Mother’s Day: 6 Reasons Why a Mummy Makeover is For You


Being a NEW MUM can be challenging.  Too little sleep, hardly enough “me time” to eat, shower or dress, and responding to your baby’s every cry.  Learning your new baby’s sleeping habitsfeeding preferences and personality as your infant develops over time. But ONE part of being a new Mum – what it does to your body – is something that CAN be helped along.  If you end up with extra skin folds or other damage to your breasts or abdominal area after having children, you might want to research what’s called a “Mummy Makeover” or “Yummy Mummy” Plastic Surgery Procedures.  Blog originally published in June 2016, updated in May and July 2018.

Which Procedures are involved in a Mummy Makeover Surgery procedure for the post-pregnancy, post-baby body?

Read our blog on regaining your Body Confidence when you are left with sagging skin folds or a hanging “stomach apron” due to having been pregnant; or when your breasts and nipples sag or droop after having children.

Mummy Makeovers: Top 7 Procedures To Regain Your Body Confidence

Plastic Surgery After Having Children – Breasts, Tummy and Thighs

The YUMMY MUMMY MAKEOVER option typically involves a breast lift, a breast augmentation or a breast reduction surgery with an Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) either BEFORE or AFTER the breast surgery (these may also sometimes be combined but that may not be recommended by your Plastic Surgeon).  

Sometime thigh reduction surgery or an arm lift (arm reduction or Brachioplasty) may also be requested, depending on how much weight you lost or gained during pregnancy, and how your skin responded after having been ‘over-stretched’.  C-Section scars? Visit Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing and ask about Fraxel or SkinPen/Skin Needling.

The Mummy Makeover is a combined or sequential plastic surgery option that our team of Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeons are renowned for providing to Mums of all ages and a variety of body shapes!

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post-pregnancy body and breast reduction, breast lift and tummy tuck

What’s a MUMMY MAKEOVER? Definition of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for Post-Baby Bodies (Breast Surgery and Tummy Tuck Procedures)

Mummy Makeover Surgeries can sometimes be done as a combined plastic surgery procedure OR sequentially planned.

Although not every patient will be suitable to have two major surgeries performed at once, and there are some disadvantages to combining surgeries, including longer healing times that might impact your ability to care for or lift your children.

  • You will need to allow for down time and healing and recovery if you are needing to combine surgeries.
  • We have special Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery GUIDE Books to help you plan your surgery (it’s a good idea to plan your breast and tummy surgery well in advance, and to have at-home help for at least 1 to 2 weeks).
  • Phone us for tips and Guides: (03) 8849 1444, or to schedule a non-obligation consultation with our expert Plastic Surgeons for Mummy Makeover Surgery procedures.



Breast Surgery and Tummy Tuck with Liposuction shaping procedures are the primary procedures of a “Yummy Mummy” Makeover, to help women regain their body shapes after pregnancy and breast feeding.  

Is your Tummy bulging after childbirth – or are your breasts sagging in ways they didn’t before you breastfed?

tummy tuck, remove belly fat for post-baby body fat

If your tummy is bulging after childbirth, you may have over-stretched skin and split abdominal muscles.

  • These can cause back pain, core muscle strength weakness, and urinary incontinence.
  • These conditions sometimes benefit from the repair of torn abs (diastasis recti) and a fully professional TUMMY TUCK procedure (mini tummy tucks are rarely effective enough for surgical reconstruction of the post-pregnancy abdomen area and body).

Sagging breasts after breast feeding can appear droopy, overly enlarged or just look saggy and deflated.

Are your post-breast feeding breasts where they used to be, or are they drooping lower than you want them to?

You might be a candidate for a “Yummy Mummy” makeover.

Read TIPS for NEW MUMS by our female Plastic Surgeon, Dr Rebecca Wyten.

Click here to read the blog.


Get your post-pregnancy body shape back to where you can live with it, with a bit of surgical help from one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne.

Here’s what you’ll want to know if you’re wanting to use surgical options to restore a more youthful body shape or breast and nipple position.


What happens to your body after pregnancy? A lot!

