Nose Shapes After Rhinoplasty: 6 Common Nose Shape Concerns


Considering a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) or a Nose Tip Rhinoplasty? If so, you’ll want to know the key nose problems that can often be remedied with a Rhinoplasty surgery procedure. In this blog, we cover common nose shapes and nose problems. We also share the most frequently heard complaints about NOSES that lead individuals to explore their nose surgery options for reshaping, resizing or re-positioning certain structures of the nose.

Nose Shape and Rhinoplasty Surgery: Common Nose Shape Concerns that Rhinoplasty Can help

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Nose size, shape and straightness often come into play when someone is investigating Rhinoplasty surgery. But there are other nose concerns that lead people to consider their surgical options.  Overall, the key factor for getting a nose job relates to HOW WELL your current nose shape, size, direction and function SUITS your other features – and your breathing.


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The Six Most Common Nose Concerns that Nose Surgery in Melbourne or Sydney Can Help


Rhinoplasty (nose shaping or re-shaping surgery) is not to be taken lightly. That noted, it has long been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures requested.  According to ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), nose reshaping was one of the TOP 5 Surgical Procedures requested in recent years.

Over 2013-2017, Rhinoplasty surgery requests have remained relatively steady in demand. The popularity of nose surgery is, in no small part, likely related to social media selfie sharing trends and smartphone cameras.

With high-resolution images of ourselves being shared on social media on a daily basis, seeing our front and side-on profiles has now become part of our every day existence. Hence, if we’re really unhappy with our noses, we are going to be even unhappier seeing them in photos every day. For some of us, that means visiting with a plastic surgeon and discovering our options for a more suitable nose shape or size.


Plastic Surgeons across the globe operated on more than 954,000 noses in a single year (from 2013 Global Rhinoplasty Statistics).


Rhinoplasty Statistics (Global)


  • Requests for nose surgery show NO signs of slowing down.
  • Global Rhinoplasty Statistics are researched and published every year or two
  • We are awaiting 2017’s cosmetic surgery statistics in Australia and globally; but we are seeing an increase in nose surgery requests.

In 2018, we expect the trend for nose job requests to grow, as more people start videotaping themselves for YouTube channels. If, for example, you are unhappy with your nose appearance, it may feel confronting to see yourself with new imaging technologies.

Let’s face it – high-res video and 3D camera technology are becoming the rage as more people seek to be a top social media influencer or top YouTube Channel Influencer.

  • Some of us may feel our side-on profile (or three-quarters profile) appears out of proportion with our other features.
  • Or perhaps our nose shape is crooked, humped, extremely lengthy or otherwise not as we prefer.
  • Alternatively, we may feel that the older we get, the more we are starting to look like one of our grandparents – and we may wish our nose was less distinctive and more blended with our other features.


If you’re unhappy with your nose shape and are considering having a Rhinoplasty procedure to change the shape or size of your nose, you’re definitely not alone.

While Surgery of the nose is a serious endeavour with risks, it’s true that many of us are not exactly thrilled with our nose shape, size, tip dimensions or other proportions.  Here’s what cosmetic surgery research indicates:

  • A majority of people would change something about their nose shape, size, side-on-profile and overall nasal area if they could.
  • Many people have considered nose surgery at some stage of their life, but only a few finally get the courage up to go to a Plastic Surgeon (many wish they’d done this earlier in their lives, but some will ultimately decide they aren’t ready for surgery OR are happy enough to live with the nose they were born with).
  • If you want a professional opinion by an expert Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon, phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask for one of our nose surgery experts.

Remember that each patient is unique.

  • Each person seeks nose reshaping surgery for a variety of highly personal reasons.
  • And results can vary from patient to patient.
  • You should understand the nature of the surgery including risks and recovery times before proceeding.

And a second opinion may be a great idea for a Rhinoplasty procedure (you can get 2 opinions in our office if you feel these are required, as we have a group of Surgeons who perform Face and Nose Surgery as well as Breast Augmentation or Tummy Tuck procedures).

