having breast implant surgery.

She has openly shared her experiences with Newcastle Plastic Surgeon, Dr Moncrief, on her YouTube Channels and continues to regularly posts photos of her results.

Watch Britt Saunders’ 6 month post-Breast Augmentation video

Why we think she’s a WINNER in terms of her Social Media Influence on Public Knowledge about Surgeon Differences.

  • As a safety minded group of Melbourne Surgeons, we’re delighted to learn Britt was savvy enough NOT to risk cheap overseas medical tourism.
  • This has inherently elevated risks as you read about in the paper.
  • Instead, she chose a local Newcastle Surgeon who is highly respected by peers and patients alike.
  • Her Breast Augmentation Surgeon is a FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Moncrief, of Hunter Plastic Surgery.

Dr Moncrief has dedicated his practice to cosmetic surgery for women. He performs Breast Surgery and Tummy Surgery; and like our Surgeons, he aims for a long-lasting, natural-looking result – as you’ll see in Brittney’s post-breast augmentation photos.

Source: Instagram @Brittney_Saunders – accessed via the internet on 5 December 2017 and seen also on other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook.

TOP Instagram Infl;uencers - top-social-media-influencers-cosmetic-surgery

This Stand Out Social Media Influencer chose a respected Surgical colleague based in Newcastle, New South Wales. Follow the gorgeous Brittney Saunders (Brittney Lee Saunders) as she shares glamorous photos of her post-surgery results on Instagram.

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If you’re in Melbourne, Berwick, Williamstown or rural Victoria, visit our top team of Melbourne Plastic Surgeons, genuine FRACS qualified, for natural looking breast augmentation surgery.

Our next blog on celebrity Social Media Influencers who share their cosmetic journeys with top Australian Surgeons includes Amea May, a beauty VLOGGER and consultant who had eyelid surgery with Dr Benjamin Burt.

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Last updated: 09/07/2019
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