Nose Job Surgery for Men – Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery is a significant operation to undertake to reshape your nose, but it can also be highly effective. For males who understands the dynamics of nose surgery – and who can anticipate how changes made to the nose alters their facial appearance – it can sometimes be a confidence-changing event. But results can vary, and you’ll need to have realistic expectations. The key to having a good Rhinoplasty surgery experience is (a) understanding the surgery processes and risks, (b) understanding the healing and recovery times for either an open or closed rhinoplasty, and (c) keeping your expectations realistic at all times.

So, if you’re a male patient considering Rhinoplasty Surgery (nose jobs for men), you may have felt self-conscious about your nose for some time.


It’s certainly not an uncommon request to reshape a nose.  But it’s helpful to preview what’s actually involved with having Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping( surgery BEFORE you decide to have a consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, such as our team’s Rhinoplasty Surgery expert, Dr Richard Sackelariou.

So here’s a brief page on Rhinoplasty surgery for men who want to achieve an aesthetically balanced nose shape, nose size, more straightness or other nose dimension changes.

Changes that can be made to the shape of a male nose during Rhinoplasty may include:

  • reshape the nose or reduce it in size/proportions to attain a better nose-to-face balance
  • reduce or alter the nose tip or nostril flares (nostril adjustments may have some limitations depending on your facial anatomy)
  • straighten the area under the nose tip, if it points downwards or has a nose hook appearance
  • reduce and smooth out a nose bump, nose hump, crooked or bent appearance of the nose
  • repair nose structure damage from a traumatic nose injury or sporting mishap
  • “redo” a prior nose surgery procedure that didn’t go to plan

Secondary or Revisional Nose Procedures – important note about botched nose surgery

  • We caution all nose surgery patients about falling for cheap surgery options as these are highly complex procedures that leave very visible results.  It’s typically best to choose a very seasoned (experienced), highly trained and fully FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon rather than a less trained physician.
  • If a nose surgery gets botched – some things can’t be fixed.
  • There are also limitations on secondary “redo” rhinoplasty procedures, or revisions.
  • This is why it’s best to see a recommended Plastic Surgeon with FRACS qualifications the FIRST TIME you have a nose job; and going overseas for nose surgery is very risky and should be avoided.
  • Choosing a significantly less trained surgeon for nose reshaping, such as a “so-called cosmetic surgeon” vs a genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon, could end up risky, costly or with regrets.

We also perform Septoplasty procedures and corrective surgery for noses that have had traumatic injury or are prone to breathing difficulties or mild sleep apnea.

Phone us with questions OR to request a free GUIDE to Rhinoplasty by phoning (03) 8849 1444.  OR schedule a consultation with one of our team’s top Surgeons in Melbourne.


Nose Job Surgery for Men: The Male Rhinoplasty

Nose Reshaping Surgery Options for Attractive yet Natural Looking Facial Enhancement for men – find out what’s  involved by scheduling a no-obligation consultation.  We will give you honest opinions on what surgery can – and cannot – accomplish for you.

And it’s important to recognise that results can vary from patient to patient. Download a GUIDE for details on what’s involved with a Rhinoplasty procedure or Corrective Nose Shaping Surgery.

But above all, remember, surgery only does so much.  It cannot perform miracles and may not be life changing – every patient’s experience is unique.  Keep your expectations realistic and understand the surgery, risks, and healing times of getting a male Rhinoplasty surgery by a Melbourne Plastic Surgeon.

Is Male Rhinoplasty on your radar? What leads people to choose to have male cosmetic surgery on their nose.


  • Have you ever felt ashamed of the shape and proportions of your nose?
  • Has a nose injury caused you to feel self-conscious or unhappy with your facial appearance?
  • Do you want to change a pronounced nose heritage (altering your genetic nose traits or fixing crookedness from a nose injury)?

If you answer YES, then a male Rhinoplasty (or Nose Job for men) MAY be able to help you improve nose proportions OR regain confidence in your facial features or side-on profile in photographs.

  • The nose is a key facial feature and often a focal point of one’s appearance.
  • Our Surgeons know this and strive to help you get an attractive, balanced & natural looking nose that compliments your other facial features.