Our expert-level Rhinoplasty Surgeons affirm nose surgery is a frequent request from people of a wide range of ages.

nose-job-surgery-cosmetic-surgeon Plastic Surgery of the Nose tip in Melbourne and Sydney

Our Nose Reshaping Surgeon choices in Melbourne or Sydney include:

Dr Richard Sackelariou (Melbourne and Sydney) – shown operating (above)

Our Nose Reshaping Surgery experts know the difference feeling GOOD about your nose shape or size HAS to patients who choose to have a nose surgery procedure to make their nose straighter, smaller or more balanced with their other facial proportions.

Don’t expect miracles, but understand that nose reshaping has been known to change lives – as well as how happy people are in photographs.


Changing Your Nose Shape or Size Through Surgery

So if you’ve been thinking about changing your nose shape – or troubled by a problem with the size, shape or function of your nose, read this blog for information, visit our Rhinoplasty page, and download a Guide to Nose Surgery.

  • Our informative guides are a great help to patients who are researching Rhinoplasty surgery options.
  • But a no-obligation consultation can give you even more pertinent information about your options for resizing, reshaping or adjusting your nose appearance through plastic surgery.

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The 6 common concerns about nose shape that lead people to request a Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery).

Below is a list of six commonly expressed nose concerns or problems with nose appearance that lead individuals to explore getting a Nose Job. Be sure to read all the way to the end to learn about WHAT’s important to consider before you choose elective surgery to shape, or resize, your nose or nose tip.

Most Common Nose Problems we are asked to “fix” through Rhinoplasty surgery or Revision Nose Surgery


As you review this list:

  • It’s important you understand that nose surgery is not a cookie cutter procedure that can be done by just anyone.
  • Revision nose surgery requests are frequent.

That’s because no matter how small a change you are seeking to your nose, it’s a highly technical procedure and your surgeon must be very skilled, in technique as well as communication, to enable a good result that you’ll be satisfied with after healing and recovery.


Nose Reshaping Surgery: Medical, Cosmetic or Both – Reasons People Elect to Have Rhinoplasty Procedures

Your reason for wanting a nose reshaping surgery or “nose job” might be entirely medical, such as wanting to correct a deviated septum or improve your breathing through reshaping your internal nasal structures.

Other reasons might include wanting to change the nose length, tip shape, length or straightness, nose position or bridge height of the nose, primarily for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons.

This may include surgical repair of any prior damage that occurred to your nose bridge or internal nasal structures though sporting mishaps or nose-damaging accidents.

Rhinoplasty – whether for aesthetic (cosmetic) reasons or for medical breathing reasons – can potentially improve your quality of life to a great extent.

Firstly, it can help prevent frequent sinus infections, repair a broken or very crooked nose that impairs breathing, and can even help resolve some mild apnea or ‘snoring’ problems. Secondly, Rhinoplasty may give you more greater social confidence, especially if your feelings about your nose have held you back from feeling self-assured.


Rhinoplasty may also be sought to improve the overall facial appearance (facial feature balance and profile contours)

  • Are you unhappy with your nose size or shape and how it impacts your entire facial appearance?
  • If so, you may wish to alter your nose through a Rhinoplasty surgery.
  • The nose is such a central feature of your face, that when you alter the nose alone through a Rhinoplasty surgery, you usually change the entire facial appearance.

You can often gain a more proportionate, better-shaped nose through a Rhinoplasty surgery procedure.

With a more proportionate, reshaped nose, you may find your social confidence increases by leaps and bounds – and you may no longer fear the camera when someone takes a photo of your side profile.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty: the infamous ‘nose job’ procedure

Fixing what you consider an “Imperfect Nose.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your version of a perfect nose may differ from another’s viewpoint.

Each and every person has their own unique idea of what they consider a “perfect nose” should look like. In fact, there are some celebrities whose entire identity is based on having a unique nose, and others who have had early nose surgery before their careers took off – including “Dr McDreamy” Patrick Demsey from the award-winning TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Each of us has a unique idea about what makes for an attractive – versus unattractive – nose shape or size in relation to the rest of the face.

What makes for a universally attractive nose?

  • Typically, it’s all about facial balance and feature harmony.
  • Does the nose suit the face? Or does the nose detract or distract from your other facial features?
  • Does the nose lead you to be distracted from the eyes or mouth or is it nicely in balance?

Below are some of the more common concerns that lead some patients to consider a surgical solution to getting a better looking, balanced nose. They include concerns about the nose shape, nose tip dimensions, bridge height, nose direction (straightness or crookedness) and the nose shape in relation to other facial features or the overall facial bone structure (facial proportions).

