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Tips for Natural Looking Breast Enlargement: Breast Augmentation with Implants.

Rather than wanting an significantly obvious increase in the size of their breasts, many Australian women seeking breast enlargement want to achieve a natural-looking improvement or slightly curvier cleavage contours. They are not after a ‘fake’ “Pamela Anderson” type of look, but rather, more an enhancement that feels, looks and responds as close to natural breast tissue as is possible using breast implants.

Options for Breast Augmentation and Enlargement using Breast Implants

There are many choices to make with Breast Augmentation, including the size of the implant, location or placement, and type of implant (gel or saline, round or anatomical).

The right choice of size, profile and pocket placement can make all the difference in how natural your breast size looks after getting implants.

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There are many decisions that you and your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will discuss in your consultations prior to your breast enlargement surgery.

Sizers and 3D Imaging for Breast Enlargement Visualisation

To help you with your decisions, your Surgeon may also be able to help you to visualise the size or breast contour changes that you might have after your Breast Enlargement Surgery using either SIZERS or 3D imaging. Sizers are a preferred method to help patients get a physical sense of the feel of having larger breasts and a more prominent breast profile and bigger bra cup size.  Some patients may also want to visualise how they might look after getting breast implants by taking advantage of Vectra 3D imaging technology, which is available in our Hawthorn East location (request this option before your consult if you prefer this method in addition to bra cup sizers and other methods for estimating size changes).


Natural Looking Breast Implant Results

It’s important to understand that each woman is unique and that results vary from patient to patient.

Having realistic expectations about what surgery can – and cannot – do for you is also pivotal to having a successful breast augmentation surgery result.  What can be done for your breast enlargement surgery may very well depend primarily on what you’re starting with in terms of your existing breast tissue, skin resiliency (or laxity), your body weight, height and BMI.

It’s important that you have a good grasp of what your existing breast tissues, nipple locations and any asymmetry imply in terms of possible results from surgery. It’s also important to know that your results can vary significantly from someone else’s results, even if you have a similar body style and choose a similar implant size.

Every patient is unique, and at Cosmetic Surgery for Women, your breast surgery will be customised to suit YOU and your overall physique.  Our team doesn’t take shortcuts and doesn’t perform ‘cookie cutter’ style implant surgeries. That’s why having good communication with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon is crucial to getting a good result from your breast enlargement surgery – it’s all about what YOU want as well as what will best suit your body shape, rib cage and torso proportions.

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Natural Looking Breast Augmentation using Implants

To achieve natural looking breast augmentation results, implant size is important, but it’s only one factor of many factors that will determine your results. It is also important for your Plastic Surgeon to take into consideration your overall body shape and size, as well as the amount of existing breast tissue, the width of the chest itself, your torso length, and the alignment (or existing asymmetry) of the breasts and nipples before your operation.

If you have a short torso, for example, you might also want to be sure the implant size you ultimately select doesn’t leave you looking like you’ve gained weight. This is because your torso length and waistline – as well as other body proportions – WILL have an impact on how breast implants look in relation to your overall appearance.  If you have very noticeable existing asymmetry, for example, you will want to discuss options for reducing asymmetry during breast augmentation surgery (which might add to the complexity or length of the procedure).

Your Specialist Plastic Surgeon can discuss this with you in detail during a confidential consultation.

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No Two Breast Enlargement Patients are Alike

Your Results Will Vary from Someone Else’s Even if you use the Same Style of Breast Implants

How a Breast Augmentation looks after your breast enlargement surgery DOES depend on your overall body proportions as well as your individual breast appearance preferences and implant choices. Again, how much breast tissue you have to start with – and where your nipples and IMF (inframammary fold) are located – will also have an impact on your results.


Even the same size, shape and profile of a breast implant will look different on one woman compared to another.

Not ALL implants will look amazing on you, or natural – but your Specialist Plastic Surgeon can be of great help in choosing the best implant for your body type and your desired breast size.  Typically, the more existing breast tissue that you have to start with, the more natural the overall look tends to be after surgery. But as long as the implant size is suitable for your overall body proportions, and not too large, you should gain a natural looking result in terms of size compatibility.

In Summary, the preference in Australia varies from region to region and woman to woman; but overall, it tends to be towards a natural looking enhancement with proportional contours and cleavage.

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Each woman has a unique view on what size or style of implant – and which type of breast contours – they believe will give THEM the breast look they are seeking through choosing breast augmentation surgery.

From implant type, implant brand (Mentor or Motiva are highly reputable brands), the size of the actual implant, the height or profile of the implant – and the surgical location of the breast implant pocket, there are numerous decisions you and your Surgeon will be making to help you get the breast appearance you’re wanting;  including a natural-looking, body-compatible breast size result.

Natural Looking Implants and Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeons

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