Rhinoplasty Statistics: nose reshaping surgery or a ‘nose job’, is one of the most requested Plastic Surgery procedures for males/men in Australia.


Our group of highly skilled Specialist Plastic Surgeons, Dr Richard Sackelariou, Dr Douglas McManamnyDr Richard Maxwell and Dr Geoff Barnett, have extensive experience in male Rhinoplasty and nose reshaping assessments for men who dislike their nose size, nose hump, nose crookedness, nose tip shape, nostrils or other proportions.

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons may offer nose surgery to suit a large variety of facial types and nose shape or size preferences. But not ALL candidates are suitable candidates for Rhinoplasty.  Find out more by arranging to see a Surgeon at our Hawthorn Clinic in Melbourne, by phoning us on (03) 8849 1444.

We’ll help you assess what surgery may be able to do for your nose shape and facial appearance; including Vectra 3D imaging for planning (or Crysalix imaging) – suitable candidates only.

Remember, results can vary from patient to patient. Plus, not all nose shape concerns are readily adjusted; Rhinoplasty is a very complex procedure with a long healing time. But it you’ve always wanted a better nose, maybe it’s time to investigate your options with one of our leading Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne.

Rhinoplasty Surgery for a Better Looking or Straighter Nose or Nostrils

Your nose has a huge effect on your appearance. Some noses enhance a face, and some detract – simply as they may be out of balance or crooked and bumpy (genetically or from a sporting facial injury or nose injury).

  • Your nose’s size, shape, proportions and symmetry go a long way to establishing your appearance.
  • Your nose also has a big impact on your identity and personality perceptions.
  • It may be so prominent that people recognise your profile instantly, or tease you about it.skincare-men-and-women

Everyone may reassure you it’s fine, but if you’re still not happy with your nose, consult a Surgeon. Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to request a consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon (FRACS qualified) for nose surgery.

Many men call us because they don’t like the way their nose appears in the mirror or in photographs or video.

  • Some men feel their nose is too big, too thin, too wide or too small for your face, or bent, bumpy, misshapen or injured
  • Some men disliked their for many years or even decades
  • Some men finally decide to get Plastic Surgery to change their nose size or shape – or return symmetry and straightness to a crooked, damaged nose shape
  • Some men need surgery to improve breathing or reduce mild snoring (sleep apnea) – some nose surgery may help this (there may also be other methods to reduce snoring)

Common Nose Shapes: Does your nose ‘say’ a lot about who you are to others?

  • Other than your eyes, your nose is often one of the key facial areas that other people notice when they see your face.
  • The way it interacts with other features (visually) can enhance or detract a person’s perceived attractiveness.
  • Some people even judge character by a person’s facial features – they may be very wrong, but even so, it’s human nature to do so.



Do you suffer from a nose shape or nose size that doesn’t fit your face?

If you feel your nose is either too large, crooked, prominently out-of-balance or simply too distinctive for your personal tastes, or if you injured your nose, you can reshape your nose by undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery with one of our highly-qualified Plastic Surgeons.

If you find yourself extremely unhappy with the shape or size of your nose in photos or when looking in the mirror, a Rhinoplasty can help.

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for Rhinoplasty are highly-regarded for their complex nose reshaping surgery expertise.

Please contact us using the Enquiry Form to arrange to book a consultation.

Send an Enquiry Form today or phone (03) 8849 1444 to speak with our Patient Care Coordinator.

When Should I Consider Rhinoplasty Surgery with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon?

Do you suffer from:

  • An overly pronounced or prominent nose?
  • Unattractive nostrils that are too big, wide or small?
  • An unsightly Bump or Dorsal Hump on your nose?
  • A deviated septum or two bumps on end of your nose?
  • Snoring problems from a congested nose?
  • Trouble breathing through your nose?
  • An injured or broken nose?
  • A crooked or bent nose or an uneven nose tip ?male rhinoplasty surgery in melbourne; men nose job statistics

Has this caused you to:

  • feel less self confident?
  • snore excessively?
  • feel unhappy with your nose?
  • not like photos of yourself?
  • feel unhappy with your nose?
  • to be teased about your nose?
  • want a different nose?