6 Common Concerns About Noses that our Specialist Plastic Surgeons can help resolve through Rhinoplasty Surgery

If you’re considering Rhinoplasty, just send an enquiry form or phone our Patient Care Coordinators on (03) 8849 1444 to learn what you can do to arrange to see a Rhinoplasty Specialist at one of our Melbourne or Sydney locations.

1. The bridge of the nose is too wide or flat.

rhinoplasty surgery nose job melbourne asian bridge augmentation nose surgery asian rhinoplasty nose implants

  • The type of nose that is either on the wide side (broad) or flat across the bridge, is especially common in many Asian, African and Hispanic ethnicities.
  • Rhinoplasty surgery can correct this by reducing the width of the nasal bridge, adjusting the tip of the nose as well as adjusting or refining the base of the nose. The procedure most frequently used for a flat or low bridge is called “augmentation Rhinoplasty,” which may involve the use of bridge implants.
  • After nose bridge augmentation surgery, most patients will notice a big improvement in the contour of the entire nose and an altered facial appearance.
  • But you must be aware that the healing process can take up to a year or more before the related swelling resolved completely, and that you may or may not be comfortable with such a changed appearance – like most things, it can take time to become accustomed to a different look, even if you love the result.


2. The nose has a large bulbous tip

bulbous-nose-rhinoplasty-tip rhinoplasty surgery nose job melbourne and Sydney

  • Patients who complain of this nose trait tend to have a more rounded tip due to the shape of the lower lateral cartilages. If you have a bulbous nose tip, it can make your nose look disproportionately big, overly wide – or even both. Rhinoplasty can easily correct a bulbous, rounded nasal tip by reshaping the lower lateral cartilage. This, in turn, creates a softer triangular appearance.

3. The nose is considered too big or long


  • When a person’s nose is very big or very long – or even both – it can become the focus of much-unwanted attention or even bullying and other cruel forms of drawing attention to the nose size.
  • A large or long nose can also detract from other attractive facial features, such as when the nose overshadows the eyes or lips, for example.
  • This may require a complex Rhinoplasty, involving a reduction in the nasal tip along with the creation of shorter, smaller nose, which can involve quite complex nose reshaping procedures.
  • This nose surgery can, however, help the person gain a more balanced facial profile and a front-view that complements the entire face.

4. The nose is too pointy for the patient’s liking.

  • A pointy nose is often the result of projecting nasal septum cartilage or excess cartilage at the tip of the nose.
  • A reduction of this cartilage through nose reshaping surgery is usually quite effective over the longer term, and the results can feel and look amazing once the swelling resolves.
  • Rhinoplasty procedures to alter a pointy nose can not only reduce the size of the nose but round the nose tip off a bit, giving it a less pointy, softer looking tip appearance – which in turn changes the entire nose appearance and the overall facial balance.
  • Downtime is more minimal with Tip Rhinoplasty only – and the recovery is potentially not as long (bruising MIGHT be less but each person is different)
  • Remember that nearly all nose surgery involves swelling that might take months to a year – or longer – to fully resolve. So be prepared to wait out the results of your Rhinoplasty before seeing the final result.

5. The nose is crooked.

  • A crooked nose can be due to an injury or to facial trauma during the birth process
  • A crooked nose might also stem from hereditary factors – including a potential overgrowth of cartilages and bones that ends up pulling part of the nose ‘off to one side.’
  • Asymmetry is another problem (out of balance side aspects of the nose), especially if it’s quite noticeable or extreme.
  • This type of “cosmetic flaw” is often more difficult to correct.
  • Rhinoplasty can effectively correct the problem; however, the procedure should – according to our Team’s view – ONLY be performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon with extensive Rhinoplasty experience and good communication skills.
    • To fix a very crooked nose, the nasal bones must typically be reset through osteotomies.
    • That is a fairly complex and often more invasive procedure than other less traumatic forms of Rhinoplasty, such as Tip Rhinoplasty or Bridge Augmentation
  • However, complex surgery can help give you a straighter nose profile.



