Plastic Surgery Costs in Melbourne

Cost of Plastic Surgery in Melbourne: How much will your cosmetic procedure cost?

What’s good to know when you’re comparing costs of Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery in Melbourne.


It’s important to know that Surgery requirements VARY significantly from person to person. Hence, the costs of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery in Melbourne – and your Plastic Surgeon’s and hospital theatre time costs – can vary significantly. We can give you a cosmetic surgery price range over the phone for a surgery procedure by a genuine FRACS Plastic Surgeon. But it’s only a general range.  A cosmetic plastic surgery cost QUOTE, valid for a set period of time, will be given to you when you come in for a consultation for cosmetic surgery; as this allows the Surgeon to evaluate what you REALLY need – and if surgery can (or can’t) get you the results you’re wanting.

About to have cosmetic surgery for the first time, and comparing costs in Melbourne? Watch this short video from our patient Liason Manager Michelle.

Knowing the cost of Plastic Surgery procedures is important; but prices aren’t everything. Even more important is knowing who to choose as your Plastic Surgeon.

Getting a good result from Cosmetic Surgery involves a collaboration between YOU and your Surgeon and his or her team.

So knowing the costs of cosmetic surgery procedures is helpful, but it’s also important to know about the different types of Surgeons who perform cosmetic procedures.


Not all Surgeon’s who perform cosmetic procedures are alike; and not all cosmetic surgery prices or surgery quotes are direct comparisons of the same procedure.

Comparing cosmetic surgery costs in Melbourne is typically not comparing the same surgery, the same surgical experience, the same type of Surgeon, and the same operating room or hospital theatre.  Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 and ask us what to consider if you’re shopping for discount cosmetic surgery based on price.


And remember, getting cosmetic surgery is serious. It’s not the same as buying a discount pair of shoes online!

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery Plastic Surgery in Melbourne

Cost comparisons are rarely equal in terms of what these Cosmetic Surgery Price Quotes or Cost Estimates actually cover.

  • Many patients who fall for cheap cosmetic surgery advertisements in Australia or overseas end up paying more than they initially anticipated for their breast augmentation or tummy tuck procedure.
  • That’s because either the advertised amount ONLY covered the Surgeon’s fee, or the work of a junior surgeon; OR didn’t include important elements of the procedure (operating room, Anaesthetist, Post-Surgery Garments and follow up visits, scar management and recovery kits).

That’s why it’s helpful to get opinions from a genuine Plastic Surgeon, especially if you’re wanting a second opinion (which is recommended before consenting to cosmetic surgery).

Read what to expect during a first time consultation for cosmetic surgery at our Plastic Surgeon’s clinic.

  • If you ARE shopping on prices alone, remember, you’ll face your choices in the mirror every day from this point forward.
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking that overseas plastic surgery or discount cosmetic surgery is a better option.

What to Expect During Your First Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon

Reconstructive and corrective surgery is an expensive and emotional endeavour you’d be better off avoiding.   Read our top plastic surgery blog on avoiding botched surgery and the risks of overseas surgery.

  • Also, not everything that goes wrong in surgery by a less trained, or less qualified, doctor who operates, is fixable.
  • So you’re wise to ensure you visit with a qualified, genuine bonafide Plastic Surgeon!
  • Be sure to look for FRACS (Plast) and ASAPS, ASPS or ISAPS.

A Cosmetic Surgeon is NOT the same thing as a Specialist Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon who’s spent nearly 14 years honing their surgical skills before gaining the medical-board protected title of Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

average costs of cosmetic surgery procedures in Melbourne

Is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon more trained than a Cosmetic Surgeon, GP or Skin Doctor (dermatologist)?

  • Typically the answer is affirmative.
  • Plastic Surgeons DO tend to undertake far more years of formal surgical training in reconstructive, plastic and cosmetic surgery than other types of doctors who perform tummy tucks, facelift surgery and breast augmentation; plus, they have to pass intensive surgical skills tests and anatomy exams.

