When is the Best Time for Cosmetic Surgery ? – Planning Tips

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Are you planning to have Cosmetic Plastic Surgery over the Summer Holidays, Christmas or the start of the year?  Then you have less than four or five months to get your self prepared. Find out what’s helpful to know when you’re planning on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and what things to assess before choosing YOUR best time of year to schedule your surgery and recovery period.



Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery can be a daunting process. Whether you’re a professional, student, carer or parent (or all of the above at once), you’ll want to think ahead so you can relax during your healing after surgery. So here are Michelle’s updated tips for Planning the Best Time For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. You can also phone us on 03 8849 1444 if you’d like The 7 Steps To Successful Cosmetic Surgery PDF guidebook.  This blog was originally published in August 2017 and Updated in August 2018.  There are additional companion blogs, too – read Planning your Facelift, Eyelid Surgery or Rhinoplasty during Summer Holidays or School Break and PART 2 – medical certificates, colleagues, children and pets.


Planning the Best Time of Year for your Plastic Surgery takes some thought.

It may also help to get a bit of assistance from your friends and loved ones – or to know how to approach your manager,  what to tell your colleagues and how to manage family, children and pets as you recover!



“If you’re juggling a family, business or studies AND you want to have surgery, planning ahead can help you have a positive result and good experience.”


Below are the TOP 5 TIPS for Planning Cosmetic Surgery from a recent interview with Michelle Staughton (Patient Liaison Manager for Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men).

Watch her video about why the cost of Cosmetic Surgery can vary.

Plastic surgery costs

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Steps to Plastic Surgery Planning

Navigating your surgery experience to have a calmer, more satisfied experience involves MANY key steps.

  • First, it’s getting recommendations for – and choosing – a great Plastic Surgeon who is a highly-respected expert in your procedure AND is known for getting good results.
  • Second, it’s having the surgery fully customised BY your surgeon to meet your body, face and surgery needs.
  • This can involve extensive pre-surgery measurements and mark-ups, before surgery photographs, pre-surgery skin treatments and even 3D imaging for planning purposes).

Then there’s how to handle YOUR LIFE when you’re needing time to heal and recover before celebrating your NEW Breasts, Body, Face or Nose after having a cosmetic procedure.

And life can include your business, your employees or manager and colleagues, your friends, your partner, your children, parents and the pets – or your studies, travel plans, upcoming events and more.


But our GUIDES can help. We have excellent Surgery Planning guides for you to further your research into your plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure.

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So how do you manage your workload or your boss, your kids or grand kids, studies, partner, parents, colleagues or in-laws?

Here are some Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Planning TIPS from Michelle, a very busy Mum and professional, that MIGHT just help you think through your ideal surgery date.


Telling Colleagues & Friends About Having Cosmetic Surgery

Can You Use Sick Leave for Cosmetic Surgery? Telling Colleagues & Friends


So here are Michelle’s TIPS to consider when Planning your Surgery Theatre Date and Recovery Timing.

TIP 1: Understand hospital theatre scheduling and waiting times and plan ahead.

Find out which times of the year are busiest surgery periods needing more notice to get the surgery theatre date you’re needing.

  • Some people have a specific surgery date in mind but don’t book far enough ahead to get the theatre date they’re wanting.
  • Some of the most popular times to have surgery are between August and January/February (over school holidays) and theatre lists with popular Plastic Surgeons can fill up well in advance
  • So it’s usually best to book surgery in advance so you can make arrangements AND secure the date(s) that suit your recovery and downtime best.
  • The recommended pre-surgery booking time can vary.
  • Planning and scheduling your surgery at least 6 months ahead of time is a good target time frame, but allow longer if you need to lose weight before your surgery date OR if you need an MRI or other pre-surgery tests before you can have a procedure.
  • Ask about surgery theatre date waiting lists or ask to see another expert Surgeon from our group if you need a specific surgery date IF your top choice of Surgeon isn’t available when you want them.

Make sure you feel very comfortable with the communication style, surgery experience and qualifications of whichever Surgeon you DO choose as it’s a very important decision. Second opinions are usually a great idea and we have several experienced Plastic Surgeons you can choose from, operating independently. So if you want a second consultation before affirming your Surgeon, speak with one of our Patient Care Coordinators about seeing a bonafide Plastic Surgeon for your procedure.