6. The nose has a prominent hump or nose-bridge bump.

  • Nasal humps can vary greatly in size and detract from the rest of the face by drawing attention away from the eyes.
  • When consulting with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon, it’s important to communicate the amount of reduction you want in the hump.
  • Some patients may prefer to eliminate the hump entirely to make the bridge of the nose completely straighter.
  • Other patients may choose to keep some bridge fullness in order to maintain ethnic or family features.
  • What you choose is entirely up to you, but if your family prides itself on the identity of their nose shape – or they see you as wanting to be ‘different’ – some families can respond in a non-supportive way.
  • What you do with your body should ONLY be your choice, however, and after you have received full information to make a well-informed decision.
  • You’ll also need to be willing to be very patient (and it’s often WAY harder than you anticipate) before seeing your final Rhinoplasty cosmetic nose surgery results.


Avoid a Botched Result:  Choose a FRACS Plastic Surgeon who has expertise in nose reshaping Surgery and Revision Rhinoplasty.

revision rhinoplasty

A cosmetic surgeon is NOT the same as a Plastic Surgeon (sometimes called a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon or a Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon). Find out if your surgeon is FRACS and don’t choose someone who studied a different area of medicine as they are unlikely to have the same rigorous surgical training required to become recognised as a Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery.

Keep your expectations realistic

  • It’s important to remember that each and every person is unique.
  • What seems beautiful and attractive to one person might not be the same for anyone else.
  • Your friends may all have differing opinions after you have surgery, about whether or not your nose looks better or worse – that’s potentially as they are unaccustomed to the change and need time to adapt to your new look.
  • Our cultural influences have a large impact on what we think looks good in terms of facial features.
  • That noted, there are certain common nose shapes that many people want to remedy with surgery.

Before Rhinoplasty Surgery:  Even if you have nose concerns, be sure you ask yourself the important questions


  • Be sure to ask yourself WHY you are considering Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery).
  • Be certain you’re choosing this as something you’ve long wanted for yourself, not a spontaneous decision – and never, ever have plastic surgery to please anyone other than yourself.
  • Remember that not everyone around you will be supportive of your surgery decision, but they are not the ones who are living with your concerns about your nose.

It’s important that any elective surgery you are contemplating is being considered to please YOURSELF, for your own personal reasons.

Never try to accommodate someone else’s view of a ‘perfect nose’ shape or size – even Meghan Markle’s nose – and not to try to please anyone else.

Surgery is serious business and changing your nose shape can change your entire appearance in ways you might not anticipate.

  • You might love the results but you may be just as likely to find they leave you looking slightly different than what you imagined.
  • That’s because noses are a very complex part of the face, from length to angle to tip and nostril shape.

Changing your nose, even in a minor way, can leave your entire face looking different than before.


  • If you want to do a temporary, filler-injection-type of rhinoplasty, there’s a chance you can visualise some changes with a Liquid Rhinoplasty.  But a surgical nose job result might be different to what you’d get with dermal filler in the nose area. Plus, dermal filler can typically only adapt the nose in very minor ways.

Surgery definitely gives you more options and is considered a long term result.

Be sure you spend adequate time in discussion with your surgeon about what results you are hoping to achieve.

  • Ask about how long it may take to heal and see results (up to a year or more for some patients) and whether or not what you want is even possible.
  • Vectra 3D imaging can aid the planning process for some patients, to help envision what a different nose size or nose shape will look like; however, it is not predictive.

Secondly, it’s important that you understand your motivations and that you understand the procedure, the risks, the downtime and the extensive healing periods involved.

If you’re still keen to have it done, be sure you choose a highly qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has a focus on performing nose reshaping surgeries. Why? The last thing you want to end up with is a nose like even less than the one you have now. Revisions for nose surgery are common (read more of our best-rated blogs about cosmetic surgery).

But the more you can do to ensure it’s what you want, the first time, the better.

And that includes planning for the costs of nose surgery, as well as allowing adequate healing and recovery time. It can take over a year to see your final results – ask a Surgeon or Patient Care Team member for details.

Specialist Plastic Surgeons Dr Richard Sackelariou is our team’s top Rhinoplasty Surgeon for nose reshaping in Melbourne. Dr Sackelariou also performs selected Revision Rhinoplasty surgeries (secondary nose surgery/revision nose jobs). You can download his Bio here.

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