Before & After Photos: Breast Implant Removal & Replacement

Before & After Images of Breast Implant Removal & Replacement of Breast Implants along with a Breast Lift for ptosis.

Corrective Breast Surgery by Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Rebecca Wyten.

Breast Implants are estimated to have a life span of about 10 years, although this can vary from patient to patient. As skin ages, also, there may be breast ptosis (natural drooping or stretching of the skin).

So when a patient is considering Removal and Replacement of a Breast Implant (or a removal and breast lift) or a combined Breast Lift with Breast Implant Replacement surgery, they should call our offices on (03) 8849 1444 and ask to speak with one of our Team’s top Breast Implant Removal & Replacement Specialist Plastic Surgeons.


Photos below are of corrective Breast Surgery & Breast Implant Removal & Replacement (with a Breast Lift) by Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Rebecca Wyten.

Please note that the incision lines from this breast lift procedure (R, by Dr Wyten) are still in the healing phase, and will likely fade in time.

Before & After Photos of Plastic Surgery to Replace Breast Implants combined with a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) – front view photographs

Breast lift Before & After Photos including Removal & Replacement

Before & After Photos of Plastic Surgery to Replace Breast Implants combined with a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) – side view photographs

Replacing Breast Implants

Is it time for your Breast Implants to be removed or replaced by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with breast surgery expertise?

Phone our Specialist Plastic Surgeons team today on (03) 8849 1444.

Consultations available in 3 locations: Williamstown, Berwick and Melbourne.


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