Specials: Breast Surgery Resources

This page overviews Specials and Resources for Cosmetic Surgery Patients, Plastic Surgery Patients and Individuals seeking Facial Rejuvenation.

Looking for special information and research-based resources for your cosmetic surgery procedure? Need more recovery information on Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction or Breast Lift Surgery? Or how long it takes to recovery from a Rhinoplasty?

First, browse our top Plastic Surgery blogs (you can use the web search feature to find articles on everything from surgery risks to surgery planning to surgery recovery time frames, exercising after having cosmetic breast surgery or Abdominoplasty, and more!)

Second, surgery specials breach protocol and groups who advertise special prices for cosmetic surgery are often breaking the Code or Advertising Rules for Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeons, as they may be seen as offering incentives for surgery.

So we do NOT offer special pricing on surgery as we want to provide quality expertise, high-tech planning options, sterilisation and patient operation care standards.

Instead of specials, we offer SPECIAL care protocols, advanced scar management and surgery patient care excellence.

Performed by some of Melbourne’s most highly respected and experienced Surgeons for breast surgery, body contouring and liposuction, face lift surgery, eyelid surgery and nose surgery.

But our patients do benefit from these offers and extras as part of our special care experiences:

You’ve found our special resource page for Breast Surgery patients seeking surgery in Kew, Brighton/St Kilda, Melbourne, Berwick or Sydney. To find out what sets us apart, come to one of our EVENTS or phone a Patient Care Coordinator on 0388491444 or 1800033333

These special events and informative resources are provided by our top-rated Plastic Surgery group.

Our Breast Surgeons operate in accredited hospitals, using general anaesthetic for patient comfort, with convenient nearby locations in Melbourne, Berwick and Double Bay, Sydney.

  • You’ll have a choice of comfortable consultation offices in great locations nearby
  • OR if you’re living further away, we can guide you to resources or special events or provide names of several FRACS qualified Surgeons who operate in your area, so that you can further research their surgery offers and decide on a surgeon near you.

Guide books downloadable BEFORE your consultation

PLUS a Plastic Surgery Clinic Special Event evening designed to introduce you to the Plastic Surgeons team and Skin Care Experts and Cosmetic Injectors in Melbourne.


Specials, Before and After Photographs and Information all in one – meet our Plastic Surgeons at an event night!

Come meet our Surgeons, Skin Care Clinic team members and Patient Care Coordinators at our next information evening in Melbourne (nearby to Balwyn, Kew, Richmond, Canterbury, Toorak and Camberwell).

Register for our catered events here – great door prizes, Coco Ruby facial treatment or product specials, plus up to date information on plastic surgery of the body, breasts and face including nose surgery and eyelid surgery.

  • Click here for upcoming specials and events where you can meet surgeons, patients and team members.
  • View in-clinic only Before and After photographs of results for a variety of procedures and different physiques by our top Melbourne and Sydney Surgeons.

You’ll also learn about Coco Ruby Skin & Anti Ageing SPECIALS on LED facials, anti-ageing skin care products and hyper-pigmentation treatments and more – events are held MONTHLY in Hawthorn East near Camberwell and Auburn stations – plenty of free street parking or onsite parking – register today.

Guides to having Cosmetic Surgery (Breast Augmentation using implants, Breast Reduction and Breast Lift Surgery)


resources and articles and research into breast surgery cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery; breast augmentation; breast lift and breast reduction

What should you read PRIOR to a confidential consultation with a Surgeon in relation to having breast surgery?

Read the page describing the procedure – links to popular surgeries for breast reshaping, breast uplifting and volumisation changes are listed below.

Order a guide book with handy information about cosmetic plastic surgery procedures via email (free/instant delivery via PDF – read on your phone, pc or tablet device).

Breast Surgery Pages for additional information on Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants and Lifts:

Breast Augmentation


Breast Implant Size Replacement, Revision or Implant Removal


Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)


Breast Lift with Augmentation (Mastopexy with Breast Implants)


Nipple Surgery and Breast Lift Procedure with No Added Volume 


GUIDES for Plastic Surgery including different types of Surgeons in Melbourne and Sydney

Guide Books for Breast Surgery Processes, Techniques and Recovery Times including returning to exercising

  • Are you looking for our Guide e-books to particular Surgery procedures so you can better comprehend the details of surgery, including average surgery costs and comparisons of Surgeons in Melbourne and Sydney?
  • Do you want to know more about breast surgery recovery, risks and healing times?

Click here for the list of PDF Guides to explore your Surgery options and what’s involved – a great special resource for reading BEFORE your consultation date with a top Melbourne Surgeon or Sydney Surgeon.


Top Breast Surgery Procedures in Australia –

Read our top-rated Plastic Surgery blogs on the most popular cosmetic procedures in Australia.

Breast Reduction and Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Reduction Mastopexy – Quality of Life/Medical Research – Special Documents you should read


Breast Augmentation – Articles and Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles for further reading

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