Cosmetic Surgery Prices

The Cost of Cosmetic Surgery – Cosmetic Surgery Prices

Cosmetic Surgery Prices: Plastic Surgery Costs & Pricing Differences. 

People often ask, Why do cosmetic plastic surgery costs vary from person to person? The answer is that every patient is different and each patient’s surgery needs are unique.  We offer a bespoke service, and are happy to provide a quote during a consultation.  Plus, you’ll get to meet our Team’s top Specialist Surgeons in Melbourne for Breast Surgery, Body Contouring and Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Arm Reduction/Arm Lift Surgery, Nose Reshaping Rhinoplasty surgery, Eyelid Lift surgery, Facelift procedures, Neck lift surgery and more! 

Not all Surgeons are Alike and NOT all Surgeons are SPECIALIST PLASTIC SURGEONS (FRACS).  

Be sure you know the difference. Because often, cheap offers for cosmetic surgery are by doctor’s who are NOT genuine, FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon – nor are they operating in Australian hospitals.


Everyone wants to know about the cost of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Frequently people want to know about the cosmetic surgery cost ranges of:

  • breast augmentation or breast implants
  • breast lifts
  • breast reductions
  • tummy tucks
  • arm reduction (Brachioplasty)
  • eyelid lifts
  • facelift surgery, neck lift surgery
  • male breast reduction for Gynaecomastia
  • other procedures
  • cosmetic injections

The possibility is that if someone has a SET price for any surgery, they may be doing cookie cutter procedures rather than customising the procedure to meet each patient’s physique and surgery goals.

Plus, you don’t really want to risk cheap breast implants – the best option is usually to choose a breast implant that has a long-lasting reputation in Australia for patient safety. And our FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons are extremely particular about planning cosmetic surgery to suit EACH individual patient, aiming for a long-lasting, natural looking and balanced effect.

Our Surgeons also place a high value on safety measures and best practice patient care excellence for Breast Augmentation and other surgeries.

How much does Cosmetic Surgery cost in Melbourne?

Surgery prices vary according to:

  • what surgery you need performed
  • which combination of techniques will help you get a good surgery result that is likely to meet your realistic objectives AND to last longer than a few months’ or few years’ time
  • WHO and WHAT type of Doctor is performing your Cosmetic Surgery
    • an experienced FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeon?
    • OR a less trained Junior Surgeon, a GP or another type of doctor who’s not actually a genuine Plastic Surgeon?
  • Where the surgery is being performed 
    • An Accredited Australian Hospital?
    • Or a back room of a clinic in a strip shopping centre, for example?
  • What components and follow up are included

Bargain surgery is often no bargain – search the news for stories of ‘botched surgery’ and you’ll see an abundance of surgery complaints linked with cheap discount offers from non-specialist Surgeons and/or overseas tourism discount cosmetic surgery. 

Don’t risk cheap surgery or discount overseas surgery where you’ll have NO follow up care or recourse to remedy something that isn’t working for you!


Read more about the differences between SURGEONS and the cost of surgery & price ranges of cosmetic plastic surgery.

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