If you want surgery by the end of 2018, this is the most popularly requested time for Surgery by our highly sought after Plastic Surgeons.

You’ll want to have your consultation with plenty of time to get everything in order, from any pre-surgery assessments or MRI’s that might be required, to sorting your LEAVE TIME from the office and how to handle the kids, the boss, the spouse, the pets and everything else you’re responsible for on a daily or weekly basis.

Big event coming up? If you’re having nose surgery, eyelid surgery or a facelift over summer or before a big event, here’s what’s important to know.

Is it your goal to have surgery BEFORE summer or during the school holiday break period?

To secure an appointment time that suits you and lets you prepare for surgery BEFORE the end of 2018,  phone (03) 8849 1444.


Tip 2: Evaluate the Pros and Cons of Having Surgery During the Holidays or School Break Period

Should I have Cosmetic Surgery over the school  holidays? Pros and Cons – tips from Michelle, a Mum who’s been through it herself.


PROS of having surgery over the school holidays or summer period?

  • School holidays can be a great time to have surgery IF you have enough at home help during that period of time.
  • Perhaps your family, friends or spouse is off of work and can take on some of your normal responsibilities.
  • Or perhaps the kids go off to camp or to a grandparent, co-parent or other relatives for a few weeks each year – making it a potentially good time for you to plan your surgery and recovery period.

The downside, however, to having surgery over school holidays?

  • You guessed it – kids at home.
  • Kids can readily get bored and want your attention JUST when you’re needing to relax, rest and recover from surgery.
  • Or perhaps that IS the only time your whole family can go on a vacation, and if you have surgery, you may not be able to fly for several weeks as you are healing.
  • Plus, if it’s very hot, you may feel uncomfortable wearing the support garments you need to wear after some body contouring procedures or breast procedures.

Why it can be better to have surgery AWAY from the school holiday period (unless you’re a teacher without young children):

  • If the kids are in school, at least they are occupied for the better part of the day.
  • Other than getting help with transporting them TO and FROM school each day (as you need to NOT drive for at least a week  after most surgeries, sometimes longer), you will have LESS care duties throughout the day when the kids are full-time in school.
  • “I did this with my kids when I had my cosmetic surgeries,”  notes Michelle. “It was great. I got to rest the entire time they were away and I really only needed to be ‘on call’ a bit in the morning and late afternoon. Having family support really helps.”
  • They will be occupied and less bored if they are at school for a good part of the day – and hence, less likely to ask you to entertain them or take them somewhere.

More tips below the blog link for PART 2 of this Surgery Planning Series.

Surgery Planning Tips – Helpful Ideas to Help You Prepare for Surgery


Tip 3: Consider Sun Exposure and Temperature Effects on Surgery Healing and Recovery experiences

It can be very HOT or very COLD in Melbourne – is there an IDEAL temperature or time of year for certain cosmetic surgery procedures?


  • You can have surgery nearly any time, and with modern air-conditioning options, stay comfortable.
  • That noted, Winter and Autumn may also be more comfortable times to wear support garments or to have to spend a few days not being able to shower or bathe.
  • Sun exposure on fresh scars, and water prone to high bacteria counts or algae from temperature variations or high temperatures over prolonged periods of time, could potentially increase your risks of wound infection or uncomfortable sweating (incision lines need to be kept sterile and, ideally, dry, per your Surgeon’s specific instructions).
  • Sun on scars can also make them worse so avoid tanning until your scars fully heal and mature (ideally wait at least 12 months).
  • Don’t spray tan fresh surgery incisions! Ask your Surgeon for details.

Scroll down for links to articles on Tanning After Surgery.

  • Remember, warmer weather does mean bacteria are more likely to thrive – yet another reason you SHOULDN’T RISK going overseas for your surgery.
  • We’re talking about unknown contaminants and unfamiliar super-bugs that could impact your surgery and patient-risks.

Having surgery in high temperatures or around overseas waters that may contain unhealthy bacteria can elevate your risks for infections OR leave you uncomfortable in your must-wear support garments.

Sometimes cooler weather IS a better time for some procedures, but the key factors are WHAT TIME OF YEAR works BEST for YOU to have your surgery performed. And that involves a variety of interactive factors.

But DO stay away from waters you can’t drink, yet alone wouldn’t want anywhere near your fresh incision lines – and that means don’t swim or bathe in bacteria prone waters.

