Nose Tip Rhinoplasty – A Less Invasive Nose Surgery


Nose Tip Rhinoplasty May be A Less Invasive Rhinoplasty Option to Refine Your Nose.

Your nose bridge – and the shape of your NOSE TIP – significantly impact your overall facial appearance.

  • As everyone who’s ever looked in a mirror – or seen a selfie – recognises, the NOSE is a prominent feature of your face.
  • Your NOSE size, shape, bridge straightness and nostrils ALL have an impact on how you LOOK – and how you FEEL about your LOOKS – including how you look in photographs.

The shape of your NOSE TIP, including your nostril size, also impacts both your front-on facial appearance and your side-view profile.

If you’re unhappy with your nose and are considering cosmetic nose shaping solutions such as Rhinoplasty surgery options – you MAY be suitable for a slightly less invasive procedure such as nose tip surgery.

The nose tip may be your only concern leading you to explore a Rhinoplasty surgery.

Are you considering Nose Tip Shaping or Resizing options with our leading Plastic Surgeons for TIP Rhinoplasty? We can help.

If your NOSE TIP is the only area of the nose you’re unhappy with and want treated, some aesthetic improvements can be made through slightly less invasive nose surgery techniques called the TIP RHINOPLASTY.

How does a NOSE TIP procedure differ from a normal Rhinoplasty?


It just may not involve the full Rhinoplasty which also includes surgery to repair a deviated septum to help improve breathing or reduce sleep apnea.

Healing time MAY be less for nose tip adjustments on their own; especially if you follow the recovery post-op ICING protocols recommended by Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Sackelariou (FRACS), who performs Rhinoplasty and TIP nose surgery in Melbourne as well as Sydney. But the surgery is still a significant procedure and should not be taken lightly.

  • If you’re unhappy with your nose tip shape, nostril size or nostril flaring shapes, you’re not alone.
  • A Nose Tip RHINOPLASTY Surgery procedure may be something worth exploring with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon such as Dr Sackelariou.
  • Recognise, however, that many patients who are dissatisfied with their nose shape or nostril proportions MAY still require a full open-or-closed Rhinoplasty procedure to get the appearance changes they are seeking.
  • Visiting a Surgeon for a planning and imaging session (computer image manipulation discussions or drawings and before and after nose tip surgery examples) can help you understand WHAT can – or cannot – be achieved through TIP Rhinoplasty techniques.


Am I a good candidate for Nose Surgery?

Tip Rhinoplasty techniques may offer faster post-op healing than a full septoplasty plus nose bridge reshaping Rhinoplasty.

When the patient is a good candidate and has realistic expectations.
When other parts of the nose are satisfactory in appearance AND will not be impacted by the nose tip changes.


Yet ask around, and you’ll be surprised that no one seems to really love the nose they were born with.  Even people who choose Rhinoplasty may want a second procedure to get the proportions more to their liking, and it’s not uncommon to see Revisional Rhinoplasty being done even for the most discerning Plastic Surgeons. That’s partially because Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex Plastic Surgery procedures undertaken, and some even say it’s more like ‘over 20 surgical procedures in one session.’

  • The recovery time from most Rhinoplasties is also a lot longer than most other cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, with swelling potentially lasting for a year or even longer.
  • However, Dr Sackelariou has a unique icing method for reducing post-surgery swelling and bruising.  Ask him about this during a consultation.


Questions to consider BEFORE having NOSE TIP Surgery

  • Have you been thinking about getting a “nose job” for as long as you can remember?
  • Are you self-conscious about having around, hooked, crooked or bulbous nose?
  • Do your nostrils flare a bit, making your nose look wide?
  • Is your nose or your nostrils notably asymmetrical, which leaves your whole face looking a bit off balance?

If you answered YES to the above questions, you might be a candidate for a Tip Rhinoplasty surgery.A Tip Rhinoplasty may not be the best option for you, however, if you answer YES to these questions:

  • Do you find you have sleep apnea or trouble breathing easily?
  • Does your nose have a bump on it well above the tip area?
  • Is your nose crooked from the tip to the bridge?
  • Have you been diagnosed as having a deviated septum or nose-related snoring?

The above scenarios may leave you a candidate for a longer and more complex Rhinoplasty nose reshaping surgery.


Does nose tip surgery have fewer RISKS than full Rhinoplasty?

  • Perhaps, but not always. It is slightly less invasive than a full bridge rhinoplasty with septoplasty.
  • Healing may be faster but not for all patients.
  • Plus, all invasive surgery carries risks.
  • Find out more by reading RHINOPLASTY risks on the primary nose job page.

All invasive Surgery has risks including NOSE Tip Surgery – choose an expert Surgeon.

