Tips for New Mum’s from a female Plastic Surgeon


Special Mother’s Day 2018 Interview from a female Plastic Surgeon, Dr Rebecca Wyten – Mummy Makeover expert and NEW Mum to Oliver (aged 4 months).

For Mother’s Day 2018, our blog team interviewed Dr Rebecca Wyten, a NEW MUM and Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men in Melbourne.  Read new Mum Dr Rebecca Wyten’s insights on what it was like to become a Mum for the first time, including her experiences with changes to her body, her work life and her daily routines.


Were there any SURPRISES about what being pregnant was actually like?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

  • Being pregnant was an exciting, terrifying and emotional period.
  • So many things change when you’re pregnant. From the sudden keen sense of smell, to food aversions, to your body dramatically changing to accommodate the shape of carrying a baby.
  • All of this comes as a surprise, no matter how many books you’ve read.
  • Female-plastic-surgeon Melbourne -breast-surgery-crBut the most exciting part of being pregnant, to me, was the first real movement of the baby.
  • You suddenly feel the bond between you and the child.

Were there any struggles with the pregnancy?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

We had 3 previous miscarriages, so even though it was exciting each step of the way, the stress of getting through each trimester with a healthy baby, was in our minds at all times.

We ended up going through IVF treatments. So the processes required to fall pregnant involved planning, many injections and numerous procedures, before we were pregnant with our miracle boy.

  • During my FIRST trimester, the tiredness was the hardest to deal with, along with an early diagnosis of gestational diabetes.
  • And of course as you get closer I got to my due date, the skin tightness across my abdomen felt really uncomfortable.
  • Even with all the stress of going through the pregnancy – including the challenges of having gestational diabetes – I was thrilled to be carrying our first child. And although our lives have changed significantly, I love being a Mum.

What did being pregnant or having a baby DO to your understandings about what Mums feel like, with regard to a changing body?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

I had always understood how the body changes with pregnancy and childbirth, however seeing and feeling all these changes first hand has definitely made me more empathetic towards what Mothers go through.

From tiredness in the first trimester to watching my belly and breasts getting larger, to the skin stretching in the second and finally third trimester, with pelvic girdle weakness, reflux and mobility issues with working – there’s really nothing that prepares you fully for all the changes that you go through.

I think all Mums don’t realise what they have actually been though, until they look back, and see the journey, because initially we are all so focused on the end prize – a healthy baby – and we just focus on getting there.

I was also very fortunate that I have such a supportive partner, Pete, and we went through all of these challenges together.  He’s also been absolutely amazing as we adapt to being parents for the first time!


What’s the Best part about motherhood so far?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

Everyday he changes and develops in a way that makes me smile and be proud of.

Currently I love his morning smile and his constant giggles.

Female Plastic Surgeon Melbourne what-having-baby-does-to-breasts-pregnancy

What has been your biggest NEW MUM challenge (or challenges) so far?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

It helps to realise that no matter how organised you try to be – you have to relax and – let others help.

I have had fantastic support from my wonderful partner, Peter, who’s been my main support as a New Mum. I’ve also been incredibly fortunate to have an abundance of amazing help from family, friends, work colleagues and – something I highly recommend – from my new and wonderful Mother’s group.

Female-plastic-surgeon Melbourne -breast-surgery-cr

Do you have any suggestions for other Mum’s about self-care after pregnancy, including handling “mother guilt” that some Mums feel when they go back to work, or when they spend time and/or money on themselves?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

As I mentioned earlier, accept all the help that is offered.

Don’t be afraid to ask for people to put out your laundry for you, or bring dinner over.

It is a time of sleep deprivation, and as a mother, you really DO need to rest, in order to be the best mum you can be.

parenting-tips-new-mums-pregnancy Female Plastic Surgeon Melbourne

Working Mums – any tips?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

As for work, many women need and want to return to work after having children. I am fortunate that I am only working part time at the moment, although I find I miss him dearly when I am away.

When I return home I cherish our time even more, and spend that extra time to play and cuddle him.

what-having-baby-does-to-your-body-pregnancy Female Plastic Surgeon Melbourne

Any suggestions for getting a newborn to sleep?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

Everyone is different in how they help their child to sleep.

You have to do what feels right for you.

For me, it was routine. I felt if he knew his routine, then he was less likely to cry and would anticipate when play, feeding or sleep time was.

What are you most looking forward to as Oliver gets bigger?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

Lots more fun, giggles, and watching him learn.

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Any tips for healing after pregnancy, or for looking after the breasts while breast feeding?

Keep your skin well moisturized.

I was guided by a our Coco Ruby Team’s dermal therapists on what moisturisers were best during pregnancy.

I also used silicon creams throughout my pregnancy, and that also helped a lot.

I also found that Breast milk was a great nipple treatment, as well as cold hydro shields.

Any other advice for new mum’s you’d like to share?

Dr Rebecca Wyten:

  • Try to relax
  • Get sleep whenever you can
  • Ask for help when you are feeling overwhelmed
  • Enjoy all the moments even the tough ones as the pass so quickly
  • Learn to laugh through the crazy times
  • Buy a really good washing machine 🙂

Healing scars or stretch marks after pregnancy – any tips?

The Coco Ruby dermal therapists recommended:
  • to massage a C-section scar
  • to use silicon treatments
  • to try LED light therapy (Healite II or similar)

Post-Pregnancy Bodies – Breasts and Tummies after Having a Baby – What’s a Mummy Makeover?

  • As any woman who’s become a Mum knows, the breasts and the abdomen change from pregnancy, for months to several years after having a baby.
  • Every individual will end up with a different result and there are so many different factors at play.
  • Having become a Mum this year, and having treated many Mums for sagging breast or tummy skin through plastic surgery (Abdominoplasty or Breast Augmentation/Breast Lift procedures), I can empathise with this.
  • I feel I can help Mums who are at the stage where they have recovered from pregnancy and would like intervention to help them return to a better post pregnancy state, such as repair torn abdominal muscles or restore their breast nipples and breast skin to a more central position on the chest wall.

Want to see what our Plastic Surgeons can do for YOUR post-pregnancy body?

Combined Breast Enhancement and Tummy Tuck Surgery is known as the “Mummy Makeover.”

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