Is your nose shape, size dimensions, or straightness a concern for you in relation to your facial appearance?

  • Are you self-conscious about your side-view profile?
  • Do you avoid being photographed from the side?
  • Are you being mercilessly teased about your nose?
  • Are comments being made by insensitive people about your nose, but they’re still getting under your skin?
  • Do you have trouble breathing easily?
  • Do you snore excessively?
  • Are you always avoiding cameras or being photo-shy?
  • Do you feel increasingly unhappy about the appearance of your nose or side-on profile in photographs?
  • Do you think you’d feel more self confident if you had a more facial-complementary nose?
  • Are you experiencing unwanted attention (or teasing and bullying) about your nose or facial profile?


Common reasons people choose Rhinoplasty Surgery

The reason people choose surgery for nose reshaping or refinement are individual. The important thing is to be doing it for yourself, not to please anyone else, and to be fully informed about the surgery and healing process.

Common reasons people have nose surgery:

  • Bumps: Unsightly bump or ‘Dorsal Hump’ on the nose
  • Nose Tip: doesn’t match rest of nose or face
  • Size: Very prominent nose or a narrow nose bridge
  • Shape: Nose shape or size that others comment on regularly or that you feel overly self-conscious about
  • Balance: A nose that appears ‘out of sync or proportion’ compared to your other features
  • Appearance: a nose that you feel is too wide or too thin
  • Nostrils you feel are unattractive because they are either very large, overly wide, or relatively narrow or small?

male nose surgery; injured nose surgery, surgery to fix bump on nose, nose hump, male rhinoplasty for men

Health or medical reasons you may consider nose reshaping surgery

  • A previous botched nose job surgery
  • A previously injured or broken nose
  • A crooked, bent or ‘sideways-set’ nose
  • Snoring problems from a constantly congested nose
  • Difficulty breathing through your nose
  • A deviated septum or collapsed nasal bridge
  • Two noticeable bumps on the end of the nose

If you’re not happy with the shape or size of your nose, you’re definitely not alone

Do you feel that you have a nose that doesn’t suit your other facial features?

Is your nose a concern for you in relation to your side-on (side-view) profile?

Rhinoplasty nose-refinement Surgery can help.

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons who perform Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) are highly-regarded for their complex surgery expertise.

Our team’s top Nose Surgeons for Male Rhinoplasty are Dr Richard Sackelariou, Dr Douglas McManamny and Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Richard Maxwell.

Please contact us today using the Enquiry Form to arrange to book a consultation.

How Nose Reshaping Surgery Can Help You

A Rhinoplasty procedure can help you to have:

  • a nose that better complements your other facial features
  • a harmonised or more balanced facial appearance
  • less self-consciousness about being filmed from the side
  • more confidence about how you look from different angles
  • better sleep if a deviated septum is repaired

The changes to your appearance from having a more-balanced or attractively shaped nose after Rhinoplasty may be quite significant.

The spike in confidence you might have, after healing from your Nose Surgery, is often difficult to fully appreciate before your Nose Job. But everyone is different, so keep your expectations realistic.

Liking or not liking the results of a Rhinoplasty? Why Revision Rhinoplasty is not uncommon.

Revision Rhinoplasty requests after a nose job are not uncommon. But often, they occur before the nose is actually healed – and settled – after surgery. Swelling can take a very long time to fully resolve – even a year or so.

Also, your nose surgery results might be different/pleasing, but it might be a bit different to what you expected from a nose job.

  • IT seems that for some patients, the change in appearance can be quite challenging.
  • Some people have more of their identity linked with their nose than they realise so you want to be certain this is what you want before you engage with a nose reshaping procedure.

This is a very complex procedure requiring adept surgical skills and decades of nose surgery experience. Be sure to choose a highly qualified genuine FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeon for your male rhinoplasty procedure.