Split Abdominal Muscles (Split Abs/Torn Abs are medically known as “Diastasis Recti”) and sagging breast and tummy skin are very common after pregnancy.

  • There are quite a few things most new Mums don’t expect when expecting a baby.
  • These include a body that won’t always cooperate with your exercise and eating regimes.
  • Sagging skin, as everyone knows, can’t be exercised away – if it’s over stretched or sagging into skin folds, then typically only a surgical skin reduction can help you regain more natural-looking body contours or a more defined waistline and flatter, smoother-looking stomach.

Every mum knows that having a baby is extremely rewarding. But the toll childbirth takes on your body leaves many us feeling less than our pre-pregnancy selves.

Most Common Post-Baby Body Complaints

If you’ve had a child or experienced significant changes in your weight and Body Mass Index (BMI), you may end up with:

For Vaginal area, urine leakage or painful sex complaints after having babies, read about the Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser treatment option.

Body Complaints and Plastic Surgery Solutions

In relation to the many changes to your body after having babies, you might find you are:

  • Resorting to baggy clothing to hide what you no longer enjoy about your physique
  • Less interested in physical intimacy
  • Embarrassed to wear summer clothing or lingerie and other fashions you once loved

A Tummy Tuck can reduce your tendency to want to cover up your body with baggy clothing; and leave you feeling more confident about your post-baby body.  So, too, can breast surgery to augment or enhance your breasts and nipples to reduce sagging or combat post-breast feeding breast deflation. Get a GUIDE to the Surgery you’re wanting to explore (but phone us first on (03) 8849 1444 and we can help direct you to which GUIDE you might enjoy reading AND what to expect during a consultation with one of our team’s Top Melbourne Mummy Makeover Surgery experts for Breast, Tummy or Face Surgery.

Visit our Downloadable Guides pages

For more information about Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery options and research in Australia.

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Has pregnancy taken your body-confidence away?

We can help restore more natural-looking, firmer or perkier breast and body contours with a Mummy Makeover – Breast Surgery and/or Tummy Tuck Surgery.



The great news is that our team of Specialist Plastic Surgeons including our Mummy Makeover Specialists in Melbourne can combine multiple procedures targeting the key areas that were affected by your pregnancy or by breast-feeding.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Before & After Abdominoplasty Images Photos

Mentor Allergan

With sequential or combined cosmetic plastic surgery options for Mummy Makeover cosmetic procedures, we can:

  • Get you a flatter looking tummy and a more defined waistline (again)
  • Restore your nipples and breast tissues to higher on the chest wall through either a breast augmentation, breast lift with or without implants, or a breast reduction procedure.
  • Repair torn abs to restore your core body strength to reduce back pain and abdominal area weakness (this can even help urinary incontinence)
  • Restore the vaginal skin area using vaginal laser technology (select patients only, using Mona Lisa Touch innovative laser treatments of the vaginal area)
  • Reduce labia through a labiaplasty (functional repair of labia that restricts wearing comfortable clothing, shorts/summer clothing, and swimsuit wearing)

The two post-baby body areas that new Mums complain MOST about seem to be their abdomen/tummy & breasts.

That’s why our Mummy Makeover Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures are so popular with Mums of many different ages.

  • Some women get a Mummy Makeover surgery procedure in their late 20s or 30s; others request new breasts (via a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction) or a Tummy Tuck when they are in their 40s, 50s and 60s or beyond.
  • It’s typically best to wait until you are COMPLETE with your family and child-rearing, as having a child AFTER a breast surgery or tummy tuck WILL impact on the longevity of your results.
  • But we know it’s difficult to wait when you have sagging tummy skin and weak abdominal muscles after they were torn in pregnancy or childbirth.
  • That said, some women DO fall pregnant again after having cosmetic surgery of the breast or abdomen areas.
  • These women often express greater satisfaction with their bodies even after a later pregnancy, although some will need corrective or restorative surgery to regain the contours they had before pregnancy.

