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Considering Plastic Surgery on your Abdominal area and Breasts? Many Mums want to get their bodies back to more like they were before they had children.  A Mummy Makeover Surgery option can help you get a flatter tummy by repairing torn abs (correcting Diastasis Recti) and reducing excess skin; along with restoring the breasts and nipples to a more central location on the chest. 

Are you wanting a post-baby ‘Mummy Make-Over Surgery’ for your body or breasts?

  • Are you missing the firmness and contours of the body you had before you had children?
  • Do you want to explore the figure-rejuvenating possibilities of Mummy Makeover surgery of the breast and tummy?
  • Have you been pining to wear the new fashions and swimwear lines you don’t yet feel comfortable in?



Our expert team of Specialist Plastic Surgeons – offering cosmetic and corrective surgery – may be able to help you regain a body you feel more comfortable living in.

Mummy Makeover Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Procedures are popular options to reshape your baggy tummy, saggy breasts or stubborn fat deposits after having children.

We even have vaginal lasers to help treat post-pregnancy or post-menopausal urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness or laxity, or other female concerns after having children or undergoing other hormonal changes throughout your life.

If you want to visit our Mummy Makeover Surgeons in one of our Top Melbourne Locations, phone our Specialist Plastic Surgeons Care Team members on (03) 8849 1444 and ask for a confidential appointment.  We’ll help you understand what to expect, what to consider and what you might benefit from by having Abdominoplasty or Breast Surgery to correct some of the post-baby body bulges you’d rather be living without.

MUMMY MAKEOVER tummy-tuck-exercise-after-pregnancy


The two most commonly sought procedures for MUMS are breast surgery and Tummy Tuck surgery; there’s also LIPOSUCTION and other body contouring of the arms and thighs.  If you want to know more about a breast lift, breast augmentation, breast implants and breast lift combined (augmentation-mastopexy), and breast reduction), nipple reshaping or nipple location restoration, and Abdominoplasty and liposuction procedures, we’re here to help.

  • Body contouring can help you get a firmer, flatter tummy or perkier, uplifted breasts again.
  • Choose from our top Mummy Makeover specialists on our team of Melbourne’s Specialist Plastic Surgeons



Why choose a breast lift, breast reduction, augmentation or tummy tuck procedure for your Mummy Makeover?

  • Some women don’t mind the body, breast and skin changes that arise after pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Other women are keen to try to ‘get their pre-baby body’ back to nearer the way it looked BEFORE the children came along (to the extent possible through surgery and other options such as non-surgical Fat Reduction).
  • Others simply want to remove sagging tummy skin and uplift their breasts or nipples to where they were once located, before their children came along.

mummy makeover, tummy tuck and breast augmentation

Mummy Makeover Surgery is often focused on the breast and tummy areas, but can include other procedures to help you remedy or contour specific areas of concern.

Mummy Makeover surgeries typically involve combined breast and tummy contouring procedures (or arm lift and thigh lift procedures). These may help you overcome stubborn belly bulges, torn abdominal muscles and sagging breast tissues. IF you want to get your pre-baby body contours back to a point that allows you feel confident, feminine and sexy again, schedule a consultation with our Mummy Makeover Surgeons in Melbourne’s top locations.

Simply phone (03) 8849 1444 and schedule YOUR consultation today.  Our Team works diligently to help you feel comfortable, respected and at ease asking any and all questions you have about Mummy Makeover surgery and what’s involved.  Just ask us what to expect at a consult or request one of our free procedure guide e-books.

Our Melbourne-based team of Australian Specialist Plastic Surgeons are highly-regarded for their post–pregnancy body contouring and breast enhancement surgery expertise. They are highly experienced at performing natural-looking Breast Lift procedures (with or without Breast Implants), Breast Reduction procedures, Breast Implant Removal & Replacement and Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Body Contouring techniques.

Specialist Plastic Surgeons Cosmetic Surgery for Women

Our Team’s top Surgeons for Breast & Tummy Tuck Surgery (from L to R) include Dr Rubinstein, Dr McManamny, Dr Barnett, Dr Wyten, and Dr Maxwell.

Several of our team also highly experienced in liposuction/body contouring, facial surgery and nose reshaping.  Find out which SURGEON is best for your specific surgery goals by phoning our Patient Care Coordinator team on (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form today.