So whilst some patients will love their new noses and some take more time to adapt to the changes to their overall appearance, for most patients, it’s something they have longed to do since an early age; to get a different or better-looking nose.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty for Nose Surgery for or Nose Reshaping

Rhinoplasty patients report

  • Having a nose that better matches their face
  • Improved confidence and self esteem
  • Easier breathing
  • Less snoring and snorting
  • Looking and feeling great
  • Taking more selfies

Every individual is unique and every surgery is also unique, however, and surgery can only do so much. It may change your comfort level and confidence, or it might not.  The key thing is to keep your expectations realistic and to speak openly with your nose surgeon about what you’re hoping to achieve – and why.

And remember  – never have elective NOSE SURGERY to  please anyone else.

It’s a personal decision to have Rhinoplasty or any cosmetic surgery, for that matter.  But like all surgery, it’s serious with risks. Know why you want to have surgery and what to expect; and be sure you’re willing to undergo the sometimes emotional roller coaster of having a facial surgery and nose change.


Planning and communication are crucial to getting the nose surgery result you want, but it is also important that you and your Surgeon discuss having realistic expectations.

  • It can help to look at your Surgeons in-clinic Before & After photos of Rhinoplasty Patients.
  • It is also important to recognise that individual results and healing times vary.
  • Depending on your procedure, it could also be several months before you see the full result of your nose reshaping surgery (or ask about the Rapid Recovery Rhinoplasty methods).

If you’re not happy with the way your nose looks or want to repair it after an injury, please contact us to book a confidential consultation to discuss the surgical possibilities for reshaping your nose. Phone us on (03)88491444 today.

Asian Rhinoplasty and Nose Augmentation Rhinoplasty

If you are seeking Revision Asian Rhinoplasty or Asian Nose Augmentation, our Surgeons can help.

Our Melbourne Based Specialist Plastic Surgeons for Nose Jobs are: Dr Douglas McManamny, Our Team of Surgeons, Dr Richard Maxwell and Dr Geoff Barnett, perform Nose Surgeries for a variety of different facial types.

The ‘Nose Job’ Procedure (Rhinoplasty Surgery) – send an enquiry form and ask us for a guide.


Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons will help you understand nose reshaping procedures, including the differences between open Rhinoplasty or closed Rhinoplasty and how to best approach your recovery time.

3d Visualisation might be an option

Because Nose Reshaping will likely have a great and positive impact on your life and confidence levels, your Surgeon will help you to visualise the changes before you proceed.

They can help you visualise your newly reshaped nose using before and after images, physical models, photo manipulation & 3D computer modelling.


It is possible for patients to choose a shape or profile for their nose prior to surgery.

The final post-surgical result is unlikely to be an absolutely perfect match with pre-surgical planning, but in many cases, it will be close. But even 3 D modelling of the nose before a nose job is simply a helpful tool, not a predictor of your results.

Once you feel completely comfortable with the likely outcome, which can vary as healing processes are influenced by many factors,  and once you have discussed all of the available options for getting a more balanced nose to match your face, then the planning for your Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure will begin.

The good news is that our Surgeons are highly experienced in getting individuals natural looking, aesthetically pleasing results for Rhinoplasty and other facial & body surgeries.

Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures

Cosmetic Nose Reshaping, Septoplasty Surgery, Open or Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery

Septoplasty Surgery for Improved Breathing

For patients who suffer from reduced air flow or have trouble breathing through their nose a procedure called Septoplasty may be appropriate.

Septoplasty allows a surgeon to move or correct the wall between the nostrils and the inner hard structures inside the upper part of the nose to improve breathing.

Open Rhinoplasty Surgery

A more common and generally more accurate approach to altering the shape of the nose is the open approach (Open Rhinoplasty).

In an open rhinoplasty a short incision is made across the central part of the base of the nose (columella). The skin of the nose is then elevated and the underlying cartilage and nasal bones can then be viewed and reshaped directly.

The surgeon uses a series of small, highly specific tools to carve and shape the underlying structures.

Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery

In some cases, a Rhinoplasty is performed through small incisions that are kept within each nostril.

This is a so-called ‘Closed Rhinoplasty’. The advantage of a closed approach is that any scars are fully concealed inside the nostril.

The disadvantage is primarily that the surgeon is operating through a tiny hole with only indirect access to the complex structures inside the nose.

We also provide you with a Rapid Recovery Kit which contains proven recovery facilitation products (‘science’) and feel good gifts (‘love’) so that you can make the most of your post-op healing & recovery time.


