Healthy Gut: Dr Arun Dhir’s Unique Weight Loss Program


HEALTHY GUT Weight Loss Program by Dr Arun Dhir

Find out why it’s important to consider your gut health if you want to lose weight and improve your fitness. Featuring Dr Arun Dhir, Upper G.I. Surgeon & Bariatric Weight Loss Surgeon. In this blog, we discuss a special weight loss approach by a health coach and Bariatric Surgeon, to help you lose those pesky extra kilos that accumulated over the holidays – or over the past few years and decades.


HAWTHORN EAST CLINIC – Weight Loss Coaching and Nutritional Support are Available from a top team in Melbourne

Dr Arun Dhir, of Melbourne Gastric Surgery, and Helen Bauzon, health coach and nutritionist, are available on selected days at our Hawthorn East Clinic to see patients who need to lose weight before surgery.

If you want to become empowered to lose excess kilos before your surgery to get a better result, phone us on (03) 8849 1444 and ask how to book a consult with Dr Dhir and his nutritionist/lifestyle  coach, Helen Bauzon.

Weight Loss NEW YOU program presentations are also being held in 2018. Phone Donna for details on (03) 8849 1444.


Dr Arun Dhir, Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon, along with Dr Richard Maxwell (Specialist Plastic Surgeon) and Helen Bauzon (Health/Lifestyle Coach and Nutritionist), are also presenting at our NEW YEAR, NEW YOU events in 2018.

Click here for EVENT details. These events are FREE to attend and can help you become motivated – and empowered – to lose weight.

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Before you consider LOSING weight – how much do you have to lose? Tips from the team.


But before you think about losing weight, it really depends on where you’re starting from, as well as what you want to accomplish. Do you want to lose fat in one area, or all over? Do you have heavy, large breasts in need of a breast reduction, or do you have Gynaecomastia (man boobs)? Or is it the excess skin that’s your main concern?

Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Choose a Weight Loss Approach including Surgery

  • Are you a little bit overweight or do you have a moderate amount of excess weight?
  • Are you bordering on the obesity side of overweight?
  • Have you tried other avenues and continually regain the weight – or even more?
  • Are you exploring bariatric surgical care (weight loss surgery), such as gastric balloon or gastric lap band surgery, to improve your health outcomes and longevity?
  • Have you already lost most of your weight, but feel plagued by excess skin folds or stubborn deposits of excess fat that won’t budge?


Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 and ask for our downloadable guide to Skin Reduction Surgery after weight loss or Bariatric Surgery. Or ask how to get one of Dr Dhir’s free e-books on weight loss.

How Much Weight Do YOU Really WANT to LOSE before plastic surgery?

And can you get by without cosmetic surgery, if you lose the weight first?

  • Plastic Surgery and weight loss surgery should never be the first stops for reshaping your body.
  • But there are some things that exercising and good nutrition, alone, can’t fix.
  • This includes overstretched skin after weight loss OR chronic obesity that becomes life threatening.

In some cases, surgery can give that extra bit of help along the way so long as you understand what it can and cannot accomplish. But even so, it’s important to understand the risks of surgery and how to best get ready for cosmetic surgery or bariatric weight loss surgery such as a lap sleeve or gastric band.


Nutrition and Exercise and Weight Loss: How Much is Reasonable?

Most of us have a few extra kilos to lose, but where we start from may influence our best options.  What’s your BMI (Body Mass Index)? This is a ratio reflective of how much excess fat you’re carrying?

  • Certainly some people with over 50 kilos to lose have done so, without surgery.
  • But sometimes your body weight is at a dangerous level, and you’re unable to exercise due to joint pain or other physical problems related to extremely elevated levels of excess body fat.
  • Sometimes weight loss surgery becomes a necessary option for reducing your disease risks – that’s why it’s often called life saving surgery.

But how do you know which approach to weight loss will work best for you?

The following is a general synopsis of what might be most suitable for people who are extremely overweight or suffering from the health problems associated with Obesity.

obesity waistline scale

If you embark on weight loss with Dr Dhir and his team, here’s a quick overview of the Seven Steps to Sustainable Weight Loss

Dr Dhir’s program is focused on 7 steps to help you keep track of where you’ve been and where you’re going. The aim is to lose excess kilos, improve your fat to muscle ratio, and get fitter and healthier by making better choices.

The approach is holistic in nature and works best when customised by a weight loss coach.

The program takes into account the emotional or psycho-social aspects of unhealthy eating habits. Because, let’s face it – eating doesn’t occur in a social vacuum.

Many of our day to day activities involve food choices or eating patterns, so Dr Dhir and his weight loss coaches help you to get back control of your eating and help you make life style changes that are more likely to last over time.