You can also read more about other related cosmetic surgery procedures on our Breast Pages.

Mummy Makeovers: When should I consider Breast and Tummy Tuck Surgery?


  • Has having kids ‘ruined’ your tummy, breasts or body contours?
  • Are you having incontinence issues or lower-back related problems since giving birth?
  • Does your tummy look like a deflated, overly-stretched balloon?
  • Does a protruding stomach area leave you looking bumpy or feeling out of balance?
  • Are you tired of breasts that look like empty sacks, or having southward-pointing nipples?
  • Are you sick of excess flab on your upper arms- that some people call ‘bingo wings’ or ‘tuck shop arms’?

Mummy Makeover Surgery is often suitable for Mums of All Ages.

  • In the past, most Mums just lived with the changed bodies they ended up with after having children.
  • But today, more Mums have options for getting their bodies back to a more contoured state after having children.

Some get their bodies and breasts back to where they want them through diet and exercise; others simply cannot accomplish what they want without surgical intervention.


  • Where there is abdominal damage, hormonal changes, over-stretched skin and stubborn fat stores, surgery may be the only effective treatment that can give you back the contours you’re wanting to attain again.  (You can’t exercise away loose, sagging skin, for example, and liposuction for breast reduction is often not enough to get the reduction you really need to notice a difference or reduce sagging).
  • Liposuction may be viable option; our Specialist Surgeons in Melbourne can help you understand the benefits, risks and alternatives to getting back your pre-baby body.

Liposuction and tummy tuck melbourne, best liposuction surgeon

Is MUMMY MAKEOVER cosmetic surgery the best option to explore?

  • Do you miss having a smooth, svelte or firmer tummy?
  • Do you have stretched, sagging tummy skin after having children?
  • Have your breasts started to noticeably sag?
  • Have you lost excess weight and sustain a generally healthy BMI (Body Mass Index), but still have belly bulges or sagging breasts?
  • Did going to the GYM and eating right only get you SO far?

Many women find not only does their body change after having children. They try to disguise these changes by wearing loose, baggy clothing, simply because they are no longer comfortable with their body shape.

  • Are you limiting your clothing choices to loose & baggy outfits after having babies?
  • Do you love your family but wish you had your pre-baby body firmness and body-confidence back?
  • Do you want your breast and nipples repositioned to where they once were, e.g., before you breast fed?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you might be a good candidate for a Mummy Makeover procedure.

Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 if you discovered that nothing you have done – including exercise and eating healthily – has worked to get your body back into the natural contours you want to re-experience after having children.

We will help you schedule the first steps to exploring your options for getting a flatter tummy again or a firmer breast area with a Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift or Breast Reduction.

Mummy Makeover Surgery procedures

Why women choose Surgery to get their Post-Baby Body back in shape.

Getting a flat belly, smoother stomach, or non-droopy breasts sometimes can become impossible without some extra help. That’s precisely where our Specialist Mummy Makeover Team comes in to assist Mums.

  • Most pregnancies – especially if you’ve had more than one child – will have damaged your abdominal muscles.
  • Known as Diastasis Recti, it means no amount of sit ups or pilates is likely to reduce the bulge – the muscles just ‘aren’t there’ or ‘aren’t working properly.”
  • Fortunately, stomach muscle changes and disruptions to the abdominal tissues from pregnancy or childbirth are now reparable with Surgery.
  • Our team uses advanced Tummy Tuck techniques to enable a fantastic individualised approach – known as the flat tummy look.
  • WE do extensive planning and measurements to make sure you’re not disappointed after surgery.
    • That in mind, you need to keep your expectations realistic and in relation to what you’re starting with, maintain a stable BMI, and understand that life events may change your results – including ageing over time.



When the abdominal muscles separate, no amount of exercise or sit ups can fully repair the separated muscles. “And it is this muscle tissue disruption that leaves many mums with a bulging or sagging stomach line and ‘flabby waist’ contours even when they diet and exercise”.

If breastfeeding and post-baby body changes have turned your once-sexy waistline contours into something a bit-less desirable, our leading Melbourne Plastic Surgeons can help you get your body and breasts back in shape again.

If you’ve been wearing baggy clothing to hide your post-pregnancy stomach contours, then the combination of surgeries known as a ‘Mummy Makeover’ may be for you.