Rhinoplasty Recovery

Healing Time

In general, staying overnight in a good hospital provides for optimal pain relief & readily accessible nursing care in your vital early post-surgical phase.

The immediate post-surgical experience for many patients after a Rhinoplasty can be uncomfortable.

Effective pain relief will help, and after a few hours as the swelling reduces and the site settles the pain and discomfort will subside.


Being in hospital means you will have all the support you need in what can be a vulnerable period.

At our practice our job isn’t over until you are happy, healed and enjoying your new appearance. That means we care about what happens after surgery too.

The way your Surgeon approaches surgery will have an enormous effect on the way you heal and how you feel during recovery. It may seem simple, but being gentle and taking a minimally disruptive approach to surgery often makes all the difference.

  • Recovery from Rhinoplasty surgery usually takes around three to four weeks.
  • Once the surgery itself has healed it may take up to a year for the nose to settle into its final appearance.

The distinction is important, because although the surgical site heals quite quickly the underlying bone and cartilage will take time to fully settle.

  • After surgery tapes and a splint are applied to the nose to offer support and help reduce swelling.
  • The splint remains in place for about a week.
  • The nasal tapes are left for a few more days after the splint has been removed.

Some Rhinoplasty patients will have more elaborate splints in place – these are often based on plaster or a similar material.

The splints and tape protect your nose and support its new shape until it is partially healed.

After your tapes are removed it is important to take time to gradually get back to your normal activities. Activities such as vigorous exercise or playing sports are NOT recommended for three to four weeks after surgery.


How We Help You With Recovery and Healing

Our approach to recovery is simple. We do whatever we can to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Risks Of Surgery will be covered in a consultation.

What are the Risks and Possible Complications?

Any surgery poses a certain amount of risk and potential complications.

Common side effects include bruising and swelling.

The shape of the nose may change over time, and the final result may not be realized for a few months.

It is highly important that you choose a Surgeon who uses best-practice surgery methods – and a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has over 2 to 3 decades of performing nose surgery including thousands of procedures – to minimise risks associated with your procedure.

Read more on Nose Surgery Options – Open Vs Closed Rhinoplasty

Risks of Surgery can include:

General Anaesthesia – Most healthy patients respond well to general anaesthesia as modern techniques are very safe. Our team will provide you with the details of your anaesthetists prior to your surgery to discuss any specific concerns.

Bleeding (Haematoma) – This may require a visit to the operating theatre to remove the blood clot.

Infection – Your Surgeon will prescribe you with antibiotics and monitor you closely.

Delayed Wound Healing – Your Surgeon and Nurse coordinator will manage the healing process. This usually occurs within patients who are overweight, smokers or who have an infection.

Fluid build-up (Seroma)

Scarring –  Initially there is almost always some contour issues or puckers. These settle over the months but sometimes may require a small revision often under local anaesthetic. Scars continue to mature and improve for up to 18 months after surgery.

Numbness – This will occur 100% of the time and mostly settles over the months and up to 1-2 years.

Asymmetry – There may be irregular ridges and crease to both sides. Scars may be slightly different on your right compared to you left side.

Pain – This will be managed appropriately with pain medications and prompt aftercare.

All successful surgery outcomes are the result of realistic expectations of the patient, realistic surgical goals and the knowledge of possible risks and complications. Nothing is ever guaranteed in science and medicine.

Risks are minimised through careful patient screening and planning, high standards of surgical training, meticulous surgical technique and vigilant post-operative care.

Small, less serious issues are common and every effort is made to resolve them quickly.

These rarely have long term effect on an excellent final result.

*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient.
The information we provide is of a general nature.
To find out what to expect for your preferred procedures, arrange to see one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for a full-history and surgical consultation. Read more about surgical outcome variability on our Disclaimer Page.

Before & After Images of Surgery Results For Male Rhinoplasty Procedures


Visit our Before and After photographs of some of our Nose Reshaping surgery patients.

Please send a confidential enquiry form today to arrange to see our images in our Clinic and meet our Nurse Team for your selected Surgeon.

