She Science

All Cosmetic Surgery for Women  breast surgery  patients receive a gift voucher and special  discount offer for  shescience. It’s our way of helping you get used to your new body

A message from the founder of She Science

I am pleased to have partnered with the Surgeons and staff at Cosmetic Surgery for Women to provide you with the best in breast support as you progress through your post-surgical management plan.


( This is an example of the voucher you will receive as part of the Cosmetic Surgery For Women & SheSciences joint effort in taking care of YOU )

At the age of seventeen, I myself was driven to breast surgery after many years of discomfort, pain and embarrassment caused by my breasts. Surgery allowed me to regain a full and active participation in life. It was this personal experience alongside my passion for breast support that led me to develop She Science, a specialty Sports Bra store.


At She Science we work with 9 industry leading brands to offer over 30 technical Sports Bra options. Our stock caters for sizes A- J cup and 6-22 band size. Our passion lies in providing the best products available, a comprehensive fitting service and in depth education during our time with you in store.

exercise and breast surgery

Our store offers the unique opportunity for all customers to wear test our Sports Bras on the treadmills in each of our private fitting areas. We can also utilise motion analysis software to help determine the best option for you during activity. This process is optional.

As your breast tissue and overlying skin repairs post-surgery, Sports Bras are recommended as an everyday wear option, as well as when you return to activity. Our range includes lower impact Sports Bras which may be more appropriate for everyday use, and high impact Sports Bras which will be more suitable for when you return to exercise.


My team and I look forward to helping you in store.

Don’t forget to bring in your voucher that was given to you by Cosmetic Surgery For Women!