If you have abdominal muscle and tissue damage and stretched, excess skin from pregnancy or from a significant weight change, and are otherwise physically and emotionally healthy, you may be a suitable candidate to get a Mummy Makeover.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you’re a potential candidate for Mummy Makeover surgery procedures

  • Are you uncomfortable revealing your stomach, breasts or upper arms?
  • Do you have weak abdominal muscles or stress-related incontinence and mild bladder weakness after having children?
  • Have your nipples started pointing ‘south’?
  • Do your breasts look empty or droopy?


If so, a Mummy Makeover can help restore your body to its firmer pre-pregnancy physique. Our Australian Specialists are highly-regarded for their body sculpting surgery expertise for women and men.  Please contact us using the Enquiry Form to arrange to book a consultation.

Send an Enquiry Form today or phone (03) 8849 1444 to speak with our Patient Care Team member.  You can also read more about other related procedures on our Breast Pages.

Post-Baby Body: How Mummy Makeover Surgery Can Help You

Repair Your Abdominal Muscles to get a Flatter Tummy

  • Have you been struggling with belly bulges and sagging skin after having children or post-bariatric surgery?
  • Our Specialist Breast and Body Surgeons may help you look fitter and firmer again by surgically recontouring your body and breasts.
  • To maintain results, however, you’ll need to stay healthy and eat properly and exercise regularly – surgery is NOT a substitute for exercise and good nutrition. It’s just an option for folds of skin and fat that persists even after you’ve gotten back in shape again through a fitness regime.

Mums who are fitness-oriented, Mums of multiple pregnancies or twins, Mums over 40 and even younger Mums who have been missing wearing more fitted styles of clothing report a renewed sense of femininity and restored body confidence after getting their body ‘back again’ through body contouring surgery and excess skin reductions.



Some body changes that occur with pregnancy or breast feeding simply cannot be exercised or dieted away, but actually require surgery or liposuction to remedy.

  • Despite actively exercising regularly and good nutrition, you may be left with loose, sagging stomach skin and injured (torn or over-stretched) abdominal muscles in need of surgical repair.
  • You might even have an abdominal-area hernia or umbilical hernia that has resulted in protrusions in your tummy area.
  • And whether or not you breast fed, pregnancy-related changes to your breasts may have left you with downwards-pointing nipples or sagging, empty drooping ‘breast sacks’ that have little resemblance to the breasts you used to have.

You don’t have to allow abdominal muscle damage from pregnancy or from a hysterectomy, weight changes, hormonal changes or gravity to continue to impact the clothes you’re able to wear, or your levels of body confidence.

You can opt, instead, for Surgery to repair the prematurely ageing or damaged abdominal muscles that has occurred during pregnancy or after early menopause.

Shown below is an illustration of the abdominal muscle repair such as may occur during a Tummy Tuck Surgery procedure by a skilled Specialist Plastic Surgeon (not just a cosmetic surgeon but a genuine Specialist fully qualified and with FRACS). 

tummy tuck after surgery

Our Surgeons can help you when exercise and nutritional changes fail to help you get your body firmness back again after having children.

  • So if you’re missing the firmness, smoothness or position of your pre-baby breasts and tummy skin, our Surgeons can help.
  • To get your BOUNCE back when you don’t bounce back naturally after having children, get in touch with a Patient Care Coordinator to see which of our Mummy Makeover Specialists and which procedures are right for you!
  • Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 today! And ask for a confidential consultation with one of our Melbourne’s Team’s top Surgeons for Breast Surgery and Tummy Tuck  – with handy locations in Berwick, Hawthorn East and Williamstown.

Please note that individual patient results from a Tummy Tuck or Breast Surgery can vary significantly.

Understand what’s involved and the risks before proceeding and DO know that life events may impact results (such as skin ageing, future pregnancies, weight changes or not following your Surgeon’s pre-operation and post-operation instructions).

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can change your body in drastic, undesired ways. If you want to remedy what’s changed, find out what surgery CAN and CANNOT accomplish for you after having children.

Schedule a consultation to find out more including what’s involved with Surgery, what’s included with a Surgery Quote (we give our patients a lot of extras as we aim for the best-practice patient care methods available), and how we go the extra mile to get you a good result – including extra liposuction and extensive pre-planning and scar treatments to minimise your scars.


