Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery (Revisional Surgery)

Revisional Rhinoplasty is a procedure for correcting prior surgery on the Nose

Not every patient is satisfied with their first nose surgery (primary Rhinoplasty) and may need a Secondary or Revisional Rhinoplasty. The nose is such a focal point and such a finesse Surgery that some patients choose to have a second or third surgery (known as a Rhinoplasty Revision).


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Our Team of Australian Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne & Sydney include Revisional Rhinoplasty Specialists

We see many clients who are seeking a highly-qualified Revision Surgery Specialist who can help fix a previously ‘botched’ nose reshaping surgery.

revision rhinoplasty, fixing a botched nose job

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons can often help get you the nose you wanted to have in the first place. They are highly experienced and offer decades of surgical expertise to help you get the look you want, or which will better harmonise with your overall facial appearance.

Revisional Services we offer for Rhinoplasty by our Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne & Sydney

  • Repair and revise prior unsuccessful nasal surgeries
  • Complex Rhinoplasty Revisional Surgeries
  • Revisional Surgeries to improve the shape or size or contours of the nose area after an earlier surgery did not get you the results you wanted

Complicated Surgery Procedures: We can help people who are unhappy with their earlier Rhinoplasty results and want a Revision

Revisional rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty surgery can help repair both the form & function of a nose that was previously operated on.

Many people have difficulty breathing from their noses, or are not happy with the result of prior nasal surgery.

Unsuccessful nasal surgeries are not uncommon, and some people have undergone as many as four, five or even six revisional procedures.

Why is Revisional Rhinoplasty such a challenge?

Rhinoplasty surgery for nose reshaping is one of the most difficult of all plastic surgery procedures.

Revisional Rhinoplasty tends to be an even MORE challenging and complicated than a primary nose reshaping rhinoplasty surgery.

Hence it is necessary to choose a highly experienced surgeon for your Revision.


Within our large group of leading Specialist Plastic Surgeons, we have some of Australia’s top Revisional Surgeons to help you get the best procedures for your nose surgery revision and the most harmonious outcomes.


  • Are you unhappy with the outcome of an earlier nose reshaping procedure?
  • Did your prior procedure(s) result in a misshaped nose?
  • Is your “new” nose still not in proportion to the rest of your face?
  • Do you have unusual lumps or bumps in your nose after Surgery?
  • Did your earlier Rhinoplasty Surgery leave you with a crooked or bent nose?
  • Do you now have a maligned nose tip?

You may want to consider a Revisional Rhinoplasty Procedure to get the nose you want

Ideal candidates for surgery, particularly facial and nose surgery, are ideally generally healthy individuals who are both physically and psychologically well.

Is is important to be realistic in your expectations.  With a prior surgery, there may also be some limitations to work with — but our leading Surgeons can help you assess what the best revision approach will be for your particular nose appearance, shape and size concerns.


You may also need to understand there may be some limitations in what can, or cannot, be achieved in a Rhinoplasty procedure – especially a Revisional Rhinoplasty Procedure

Your Revision Surgery outcome — and how you feel about it — may depend on the extent of your earlier procedures and what impact they had.  Our Surgeons will aim to help you understand what surgery can – and cannot – accomplish, so that you can make a fully informed decision about what your potential optimal changes might be and what risks you’ll incur in doing so.

Most of all, they will listen to you and will treat you with dignity and respect. They will also aim to provide the best in Nose Surgery Patient Care including precision surgery skills and extensive experience. They will also use rapid recovery protocols and offer the best practice post-op care including scar minimisation treatments with Fraxel and recovery-facilitation with the Healite II by our Coco Ruby Team.

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Details

Revisional procedures can range from a procedure to remove residual excess bone or cartilage in the nasal bridge to more complex procedures.

Some Revisional Surgery involves an extremely complicated overhaul of the entire nose, potentially involving augmentation or complex reconstruction.