Cool weather vs Warm Temperatures: Surgery Impacts

According to Michelle, if you have a choice, having Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck in a cooler month (June – October) may help you feel more comfortable in your post-surgery support garments.   Because these compression garments are tight and need to be worn 24/7 for sometimes up to 12 weeks or longer.

“If you DO have a choice on when you can have a procedure – and not everyone does – think COMFORT during your recovery. You wouldn’t likely choose to have Liposuction or a very intensive Body Contouring/Body Lift Procedure (or multiple procedures) in the middle of a very hot and steamy Melbourne Summer IF you have the option to choose a cooler time of year. Unless you have a very cool and comfortable air-conditioned recovery place in mind.”

Why might having a Tummy Tuck be better for some patients, in a cooler month, if you have a choice on timing?

  • First, you want your incision lines to stay dry if you can.
  • Heat tends to bring out the sweat and sweat is not conducive to fresh incision lines and skin healing.
  • Sweating excessively over your incision lines isn’t the best after having surgery.
  • Second, many procedures require you to wear compression garments for 6 to 12 weeks (this can vary from procedure to procedure and surgery to surgery). In the middle of summer, you wouldn’t want to be wearing a tight fitting garment for most of the day and night.
  • That means that LIPOSUCTION, extended TUMMY TUCKS and Body Lift Surgery MAY be best off scheduled during Spring, Fall or Winter rather than right in the middle of a very hot summer.
  • Tummy Tucks that are less extensive (not a Belt Lipectomy or a combined Breast and Tummy Surgery) may be fine.


Tip 4: Consider the comfort factor of different times of year from a variety of perspectives – not just seasonal – including when it’s going to be best for YOU in terms of your lifestyle and support systems.

  • Not all cosmetic plastic surgeries are the same in terms of how much impact weather or humidity has on your recovery comfort.
  • The time that works best for YOU may have nothing to do with a set season or time of year; but one person’s ideal time for surgery is not necessarily another person’s ideal time.
  • But if you’re wanting to have plastic surgery or liposuction at a specific time of year that is popular with others – especially school holidays and surgery for Mums – the best advice is to plan ahead.
  • Michelle recommends downloading and reading Plastic Surgery Guides including 7 Steps to Successful Surgery and Recovery Guides.


Tip 5: Read Surgery Guides so you have a good understanding of what’s involved with your procedure and with having plastic surgery in general. Visit our Downloadable Guides pages

For more information about Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery options and to assist you with your cosmetic procedure research in Australia.

cosmetic surgery for women and men Downloadable guides Female Plastic Surgeon Melbourne

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Bonus Surgery Planning Tips: Surgery in Summer

With eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) or Nose Reshaping Surgery you probably don’t need to concern yourself with the time of year, but ask your SURGEON what they suggest for post-operation care.

  • For best times of year to have Eyelid surgery – ask your Surgeon for the PROS and CONS of different times of year (if you have seasonal allergies that make your eyes water, for example, let your eyelid surgeon know this).
  • You also need to rest your eyes after eyelid surgery, for example, and they may be more sensitive to sunlight as you heal.
  • If your forehead tends to sweat a lot in summer, then having surgery in a cooler month may be beneficial.
  • And if heat makes your tissues swell or increases your risk of bruising, then cooler months may also be of benefit – but DO ask your Surgeon as not all surgeries are impacted equally by seasonal changes.

With any procedure, however, summer holidays MAY or MAY NOT be YOUR best time for YOUR cosmetic surgery.

It varies from patient to patient.

Keeping your incision lines away from sun exposure and keeping your wounds away from bacteria is crucial for all surgeries, and bacteria levels tend to be higher in warmer months and warmer waters – so keep this in mind as well.

Remember, too, you want to be as comfortable as possible as you recover, including protecting your healing scars from SUN EXPOSURE and unnecessary sweating.

  • Make sure your surgery healing and recovery environment is as comfortable as possible, in whatever ways you can manage – including temperature and humidity.
  • Avoid heated areas and sweating.
  • DON’T sit out in the sun with fresh incision lines – this can make your scars more visible over time.

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  • Another factor is whether or not you’re wanting to expand your family, because results of a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction or Breast Surgery are often impacted by pregnancy.

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So the best option is to phone a Patient Care Coordinator and ask for a confidential consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon as SOON as you think you want to plan for surgery at a future date.

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