The seven steps presented in Dr Dhir Weight Loss program are as follows:

  1. Your New Body & Life – Setting your goals
  2. Mindfulness – Take control of Your Mind (Taking charge)
  3. Managing Stress & Thoughts
  4. Your Gut Microflora
  5. Detox Diet & Supplements
  6. Activity & Active Breathing
  7. Happy Hormones



Weight Loss Surgery Consultations might be your best option if you are obese or well over 20 kilos overweight.

  • Are you are over 20 kilos heavier than you should be?
  • Do you have health conditions related to obesity?
  • Have you been previously unable to shift your excess weight to date, or repeating the weight loss/weight gain cycle every year – with your weight increasing no matter what you try?

If so, then Dr Arun Dhir can also assist you to evaluate whether weight loss surgery, such as a gastric band, balloon or sleeve or other obesity-treatment, might be right for you.

What’s sort of things are in the Healthy Gut Weight Loss program or recommended if you’re considering losing weight to participate in Bariatric Surgery?

If you are having weight loss surgery, you’ll likely go on a special eating plan to improve your liver health. Ask Dr Dhir for details by contacting his office at Melbourne Gastro Surgery.

gastric surgery gastric band

If you are simply wanting to lose weight before plastic surgery OR have a bit of weight to lose, up to 20 kilos, a nutritional eating plan and exercising may do the trick.  But if you end up with loose, flabby folds of skin, then body contouring surgery by Dr Richard Maxwell or Dr Geoff Barnett may be required.

Here’s what is typically involved when you participate in a Weight Loss program with Dr Dhir or his team.

  • Advice, Coaching & Support to make life style changes towards gaining health improvements
  • Healthy Gut Program – Weed, Seed, Feed, Heed
  • Special Cleansing Detox Diet for 3 weeks
  • Supplements, Probiotics, Prebiotics
  • Procosamine & Proflavinol (Grape Seed extract)
  • Use of Fermented Foods, Turmeric

Plus, you will get to Measure and Track your results with the Body Analysis Machine – Weight, Fat % and the changes you’re making by following the program.


In fact, the next time you’re at our Hawthorn Clinic in Melbourne, ask us to do a free BMI test in our Vectra 3D room.

WELLNESS COACHING – Is coaching something you should consider to lose weight?

Some of the most successful people have coaches. In fact, MOST of the most successful people have a coach or mentor of some sort.  So why not try a weight loss and wellness coach?  There’s a difference between a wellness coach and a purely weight loss coach. However, considering weight loss as part of wellness is often an important part of changing your lifestyle to maintain a stable, healthy weight and steady BMI.

Especially if you are wanting to have surgery (whether weight loss or cosmetic surgery, you still have to have a stable weight for best results AND even bariatric surgery means you have to lose weight and change your eating patterns in advance).

Improving Your Habits and Goals with the Coaching Team is a good solution.

gut health and healthy gut program dr arun dhir

FOR MORE INFORMATION about Dr Dhir’s “HEALTHY GUT” wellness and weight loss program, visit You can also phone Dr Dhir’s scheduling team at:  (03) 9466 7799 to book your appointment at either his clinic or our Hawthorn Rooms, just mention your preferred consultation location (spaces may be limited in Hawthorn East so get in quick if you want to see him in our lovely boutique style Clinic).

More details about how Dr Arun Dhir’s “Healthy Gut” program work?

It’s essentially called a “WEED, FEED, SEED, HEED” Healthy Gut Program.


  • Stop feeding unhealthy bacteria
  • Embark on 3 weeks of Vegan Gluten Free Foods

FEED – Replace BAD food sources with GOOD nutritional choices

  • Probiotics & Prebiotics
  • Fermented foods – Kimchee, Sauerkraut, Keifer

SEED – Repair your body using healthy herbs and other supplements (but don’t try strange scientifically unproven supplements; look into the research and make good decisions)

  • Tumeric
  • Prosecomine
  • Proflavinel – Grape Seed extract

HEED – A new lifestyle eating program is in the cards.

Want to start getting fit and losing weight today?

Phone : (03) 9466 7799 to set up an appointment at our Hawthorn Clinic rooms to meet with Dr Arun Dhir.

The cost of Dr Dhir’s 12 week Gut Detox program is $1500.

Please note that Dr Arun Dhir has other locations however he is available at our Hawthorn East Clinic on the dates above. Places may be limited so if you’re serious about losing weight, try this amazing lifestyle HEALTH & GUT HEALTH plan – you’ll see the benefits of these lifestyle and eating changes in nearly every aspect of your life.

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