Several Medical Authority groups have suggested that genuine SPECIALIST PLASTIC SURGEONS, as recognised by AHPRA, are those who have the most extensive training, monitoring and experience of the types of doctors who perform cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery and facelift surgery.


The key difference between Plastic Surgeons and others is typically the time spent in formal surgical studies, and the life long dedication Plastic Surgeons showed to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

  • So when you’re comparing costs of Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne, know you’re probably not comparing the same thing.
  • Remember that estimated prices of cosmetic surgery, given over the phone, are just approximate ranges.
  • What you need is going to be unique to you, and hence, your surgery price can differ from another’s.
  • The specific price of your cosmetic surgery procedure becomes available in a QUOTE estimate format, when you visit with the surgeon in person; during a consultation.
  • It also indicates what is – or isn’t – included.

Different Doctors, Different Costs of Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne


Yes, there are different prices or costs for having Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne. And you can get a general range by phone; but as above, remember you’re probably not comparing procedures to procedures – or Surgeons to Surgeons – when you shop on price or cost, alone.

Plastic Surgeons didn’t first study skin diseases, then spend a few years (or less) getting trained in cosmetic surgery.

  • Specialist Plastic Surgeon followed a life long pursuit of becoming a board-qualified Plastic Surgeon.
  • Most of our Surgeons knew they wanted to pursue Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery at a very early age.
  • They kept with the rigorous exams and surgical training programs, for over a decade, not for just a year or two.

So know that all surgeons are not equal in education, training, qualifications, operating privileges and more.

Key factors impacting price and cost of plastic cosmetic surgery in Melbourne:

  • Where it’s performed (back room using ‘awake’ twilight anaesthetic or in a proper hospital with highly skilled Anesthesiologists).
  • The level of experience of your Specialist Plastic Surgeon – of if you go with a junior or less-experienced type of practitioner (which might lead to botched surgery results or extra risks, depending on the facility and surgeon’s abilities).
  • Whether or not you choose a genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon or someone who isn’t actually a Plastic Surgeon (e.g., anyone can call themselves a ‘cosmetic surgeon’ and some are simply GPs or Dermatologists, not FRACS & ASAPS Specialist Plastic Surgeons with AHPRA recognition.
  • Whether you’re having a full abdominoplasty and muscle repair, or just tummy apron skin excision; whether you’re having an advanced, drain-free breast surgery procedure using quality implants – or a quick type of procedure with limited planning.
  • Extras, follow up and external operating costs – included or not included.






Comparing Melbourne cosmetic surgery costs is typically not what most people think.

  • There’s so much more to successful cosmetic surgery than choosing based on price comparisons.
  • No two Surgeons are identical; and there are Specialists and non-specialists of varying skills.
  • It may cost extra to have a bonafide Specialist Plastic Surgeon operating in a real hospital, but you’ll tend to be in a more regulated, monitored and sterility minded environment than the back-room of a clinic.
  • If anything went wrong, you’ll gain instant medical attention – not a delays – as you’re already in a hospital setting.

And remember, don’t fall for misleading advertising by surgeons who claim to be more skilled than a Plastic Surgeon, yet who studied something else entirely in their medical career (like skin diseases or basic medicine).

A Plastic Surgeon usually has hospital operating and admitting rights. Whereas a cosmetic physician who operates might only be able to operate in their clinic’s back room, and might not be eligible for proper hospital theatre insurance.


Considering surgery costs? Consider this:

  • Surgery is an important endeavour and should not be taken lightly.
  • Not only does all surgery carry risks, you only have ONE body and ONE face.
  • Some things can’t be fixed if you choose a Surgeon who ‘gets it wrong’
    • There are many news stories about overseas surgery disasters and discounted cosmetic surgery offers performed by doctors without proper Plastic Surgery qualifications.
    • Not all Surgeons have FRACS qualifications (Surgery qualifications)
    • Examples: a GP who decides to perform Tummy Tuck surgery; a Dermatologist skin disease doctor who decides to perform Breast Augmentation surgery – and nearly anyone can say they are a cosmetic surgeon but Plastic Surgeon is a protected medical title.