Ask one of our leading Mummy Makeover Surgeons or a Patient Care Coordinators which specific procedures can help you to

  • Restore your breast shape
  • Correct sagging breasts and restore the nipple position to a more central location
  • Reduce Breasts or Nipple Sizes
  • Adjust your nipple appearance to its original, pre-breast-feeding size or location
  • Revitalise your vaginal skin if it has suffered laxity after vaginal childbirth or after early menopause
  • Repair your abdominal muscles which were damaged or torn during pregnancy and childbirth


And be sure to ask your Specialist Surgeon what you can expect and can’t expect from Mummy Makeover Surgery as well as how to best prepare for an optimal surgical outcome.


What does a Mummy Makeover Procedure Involve?

  • A Mummy Makeover is a fully customised combination of body and breast surgeries.
  • So each patient is treated individually to maximise a good result – meaning extensive Mummy Makeover operation planning, pre-consultation discussions and mark ups before surgery.
  • With customised Mummy Makeover operations, we can help you to get your pre-baby body back to closer how you were before the baby (or babies) came along.
  • We offer breast enhancement procedures and tummy tuck surgery – but we also offer other body lift and liposuction body contouring procedures.

Which particular combination of cosmetic procedures will work for you, to meet your aims, is determined by a number of factors.  Book a consultation in now to find out more:  (03) 8849 1444.


If after hours, send an enquiry form and our Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men team (Hawthorn, Berwick & Williamstown) will get back in touch shortly.

Your Mummy Makeover Specialist Plastic Surgeon can discuss which specific combination will work to meet your needs.

A complete ‘Mummy Makeover’ might include:


Our Mummy Makeover team of Specialist Plastic Surgeons are:


We also have an eyelid Surgeon for Blepharoplasty procedures in Melbourne (Eyelid Lift/Eyelid Reduction).

To book your consultation send an Enquiry Form today or phone (03) 8849 1444 to speak with our Patient Care Coordinator.

What is the Process leading up to the Surgery?

  • Before you go ahead with Makeover surgery, you should expect to have two or more consultations with your Surgeon.
  • These will cover topics such as your individual needs, surgical options, clinical examinations, measurements and a cooling off period.
  • You will likely also have BEFORE photos taken and measurements as well as medical history information (you can fill in a registration form online before your FIRST appointment but there is other paperwork involved).

What are the Pre-Operation Requirements?

  • The decision to have surgery is extremely personal and you’ll have to decide if the benefits will achieve your goals and if breast lift risks and potential complications are acceptable.
  • Your surgeon will explain in detail the risks associated with surgery and will then answer any questions and concerns that you may have.
  • Be sure to communicate your precise outcome desires to your Surgeon during your pre-surgery consultations and discuss fully whether or not your expectations are realistic in terms of what surgery can and cannot do for your particular body shape and existing breast tissue.
  • We may require some patients to get a medical clearance prior to having surgery. This can vary from patient to patient and may involve images or blood tests or surgery clearance by their GP.

You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks or potential complications, as well as what to expect during recovery.

  • You should stop smoking at least 4 weeks prior to surgery, as well as stop aspirin products at least one week before surgery.
  • On the evening before surgery, you may not eat or drink anything after midnight.
  • Remember that individual results can vary significantly.
  • Please read our Disclaimer page for details, and ask your surgeon what to expect from your breast lift procedure.

What is the Post-Operative Recovery like?

Our approach to recovery is simple. We do whatever we can to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

  • Following your Mummy Makeover you’ll be given specific post-op instructions to follow.
  • After the procedure, you can expect some swelling and scarring, but both of these will reduce over time. You’ll likely have swelling and soreness four to six weeks.
  • Pain management is customised for each patient and will be discussed as part of your consultation with your surgeon.
  • Our team will also offer you a holistic ‘science and love’ post-surgery rapid-recovery kit and high-tech scar minimisation procedures (e.g., Fraxel or Healite-II) to ensure a great result.
  • Each patient circumstances and recovery are different however typically you should expect follow up appointments on day 2, at 1 week, 1 month, and 4 months with drains removed at first post-op follow up appointment, 2-3 days post op.

It is important to follow your Melbourne Surgeon’s post-surgical instructions for best recovery and surgical results.

What is the Normal Recovery Time or Downtime After Breast or Tummy Surgery?