Reasons Women Seek Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery after having babies – Loose Skin, Sagging Breasts and “Pockets of Fat” that Don’t Succumb to exercising or diet changes

Fat distribution after pregnancy is partially related to heritage and to how much weight you gained during pregnancy. If you want a Tummy Tuck, be sure you’re at a stable, healthy weight; and understand that this treatment is NOT intended to reduce stretch marks. You will, however, have less extra/sagging skin after surgery, so in essence some skin will be reduced in that area; but the main benefit of a tummy tuck is in regaining more pleasing BODY  CONTOURS and BODY firmness to redefine the waistline area and reduce belly bulges and skin sagging.


Breasts are also droopy looking after pregnancy and may benefit from an uplift or reduction (or a breast augmentation). Ask a Specialist Plastic Surgeon what options will help you meet your appearance restoration goals by booking a no-obligation surgery consultation in Melbourne. Phone (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form in today.

Why surgery? Because some changes to your body after pregnancy CANNOT be reduced or solved with exercise and diet alone. But surgery is serious, so do your research on your procedure before proceeding, and choose your Surgeon carefully.

Do you know the differences between the types of surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery? Confused about which Surgeon to chose? It’s important that you understand these terms and why they’re different. Click here or phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to discuss what these differences are, and why there are benefits to choosing a genuine FRACS listed Plastic Surgeon rather than a GP or so-called “cosmetic surgeon” for your procedure.


  • The tummy bulges, and the breasts droop or hang empty after breast feeding
  • Along with post-baby weight gain, breasts that were once very large now seem VERY VERY large – and heavy and pendulous – for your overall body shape; they even end up causing skin chaffing, bra strap dig ins, and neck or back pain
  • The nipples and breasts hang low on the torso or chest wall, or become misshaped
  • You just don’t FEEL comfortable wearing the clothing or swimsuits or lingerie you really want to wear
  • You want your body back!*

*Your body, after pregnancy, will never be identical to how it was before; plus, cosmetic surgery has risks. But there’s a lot that can be done to help you get a shape you’ll be happier to flaunt – in or out of clothing!

That’s our MUMMY MAKEOVER procedures by Melbourne’s highly respected Specialist Plastic Surgeons.

Plastic Surgeons Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men

Combined Breast Enhancement and Tummy Tuck Surgery is known as the “Mummy Makeover.”

Even celebrity mums are openly praising their makeovers!

Our Plastic Surgeons operate in quality reputable Hospitals in Melbourne, using seasoned Anaesthetists (NOT twilight, not a back room).

Also, Dr Sackelariou sees patients in his Sydney location as well as in Melbourne.

Here are 6 reasons why A “Mummy Makeover” can help restore your body to nearer your pre-baby form – and bring ‘your sexy’ back!

  1. Reduce your stretch marks – but it doesn’t entirely get rid of them – and it doesn’t work for all patients.

    Post-pregnancy stretch marks, like the ones Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett bravely shared on her Instagram, and of which Chrissy Teigen spoke, leave a lot of mums self-conscious.

    The Mummy Makeover includes a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty surgery). While this does not REMOVE stretch marks it does reduce excess, sagging, over-stretched stomach skin. This means some of the stretchmarks will be removed along with the excess skin when it is excised or reduced through surgery. Having less saggy skin, and less skin, often means less stretchmarks. But don’t expect NO stretch marks – the skin will be the same after surgery, there will just be less of it in certain places; along with more defined body and waist contours.

    Benefit: re-contouring your silhouette and rediscovering more flattering curves rather than bulging flabby bits. And you’ll get a flatter tummy!

  2. Scars: Revising or Minimising Caesarean Scars

    Caesarean surgery leaves behind very noticeable scarring, which prevents some women from wearing bikinis, feeling comfortable in cropped clothing or even being naked in front of their partner. A mummy makeover can sometimes address some of your C-section scars, ensuring the only thing left behind after pregnancy is your beautiful baby and your killer bod!

