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When exercise fails: How to Get your Pre-Baby Body Back through Surgery

During your pregnancy or pregnancies — or after breast feeding — you may have:

  • exercised diligently
  • eaten healthily
  • gotten your weight back to where you like it to be

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But despite your best fitness efforts before, during or after pregnancy, you may still find you are left with skin that sags, droops, pouches or protrudes ‘in all the wrong places’.

These changes commonly occur in relation to the stress-related demands of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding on the body.  

They often include:

  • excess, sagging or stretched tummy skin
  • damaged or weakened abdominal muscles
  • sagging, drooping breast tissue that appears ’empty’ or ‘over-stretched’
  • wobbly skin on arms or thighs
  • stubborn pockets of fat

Many of these changes relate to body changes that simply won’t respond to exercise or diet — as no amount of abdominal exercises or pilates will repair torn abdominal muscles.


Mummy Makeover Surgery can help

So if you are unhappy with your tummy skin or breast shape after raising children (or even after menopause), a combination of surgeries known as a Mummy Makeover Surgery can help.

The two most common surgeries for post-baby bodies are breast enhancement (reduction, breast lift and augmentation) and abdominal surgery, called a “tummy tuck,” along with precisely targeted liposuction for body contouring.

Our Group Practice’s leading Mummy Makeover specialists for breast & tummy procedures include Dr Richard Maxwell (Hawthorn) and Our Specialist Team of Surgeons (Berwick).

Read more about these customised surgeries on our Mummy Makeover Surgery pages.

Our Group’s leading Mummy Makeover Specialists are Dr Richard Maxwell (Hawthorn) & Our Specialist Team of Surgeons (Berwick).

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Ready to get your tummy and breasts back to where you feel more comfortable? 

Please send an Enquiry form to learn more about how we can help you get your body ‘back’ by helping repair the abdominals and tummy area as well as uplift or enhance your breasts, including augmentation or breast reduction depending on your preferences and body shape.