  • Recovery periods vary depending on the types and combinations of procedures.
  • As a general rule, expect to take 4-6 weeks after your surgery to get back on your feet properly.
  • But it’s best to check with your Surgeon for a more accurate estimate.
  • And remember, every patient is unique and results and healing times can vary.
  • DON’T try to do too much too soon and DO follow your Surgeon’s instructions.

What sort of after-care should I plan for?

  • Above all, ensure you follow all instructions given to you by your surgeon.
  • This may include guidelines around physical activity, medication and physical support such as supportive and well-fitting bras or other garments.
  • Aside from that, try to avoid exposing the wounds to sunlight for at least 12 months, and be sure to seek help if you experience any unusual pain or bleeding.

Enlisting the help of a friend or family member in the weeks after your procedure is also a good idea if possible.

Surgery Risks and Recovery

What are the Risks and Possible Complications?

Any surgery poses a certain amount of risk and potential complications.

Potential complications include, but are not limited to:

  • infection
  • poor scarring
  • seroma (accumulation of fluid)
  • implant issues (wrinkling, leakage, rupture)
  • capsular contracture
  • asymmetry

Common side effects include bruising and swelling.

  • The shape of the body and breast may change over time, and the final result may not be realized for a few months.
  • It is highly important that you choose the best possible Melbourne Surgeon to minimise risks associated with your procedure.

Risks of Surgery can include but are not limited to:

General Anaesthesia – Most healthy patients respond well to general anaesthesia as modern techniques are very safe. Our team will provide you with the details of your anaesthetists prior to your surgery to discuss any specific concerns.

Bleeding (Haematoma) – This may require a visit to the operating theatre to remove the blood clot.

Infection – Your Surgeon will prescribe you with antibiotics and monitor you closely.

Delayed Wound Healing – Your Surgeon and Nurse coordinator will manage the healing process. This usually occurs within patients who are overweight, smokers or who have an infection.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Fluid build-up (Seroma)

Scarring – (every effort is made to place the scar within the areas covered by high cut swimwear or underwear). Initially there is almost always some contour issues or puckers. These settle over the months but sometimes may require a small revision often under local anaesthetic. Scars continue to mature and improve for up to 18 months after surgery. Stretch marks may not all be removed or new ones may be created. You will receive 3 Fraxel Laser treatments approximately 8 weeks post-surgery to manage and improve scarring with our Dermal Clinician.

Numbness – This will occur 100% of the time and mostly settles over the months and up to 1-2 years.

Asymmetry – There may be irregular ridges and crease to both sides. Scars may be slightly different on your right compared to you left side.

Umbilical Malposition/Loss – This is a very rare complication and may require further surgery.

Pain – This will be managed appropriately with pain medications and prompt aftercare.

  • All successful surgery outcomes are the result of realistic expectations of the patient, realistic surgical goals and the knowledge of possible risks and complications. Nothing is ever guaranteed in science and medicine.
  • Risks are minimised through careful patient screening and planning, high standards of surgical training, meticulous surgical technique and vigilant post-operative care.
  • Small, less serious issues are common and every effort is made to resolve them quickly.
  • These rarely have long term effect on an excellent final result.

*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient.
The information we provide is of a general nature. To find out what to expect for your preferred procedures, arrange to see one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for a full-history and surgical consultation. Read more about surgical outcome variability on our Disclaimer Page.

Before & After Images of Surgery Results For Mummy Makeover procedures

Visit our Before and After photographs* of some of our Mummy Makeover surgery patients.

Please send a confidential enquiry form today to arrange to see our images in our Clinic and meet our Nurse Team for your selected Surgeon.

Melbourne’s Most Experienced Breast Plastic Surgeons

Your choice of several of Melbourne’s most experienced Plastic Surgeons for Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Breast Lift, Augmentation or Breast Reduction Procedures and combined ‘Mummy Makeovers’.


Our highly-experienced Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons for post-baby Body Contouring Surgery & Breast Rejuvenation procedures such as breast lifts include (L to R) Specialists Dr Craig RubinsteinDr Douglas McManamnyDr Geoff BarnettDr Richard Maxwell and Dr Rebecca Wyten.

Our Leading Plastic Surgeons operate at accredited major hospitals in and around Melbourne using only experienced Anaesthetists and a top team of surgical support staff.

Why choose our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for your Mummy Makeover?

Our leading Melbourne Tummy Tuck Expert Plastic Surgeons are experts at the body and breast surgeries.