The nose is also a crucial organ involved in numerous important body processes including breathing and immunity responses as well as olfactory functions. Functions of your nasal structures include breathing and tasting to helping you with hearing (this is why you hear LESS WELL when you have a BLOCKED NOSE or sinus problems; and why breathing difficulties arise with a deviated septum). That’s why you need an expert surgeon if you’re exploring your nose tip surgery options.


What about Nose Tip REVISION Surgery?

Revision rhinoplasty is very complex. It’s typically best to get the surgery as close to how you want it the first time, rather than returning for more procedures.

That’s because the area is complex and needs to be treated very carefully as risks include future breathing problems or even structural collapse.

Read about Revision nose jobs by clicking here.


Are there LESS INVASIVE OPTIONS for Rhinoplasty surgery? Is NOSE TIP surgery really less invasive?

  • What if your nose is generally appealing, but you have a concern specifically about the TIP of your nose?
  • Or you don’t mind your nose shape or size, but you’re not fond of having large, uneven or overly-flared nostrils?

In some cases, a full rhinoplasty, involving all anatomical features of the nose from bridge to tip, isn’t necessary.

With Tip Rhinoplasty, a skilled Plastic Surgeon who performs artistic Rhinoplasty surgery may be able to artistically sculpt and refine the lower portion of your nose to help bring symmetry and balance to your entire face.

This CAN be slightly less invasive in that it may NOT include:

  • Septoplasty
  • Open vs closed techniques
  • Bridge adjustments

Tip Rhinoplasty, for suitable candidates only, may be a less invasive method of transforming your nose with less downtime than a full Rhinoplasty procedure.

But that does NOT mean there aren’t risks. ALL plastic surgery is serious, including NOSE TIP surgery.

It may, however, mean your nose job may NOT TAKE AS LONG to perform as a full Rhinoplasty when you are in theatre. This means you’re under anaesthetic for a shorter time.

YOU WILL Still have swelling and bruising is also likely, however (ask Dr Sackelariou about his special ICING protocols for nose jobs).

  • Leaving the bone structure of the nose intact, in a Tip Rhinoplasty, a Plastic Surgeon reshapes or removes excess cartilage from the nose tip.
  • Your Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon may refine or lift your nose tip and/or refine your nostrils.
  • It’s still a serious surgery in that all surgery is serious; plus, even a tip rhinoplasty is typically performed using general Anaesthesia, but it’s considerably less downtime than a traditional full Rhinoplasty procedure that involves numerous bones and cartilage reshaping.


GOOD CANDIDATES for Nose Tip Surgery

All surgeries carry risks. The best candidates for successful tip rhinoplasty surgery often:

  • have a nose appearance concern that is confined to only the nose tip area only – this is not overly common
  • have facial anatomy that is deemed suitable for nose surgery or tip refinement
  • have reached adulthood or are fully grown
  • is a dedicated non-smoker before and after surgery
  • are in good physical health
  • are self-conscious about the nose tip but satisfied with the nose overall
  • have clear, realistic expectations and have good mental health

It’s also important that you are wanting a different nose tip shape for yourself, not for someone else, nor to mimic someone else’s appearance.

Realistic expectations are paramount and this means you’ll want to discover what potential changes will DO to the overall appearance. It’s not always easy to visualise these changes; but we have 3D imaging using photography modifications or Crisolix and Vectra technology to help you understand what a change to your nose tip MIGHT look like after surgery.  But these are NOT predictive and many factors influence your results.

Tip Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re a suitable candidate for nose tip surgery, then a careful reshaping of your nose cartilage by one of our expert Plastic Surgeons can refine and renew your nose tip.

  • This may help prevent the tip dimensions or tip shape from detracting from the rest of your facial features.

Your nose’s proportions can, essentially, be refined or enhanced to leave you with a more balanced or pleasing appearance.


RECOVERY time comparisons for Nose TIP surgery VS a full Rhinoplasty with a Septoplasty

Is Recovery time for a Nose Tip Surgery Quicker than with a Full Rhinoplasty?

Because Tip Rhinoplasty involves reshaping only cartilage and none of the underlying bone, surgery time is shorter than a full Rhinoplasty procedure that involves a greater area of the nose as well as bone reshaping. Bruising and swelling will often occur with any Rhinoplasty, but is comparatively minimal for some patients with a nose tip refinement surgery versus a traditional rhinoplasty, which involves more extensive down time and healing time.

With a Tip-only rhinoplasty, you might even be able to return to work after about a week or two.

The changes after healing from a nose tip surgery are often subtle, but you won’t risk looking “overdone” or drastically different. However, because swelling of the nose resolves slowly, including in the nasal tip, it can take a good 6 months to a year or even longer for all swelling to disappear; so you’ll still need to be patient for your reshaped nose to present itself and for you to see it’s final result.