Leading Specialist Plastic Surgeons for Rhinoplasty Procedures

The Nose Reshaping Surgery experts on our Melbourne Team of Plastic Surgeons

Our Melbourne based Specialist Plastic Surgeons for Facial & Nose Reshaping or Nose Reconstruction Surgery include Dr Douglas McManamnyDr Geoff Barnett, Our Team of Surgeons and Dr Richard Maxwell. Our Surgeons are also highly skilled in Revisional Rhinoplasty procedures which are highly complex.

Leading Specialist Plastic Surgeons for Rhinoplasty ‘Nose Job’ Procedures

Please note: Surgeons consultations involve a fee, but you can choose instead to meet with a Surgeon’s Nurse and discuss the nose job procedure before proceeding.

Or you are most welcome to attend one of our free practice events to meet our leading Surgeons and their caring Surgery Support Team.

Why Choose Our Leading Australian Plastic Surgeons?

  • Our Surgeons are known for their precision surgical skills & excellence in patient care
  • They are Plastic Surgeons who have performed hundreds of Rhinoplasty Procedures for highly satisfied patients
  • They have full qualifications and have trained in Australia and in many overseas locations including the USA, UK and France
  • As Plastic Surgeons, they have higher qualifications & training in Aesthetic procedures than most other Surgeons
    • Some other Surgeons perform more General types of surgery rather than Face, Nose, Eye & Body Surgery
    • Not all Surgeons are licensed or qualified to operate in Hospitals – they instead offer ‘back room discounted nose job procedures’
    • We are regularly asked to do Revisions for people who had a ‘botched nose job’ either overseas through cheap nose job Medical Tourism or from a less-experienced Surgeon

Minimal Scarring and Best Practice Post-op Healing Protocols

Our leading Rhinoplasty Surgeons can help you get the Nose Shape you always wanted with Minimal Scarring and Best Practice Post-op Healing Protocols.

  • Natural looking, pleasing results after healing from your Nose Job
  • You’ll get best-practice recovery & Rhinoplasty healing recommendations to facilitate your Nose Job recovery
  • We take great care ensuring minimal scarring and scar minimisation strategies are used during & after your Surgery
  • You won’t have the regrets that a number of patients experience when they choose discounted cheap Nose Job procedures
  • We can help you get the nose you want the first time – rather than in a Revisional second costly surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery Prices in Australia

The cost of Nose Job Surgery in Melbourne can vary significantly.

Surgery costs depend on your location, type of hospital chosen and your Surgeon’s education, skills and experience. Make sure that you choose your Surgeon carefully when shopping around for a Rhinoplasty on price.

Sadly, if your Surgeon has trimmed too much support structure from your nose, there is a potential for collapse of the airway. We fix many ‘botched nose jobs’ with Revision Rhinoplasty and the revision rate for Rhinoplasty has been reported as high as 15%.

The exact price of your Nose Job Surgery will reflect its complexity. Every nose is different and a Rhinoplasty operation can consist of up to 25 smaller operations – each is tailored and customised to you. Your Rhinoplasty surgery quote may also vary depending on whether your Surgeon uses your own (autologous) graft materials or a Rhinoplasty implant.

The price for a ‘non-surgical Rhinoplasty’ or ‘liquid nose job’ which involves using dermal fillers to expand your nose is also significantly less expensive than a traditional Rhinoplasty surgery. Most Surgeons will use a temporary-filler-solution or HA fillers, as permanent fillers are NOT recommended.

If you would like a Quote for your customised Rhinoplasty, please contact us to book a Surgeon Consultation by submitting the confidential Enquiry form.

NEXT STEP: Book your Initial Consultation

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  • Ask for Dr Richard Sackelariou (select times only) or one of our other leading Face Surgeons including Dr McManamny, Dr Barnett and Dr Maxwell.
  • A Referral from your GP or from your Specialist is helpful but NOT essential – you can have a consultation without a GP Referral
  • Schedule a confidential consultation with your selected Specialist Plastic Surgeon by paying the $200 booking fee.

Visit our FAQs pages, learn more about your procedure, have a look at our photo galleries and patient reviews.

What to Bring to your Surgeon Consultation

  • Bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices
  • Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly

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