Patients who may have experienced too much tissue removal by prior Surgeries may have been left with a deformity. Revision in these cases requires an extremely experienced Plastic Surgeon with nose shaping precision skills and expertise in complex procedure.

You may be in Surgery for a longer time for Complex Revisional Rhinoplasty such as these.

Skin Grafts may be required for Revisional Rhinoplasty Procedures

Some revisions of ‘botched’ nose jobs or reconstruction surgeries in complex nose injury cases may involve Skin Grafts (skin grafting).

Tissue Grafts can be harvested from your ear, your ribs or even your temple region, to help restore your nasal cartilage, bone or fascia during your Revision Nose Reshaping Surgery.

Skin injury and soft tissue damage can impact some Revisional nose reshaping procedures, e.g., there may be tissue issues related to previous scar tissue or injury to the skin.

Time in Surgery:

  • Rhinoplasty – 1.5 to 3 hours or more depending on degree of initial complexity
  • Revisional Rhinoplasty – 2 to 4 hours depending on complexity and whether or not grafts will be used

Read more about OPEN or CLOSED Rhinoplasty and incision locations on our Rhinoplasty page.

  • Closed Rhinoplasty – incision inside nose
  • Open Rhinoplasty – small incision under the tip of the nose

Scarring doesn’t tend to be overly noticeable for most Rhinoplasty surgeries, but if there are multiple revisions, you may need additional scar minimisation treatments or even scar revision surgery along with your Rhinoplasty procedure.

  • Open Rhinoplasty may be preferred by many surgeons, particularly for a Revisional Rhinoplasty, as it can offer better visibility or exposure to various aspects of your nose.
  • During surgery, the nose skin may be temporarily separated or lifted from the nose cartilage or bone.
  • Your Surgeon may then reposition cartilage or other necessary structures, and sometimes augmentation may be required.
  • Once the underlying structures are repositioned and sculpted or structured, your skin is then redraped over your new nose framework.
  • Your incisions will then be closed.

Secondary Rhinoplasty or Revision Rhinoplasty procedures, in general, may involve less bruising and less pain than your primary Rhinoplasty.

  • A splint is generally applied.  Stitches are typically removed within seven days and sometimes a few days earlier.
  • Bruising and swelling are normal and expected after Nose Surgery. However, much of the bruising will fade within a 2-week time frame (typically within 10 days).
  • But just as with Revisional Rhinoplasty, it can take up to a full year for ALL of the swelling to fade fully and to see your final results.
  • You will typically able to return to work in about a week’s time.
  • Stay out of the sun for at least 8 to 12 weeks to minimise scarring.
  • Be careful not to have any jarring of your nose.

Strenuous activities and heavy exercise or lifting should be avoided for at least three weeks. Patients should also avoid bumping their nose, or getting their noses bumped (such as by children or rambunctious pets).

Risks of Surgery

Complications associated with Revisional Rhinoplasty are typically the same as they are for Primary Rhinoplasty Surgery.

These may include adverse anesthesia reactions, incomplete improvement, infection, bleeding, infection, congestion, runny nose and the need for additional surgery.  General surgical risks are also something you need to consider, including the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Read more on our Rhinoplasty page and in our FAQs.

Melbourne’s Top Surgeons for Nose Reshaping and Revisional Rhinoplasty include:

Dr Douglas McManamny and Dr Richard Sackelariou are Our Team of Surgeons for Rhinoplasty Surgery.

dr-douglas-mcmanamny-fracs-specialist-surgeon-rhinoplastyDr Richard Sackelariou Specialist Plastic Surgeon rhinoplasty


For more information on a Revision RHINOPLASTY surgery to either:

  • Fix a botched nose job
  • Remedy an unsatisfying nose surgery result
  • Correct a subsequent injury after your primary Rhinoplasty
  • Repair an augmentation that had complications

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Our Patient Care Coordinators can also help you determine who might be the best Plastic Surgeon for your particular Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery in Melbourne or Sydney.