You can aid healing during recovery by:

  • limiting salt intake
  • keeping your head elevated
  • using ice compresses
  • taking any prescribed antibiotics
  • following Dr Richard Sackelariou’s icing method JUST after surgery for the required period of time

Quality Patient Care & Precision Planning for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Procedures including Rhinoplasty

Our Melbourne Rhinoplasty Surgeon for nose surgery.

During a consultation, your Surgeon can assess your nose concerns and proportions and anatomy, and make recommendations for Plastic Surgery and Rhinoplasty changes (suitable candidates only). Remember, NOT everyone is a good candidate for surgery and surgery has risks, so don’t assume you’re a good surgical candidate before discussing your nose-shape, nose tip or nose-size concerns with your Plastic Surgeon.

Who imagined that reshaping the nostrils, nose tip or entire nose through Rhinoplasty surgery was so complex? Nose Tip surgery is no exception and requires a highly skilled Surgical approach.

That noted, nose reshaping Rhinoplasty Surgery remains one of the most requested facial plastic surgery operations in Australia and other developed countries. You may even be reading this blog as you’ve been thinking long and hard about getting a Rhinoplasty surgery to get your own nose more to your liking OR more in balance with your other features. Your nose is a central feature of your face. So it’s no wonder you might find yourself focused on whether or not you think it actually suits your face.


Nose Job Guide Download

Many people admit they hate their nose size or shape

Nearly all of us have an opinion on whether or not our nose either ADDS to – or DETRACTS from – our self-confidence about how we think we look.  And for many of us, even if our noses look perfect in the eyes of others, we still are wanting something slightly different.

If you’re contemplating nose reshaping surgery (Rhinoplasty surgery), it can help to ask yourself these questions about your current nose shape or size.

Not everyone is a good candidate for Rhinoplasty or Nose Tip Surgery

Revisional rhinoplasty

  • Not everyone who thinks they have a nose they want reshaped through surgery is actually a good candidate for surgery, however.
  • Tip Rhinoplasty suits only a small percentage of nose reshaping patients.
  • Firstly, some patients will need a more complex nose surgery that refines the structure, shape, size or length of the entire nose.

To be a good candidate for any Rhinoplasty, you must also hold realistic expectations about what a nose surgery can do for YOUR nose – and what it cannot accomplish.

This requires a realistic understanding about what you’re starting with, the complexity of nose anatomy in general (including the nose tip) AND unpredictable healing differences that can impact the final result.   Plus, with new cosmetic injection techniques, minor concerns about our noses might even be treatable with facial filler injectables treatments (but read our blog about the dangerous injecting zones as nose injections are risky and should only be performed by a very experienced injector).

That noted, given your nose DOES have an influence on the appearance of the other features of your face in terms of balance, length and proportion, you might still want to have your nose reshaped.

Learn about our Nose Reshaping Surgeons

Read more about our NOSE TIP Surgery experts for Tip Rhinoplasty or full nose job surgery:

Dr Richard Sackelariou FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeon (Melbourne) – click here

Plastic Surgeon Cosmetic surgery for women Dr Richard Sackelariou

Surgical Corrections that may be possible from Tip Rhinoplasty procedures (Nose Tip Surgery)

  • lift a drooping nose
  •  sculpt a bulbous tip
  • rebalance nostrils
  • reduce nostril flare
  • revise a previous rhinoplasty
  • straightening an undesirable curve

Nostril Shapes and Nostril Size Changes or Rebalancing – Cosmetic Nose Surgery


FLARED nostrils: For excessively flared nostrils, an incision is made at the base of the nostril and then sutured to reduce the ‘flare’.

WIDE area between nostrils: Sometimes the area between the nostrils is very wide, i.e. the nose has what is described as “a wide base”.  In this instance, an incision is made at the base of the nostrils and sutured, bringing the nostrils closer together.

Other nostril and tip refinements can be done, but you’ll want to consult with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who can give you honest advice about what can and cannot be achieved through nose surgery or tip-only rhinoplasty procedures.


Visit our Downloadable Guides pages

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  • Our team of precision surgeons has developed ‘artisan’ level surgical skills over decades of experience in performing complex and revisional plastic cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Our Surgeons can give you a realistic idea of whether or not you’re a good candidate to have your nose enhanced through a Tip Rhinoplasty procedure.
  • If you are a suitable candidate in good health, then you may be able to schedule your surgery to refine your nose and improve the balance of your overall facial appearance.
  • Together with your Surgeon, you’ll evaluate your options (occasionally using Vectra 3D imaging to help with planning or assessments).  Once you and your Surgeon are comfortable that a Rhinoplasty surgery can get you an outcome that you want in terms of refining your nose, you can then begin the process of scheduling and preparing for your surgery and your post-op healing care.

If you’ve spent years or decades feeling less than confident about your appearance because of the size, shape, length, direction or tip of your nose, it’s time to schedule a consultation with one of our caring Plastic Surgeons.

We look forward to helping you refine your nose appearance.


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