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Do you live outside of Melbourne?

For Cosmetic Surgery in the Sydney region, you’ll have a choice of Plastic Surgeons located at some of the best location within 100 km of the city. Explore the Sydney based Specialist Plastic Surgeons for your cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery procedures for men and women.

The Sydney Surgeons offer breast enlargement and breast implant removal and replacement surgery, breast lifts and breast reduction surgery, body contouring and liposuction, tummy tuck surgery and eyelid lift, nose job and facial rejuvenation surgery.  

If you are considering cosmetic surgery to improve your breasts, body, nose or face, you want to make sure you choose a good Surgeon who has the right qualifications and a long history of happy patients. With so many different types of Surgeons to choose from in Sydney, from General Surgeons to Cosmetic Surgeons to FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons to GP’s who decide to perform Cosmetic procedures, how do you know which type of Surgeon to choose for your procedure?

The answer is: by doing your homework and understanding the difference in training and experience – and operating facilities and medical board certifications – of these Surgeons.

What makes a Good Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery? The key is to know the difference in Qualifications between FRACS qualified top Plastic Surgeons, non-FRACS and non-ASAPS Cosmetic Surgeons, General Surgeons and GPs.

A good surgeon, by most people’s assessment, is one who is well trained and fully-qualified by a reputable medical body who sanctions their Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery experience.  A FRACS qualified Specialist is different to a General or Cosmetic Surgeon, or even a GP.

You want a Melbourne or Sydney Plastic Surgeon who is not only a Specialist and experienced in your preferred cosmetic surgery procedure, but one who is ALSO a good communicator and one who has YOUR best interests at heart.

A good Surgeon may be challenging to choose, and every patient and every surgery is unique.  

Results vary from patient to patient, sometimes significantly.

So many factors are involved in getting a great result from Cosmetic Surgery, that you must remember there is never a guarantee you’ll get similar results to someone else, even if you have similar physiques or appearances and even if you have an “identical” face surgery procedure or same sized breast implants, for example.

A good Specialist Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery, however, is likely to be a Surgeon living in or near your region, who values their clients and their reputation, who has FRACS (Plas) Specialist Qualifications along with decades of surgery experience.

Surgery is a complex experience, and you AND the Surgeon you select both have important parts to play in getting a good outcome that is also long lasting and natural looking.

We think that a good surgeon for your best friend may – or may not – be the best surgeon for you. It really depends on numerous factors.

Sydney Surgeon, Top Plastic Surgeons Sydney Top Locations, Bondi, Double Bay

Plastic Surgeons Sydney Top Locations

There are many Plastic Surgeons in Sydney, as well as Cosmetic Surgeons and General Surgeons performing cosmetic procedures.

However, there IS a difference between types of Surgeons, so do your homework so you know which type has the most training and experience.  We think you’ll discover Plastic Surgeons lead the field in cosmetic procedures and have to undergo far more training than most other types of Surgeons.

We think a good Surgeon is one who listens to what you want, and why you’re wanting surgery to begin with.  We think a good surgeon will ask you questions to understand whether you’re wanting a cosmetic surgery to bring a facial or body feature more into balance with your other features or overall physique, or whether you just want some enhancement (contouring, shape or size changes) – or whether you’re wanting something more profound, such as a drastic reshaping or straightening of your nose.  You might even be wanting to reduce redundant skin after weight loss, or restore a more youthful appearance to your skin, neck or face.

Whatever cosmetic surgery procedure you are considering, take a look at the Sydney Specialist Plastic Surgeons on these pages. They perform Breast Implant/Breast Augmentation surgery, Breast Reduction Surgery, Facial Surgery (Eyelid Lift Surgery, Facelift, Neck Lift) and/or Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty).

Cosmetic Surgeons in Sydney listed here are Specialist Plastic Surgeons, not just Cosmetic Surgeons.

  • They have decades of expertise, high qualifications and they focus on providing quality and precision-planned breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, breast reduction and corrective breast surgery, including implant removals and replacements.
  • They are also often sought for facelift and skin rejuvenation skills, including cosmetic injectables, neck lift techniques, nose reshaping Rhinoplasty surgery skills, and Tummy Tuck body contouring using Abdominoplasty or Belt Lipectomy approaches, along with liposuction, to help you get a flatter looking tummy and reduce unwanted bulges.

Sydney Specialist Plastic Surgeons are known for exhibiting the traits of a competent Surgeon, such as:

  • they are known to be caring and honest and will work to help you understand what is possible – and what’s simply not possible – using plastic surgery procedures
  • they are known for having precision skills and they take the time to plan for natural looking, harmonious results (they don’t perform ‘cookie cutter surgeries’ that are popular in some discounted cosmetic surgery places who run cosmetic surgery in a ‘production line’ style with unknown or less experienced Surgeons)
  • they have decades of surgical experience to help you get the results you want, whilst aiming to minimise any potential complication risks.

Plastic Surgery is serious, and ALL surgery has risks even if they are considered relatively safe procedures for healthy candidates.  Don’t have regrets by choosing the cheapest surgery option or a discounted procedure to save costs. Instead, think of the long term investment in a long-lasting, quality and customised cosmetic surgery procedure. And choose your Sydney Plastic Surgeon very carefully.

Send us an enquiry form or phone us and let our Team of experienced Patient Care Advisors help you rest easier about choosing a Top Plastic Surgeon and Specialist Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon in Sydney for breast surgery, body surgery, facelift surgery, Rhinoplasty surgery or eyelid surgery.

You’ll likely feel more at east about having cosmetic surgery when you know you’ve chosen a FRACS (Plas) Specialist Plastic Surgeon who values precision, artisan surgery skills and best practice pre-surgery management; and you’ll want someone you feel comfortable with at all stages of your surgery process, including your pre-surgery discussions, your surgery day and your ongoing post-op follow up consultations.

Get started on the journey to the breasts, body, nose, ears or face you’ve always wanted by sending an enquiry form today. Phone 1 800 033 333 to ask for a Sydney based Surgeon’s information or send an enquiry form.