  3. Reduce the dreaded pouch

    Perhaps you’ve lost all the baby weight but still have that dreaded “pouch” of loose skin around your tummy? Body contouring surgery or a body lift can help you banish these lumps and bumps, restoring smoother lines and flatter stomach contours. mummy makeover Tummy-Tuck-Before-After-Surgery-Abdominoplasty

  4. Restore fullness to your breasts

    Breastfeeding is very important and for many Mums it feels highly rewarding. But let’s be honest – whose breasts don’t look a little deflated or saggy after breastfeeding a baby or two for a couple of years??

    Breast lift surgery and augmentation combined can have your breasts looking full and perky again – just like pre-pregnancy — or even better!  If you’re going to try to restore your breasts and nipple position but either felt you were smaller than you wanted (or bigger than felt comfortable) – you can augment or reduce the size of your breasts whilst getting a breast lift or enhancement!

    And if Asymmetry is an issue for you (uneven breasts), our Specialist Plastic Surgeons Dr Craig Rubinstein & Dr Doug McManamny are experts at remedying severe asymmetry as well as performing other complex breast procedures including Breast Reductions, Uplift with Augmentation (a Masto-Augmentation) or a Lift on its own, without Augmentation, as well as corrective Nipple Surgery.

    mummy makeover breast-asymmetry-correction

  5. Firm thighs ahoy!

    New mums often talk about a certain wobble factor that their bodies have after birth – cellulite and unwelcome centimeters of flesh that just won’t budge with exercise or eating habit changes. Liposculpture and liposuction are potentially efficient ways to restore svelteness and firmness to your thighs and hips post pregnancy.

    mummy makeover post-baby-body-makeover-fitness

  6. Cut your recovery time down with one surgery

    A Mummy Makeover combines a few procedures together in one surgery, meaning one general anaesthetic and shorter total  recovery time –giving you more time to enjoy being a mum and being with baby! The American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that multiple procedures combined is a very safe way to address post-pregnancy issues surgically. Take the time to invest in yourself and your body post-pregnancy with a Yummy Mummy Makeover so that you can be the yummy mummy you were born to be!

good breast surgeon


TIMING: How do you know when it’s a good time to have a Tummy Tuck, a Breast Lift or a Breast Reduction?

The ‘Mummy Makeover’ featuring a breast lift, breast augmentation or reduction surgery – and stomach contouring (with underlying abdominal muscle repair) is increasingly popular after pregnancy.   But how do you know WHEN it’s best to get it done?

Timing and your family plans

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons affirm Breast and Tummy procedures appeal to people of all ages, but notes it’s often best left to a time period AFTER the family is complete.

Otherwise, ask us for a GUIDE or tips for planning surgery around school holidays, work leave, family support and other issues that impact when it’s best to book in your plastic surgery procedures. Remember, ask about the healing and recovery periods required.

Best Timing for Surgery: If you’re wanting to have more children, you’re usually best off to wait until your family is complete before considering Abdominoplasty and Breast Enhancement procedures.

  • This is because pregnancy and breastfeeding will alter the results of both your tummy tuck or breast lift surgery.
  •  It may also help to know that if your Abdominal muscles were injured during childbirth, there are often insurance or medicare rebate criteria to meet for some surgeries (ask one of our Patient Care Coordinators for more information).
  • Medicare or health care rebates, if they apply, may not apply to combined procedures.

Being fit and healthy is important for best results – don’t smoke, and maintain good nutrition – make sure you can remain at a stable weight – that’s when it’s a good time to explore surgery.  Don’t have surgery if you’re still very overweight or have bad lifestyle habits, as it increases your complication risks.

  • We know it’s challenging for many Mums to find time for themselves after having a family.  And there are often weight fluctuations in the years immediately after having babies.
  • Whilst many fitness-oriented Mums find that having babies changes their bodies in ways that exercise and nutrition alone cannot restore, it’s important to note that surgery is NOT a replacement for exercise and great nutrition.
  • And, in fact, you’ll often get the best surgery and healing results by being healthy and eating great nutrition.
  • Your healing from a surgical procedure will, however, depend on how well you are taking care of yourself in terms of exercise, weight stability and eating regimes.

Nutrition for best surgery outcomes

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