If you’ve been following news stories about botched cosmetic surgery, you’ll know why it’s WISE to select a highly experienced, FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon with hospital operating privileges rather than a back room clinic.

Why choose a FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon for cosmetic surgery?

  • Because they have advanced surgical skills and extensive training and qualifications in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures that took approximately 12 years in total to attain, NOT simply a weekend long course or a year long course in cosmetic surgery after studying a different area of medicine (e.g., general medicine or skin cancers).
  • In other words, FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons have made plastic cosmetic surgery their LIFE’S work and life’s mission.

do you have tuberous breasts surgery - specialist-plastic-surgeon-melbourne

Our Specialist Surgeons didn’t study something else like skin diseases or ear, nose and throat surgery – instead, they dedicated over a decade or more to perfecting their skills BEFORE going into practice (and our Surgeons have several decades of surgery expertise in cosmetic procedures for breast, body, nose and face as well as loyal patients who refer their friends and family members because they had good surgery experiences and felt highly cared for at every step of their surgery journeys).

Plastic Surgeons are often the most rigorously trained and highly skilled surgeons (as a group) when it comes to performing precision cosmetic surgery.

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery Plastic Surgery in Melbourne

Cost of Surgery in Melbourne: So why does Cosmetic Plastic Surgery range in price?

Cost of Plastic Surgery varies from patient to patient because every patient’s physique and surgery requirements are unique.

  • Cosmetic Surgery Procedures can be highly complex.
  • Few are simple and even basic breast augmentation procedures have many components that must be handled with care an exquisite planning.
  • It’s important to remember that not all Surgeons approach surgery with the precision that our Surgeon’s aim for when planning & performing a cosmetic procedure.
  • Neither are Surgeons identical in HOW they approach a particular cosmetic procedure.

Our Surgeons customise procedures to suit each individual patient’s physiques, skin condition and skeletal contours.


With the bespoke surgery services we offer, each surgery is fully customised for the patient.

Cosmetic surgery prices vary according to what the Surgeon believes will best meet the patient’s concerns and objectives.

Price Ranges and Costs of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Melbourne

  • There’s usually a price range estimate for each Cosmetic Surgery procedure.
  • But plastic surgery is often complex, and every patient’s situation is unique.
  • Only an in-person consultation can get you an estimate of the cost of surgery.
  • To book a confidential consultation with one of Melbourne’s top Specialist Plastic Surgeons, phone (03) 8849 1444 today or send us an enquiry form (at the bottom of this page).
  • We are happy to give you an estimated range of surgery with a Specialist (remember, cheap surgery can get very expensive if it doesn’t go to plan – and many don’t) – but it’s only an estimate.
  • A quote is given during, or just after, your consultation.
  • You are under NO OBLIGATION to proceed with surgery – having a consultation is just the start of your explorations.

Meet with our expert Surgeons in person – phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask for a consultation. You’ll need a GP’s referral for the Specialist’s consultation rebate from Medicare.

Plastic Surgeons Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men

Why the cost of cosmetic surgery varies.

Every Plastic Surgeon has a unique style of performing surgery as Cosmetic Surgery is both a science and an aesthetic art.

  • There is an element of artistic design to all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures
  • A good Plastic Surgeon will take into account your overall physique or facial features when planning surgery and aims for a harmonious, aesthetically enhanced result (and our Surgeon’s aim for ‘natural looking’ results that look balanced).
  • A Surgeon who is vested in your long-term results will discuss how you can optimise your results and maintain them over time (your skin will, however, age, breast prosthesis have an estimated 10 year life span, and life events will impact your surgery results over time).
  • We go the extra mile to offer you a premium experience – whereas not all Surgeons offer the post-surgery healing packs, post-op garments, scar management treatments and follow-up care that we offer our patients.



Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Costs, Prices, Payments & Quotes: Know what you’re getting when comparing Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Costs

  • If you’re comparing quotes for cosmetic surgery, be sure to ASK what’s included in your Quote (things to look for: is it being performed by a genuine local Specialist Plastic Surgeon [FRACS] or a less trained doctor?
  • Is it being performed in a hospital setting or a back room of a clinic? Is it going to be “awake surgery” or genuine Anaesthetic? Does the quote include follow up including Rapid Recovery packs, Healite II treatments, post-op garments, scar treatments and reviews?).
  • Read the 7 Questions to ask your Cosmetic Surgeon.

Download Our 7 Steps to  Cosmetic Surgery Guide

Visit our payments page if you want to know what forms of payment we accept for Plastic Surgery and WHEN your payment will be due once you’ve booked your procedure.


Costs of Plastic Surgery in Melbourne by our Specialist Plastic Surgeons: Bespoke Services

  • There’s a booking fee to hold your place when you schedule a consultation.
  • Surgery scheduling, if you proceed, also involves a booking fee (do this far in advance if you’re scheduling surgery around child care, holiday times, work leave or other obligations).

We offer highly customised, bespoke plastic surgery services because we aim to optimise each patient’s individual results.

  • At our Clinics, we do not offer a ‘cookie cutter’ type of discount cosmetic surgery
  • NOR do we aim for a production-line style of ‘cheap & quickly done’ procedures
  • Instead, we aim to provide top quality care plastic cosmetic surgery experiences
    • Quality also counts – we also insist on using quality prosthetics (breast implants) rather than those of a questionable duration or less well-recognised manufacturer.
    • We use Mentor and Motiva breast implants (brands).
    • We opt for 14 points of safety including minimal handling of an implant (ask your Surgeon).
    • Our whole team strives for patient care excellence and high quality service

We also strive for LONG LASTING results. Not all Surgeons prioritise this type of approach.

  • We aim for long-lasting, natural looking and aesthetically balanced results with minimal scars.
  • We stay away from ‘quick fix’ types of cosmetic procedures that are unproven or unlikely to be long lasting.
  • We give you TIPS for making the most of your surgery results and sustaining them for as long as possible.

We communicate and collaborate with patients, as it’s always a dual effort.

We view Cosmetic Plastic Surgery as a collaborative effort; meaning we each have a role to play in your results.

  • We aim to educate patients about their procedures and what their choices involve when they decide they want to have cosmetic plastic surgery.
  • We also clearly outline what will help you heal and recover as well as how to minimise your scars and minimise your risks of complications (for example, consider Healite II after surgery, DO NOT smoke, wear the right garments, get help at home and ALLOW adequate time for healing and recovery after your surgery).

Following pre-op and post-surgery instructions is crucial to getting a good result from cosmetic plastic surgery.


Book a consultation to get your Custom Quote for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery – Phone (03) 8849 1444 today.

During or shortly after a confidential surgery consultation with one of our Melbourne Team’s top Specialist Surgeons, you’ll receive a CUSTOM SURGERY PRICE QUOTE detailing the costs of your cosmetic surgery procedure(s).

There’s no obligation to proceed, and in fact, there’s a cooling off period in which you need to wait before moving into having surgery.

  • Again, we aim to give you a general cosmetic surgery price range over the phone.
  • But the costs of Plastic Surgery varies from patient to patient as detailed above.
  • The only way to get the estimated price of YOUR procedure, is to meet with one of our Specialist Surgeons.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form today (below).

  • During or shortly after a confidential surgery consultation with one of our Team’s top Surgeons, you’ll receive a custom QUOTE for the procedure(s) you are interested in exploring.
  • Be sure you’ve asked all questions and understand the procedure, risks and recovery time required.
  • To schedule your surgery, pick an available date and pay the surgery date deposit. If you weren’t sure it was the right Surgeon for you and you’d like to see one of our other Surgeons in our group, phone Michelle on (03) 8849 1444.
  • Please note there is a cooling off period of 7 days, and your surgery needs to be paid for 2 weeks in advance of your surgery date.  Be sure you follow all preparation recommendations and post-op instructions carefully to enable an optimal result.



Visit our Downloadable Guides page for more information about Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery options and research in Australia.

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