All of our Surgeons have over 20 years of surgical experience and extensive expertise in performing breast enhancement procedures including Breast Lifts, which are complex procedures requiring extensive measurements, surgical planning and high-level surgical skills

  • Our Specialist Breast Lift Surgeons focus on providing you with:
    • no drain procedures
    • minimal scarring
    • scar-reduction treatments using Fraxel (best practice standard for scar minimisation)
    • getting you an excellent, long-lasting breast enhancement result
  • Our Team are genuine masters in perforing precision complex procedures

Our Surgeons offer patients a high-quality consultation, precision surgical planning, extensive pre-surgical measurements and markups and long-lasting surgery results.

They can give you a firmer, more youthful look, and restore your body-confidence.

Read more on the Why Us pages and FAQs pages.

Our leading Australian Mummy Makeover Specialists regularly helps Mums restore their desired ‘pre-baby’ body contours.

With expert surgical precision, excess skin folds can be removed and abdominal tears repaired through an Abdominoplasty Surgery (Tummy Tuck).

Breasts can also be restored through either a Breast LiftBreast Augmentation or Breast Reduction procedure.

Scar minimisation is managed by our specialist Dermal Clinicians and your Plastic Surgeon, often through Fraxel laser treatments.

Healite II treatments and Rapid Recovery Packages are also included with your Surgery procedure by one of our Leading Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons, who have decades of expertise at helping Mums regain their desired physiques and body contours.

Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck - Before A Tummy Tuck Surgery

Are your surgeons Plastic Surgeons or Cosmetic Surgeons – what’s the difference?

All of our six surgeons are qualified Plastic Surgeons – this is NOT the same as Cosmetic Surgeons. Our team of specialised surgeons target different areas of cosmetic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and have decades of experience and training.

The difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon is significant.

Anyone with an MBBS qualification (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) can call themselves a ‘cosmetic surgeon’, however they have not had the minimum 12 years of rigorous training that is required to become a Plastic Surgeon and most are not accredited to operate in leading hospitals (that’s why they operate in their backroom clinic or in day surgeries).

Some people calling themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’ actually trained as dentists or dermatologists (Skin doctors).

Membership of RACS (Royal Australian College of Surgeons) means you are surgeon but you could be a Maxillofacial surgeon or ENT surgeon and may not have much expertise in Plastic Surgery.

Please choose a quality Plastic Surgeon that is accredited by a recognised association.

Look for membership of ASPS, ASAPS or ISAPS as a minimum qualification for your surgeon. These members are regarded as highly trained specialists in their field.

You should also choose an experienced plastic surgeon not a under qualified ‘cosmetic surgeon’ or physician.

Consulting Locations

Our boutique Clinic is located on Burwood Road in Hawthorn East. We also perform consults in Williamstown and Berwick.

Our boutique-style Hawthorn Clinic has onsite parking as well as free 2 hour street parking nearby.

We are conveniently accessible from Balwyn, Richmond, Hawthorn, Kew, Toorak, South Yarra, Brighton, Bentleigh, Glen Huntley, Malvern, Inner Eastern Suburbs, Bayside Melbourne, Sandringham, St Kilda, Melbourne CBD, North Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Eltham, and Yarra Valley VIC.

How Much Do Mummy Makeovers Cost?

Like any cosmetic surgery, Mummy Makeovers can vary greatly in price. Often this price directly reflects the quality of the surgery, as well as the thoroughness of the pre- and post-surgery care.

We believe in providing comprehensive, top-class procedures to every patient, in a way that makes them feel safe and confident.

Payment methods and Costs for Your Surgery

Visit our payment and payment methods pages to learn more about your Surgery Payment Methods.

For more information on quotes and costs, simply get in touch with one of our clinics.

NEXT STEP: Book your Initial Consultation

  • Email us or Call on (03) 8849 1400 to arrange your surgeon consultation appointment.
  • A Referral from your GP or from your Specialist is helpful but NOT essential – you can have a consultation without a GP Referral
  • Schedule a confidential consultation with your selected Specialist Surgeon by paying the $200 booking fee.

Visit our FAQs pages, learn more about your procedure, have a look at our Photo Galleries and patient reviews.

What to Bring to your Surgeon Consultation

  • Bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices
  • Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly
  • You may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothes

Want more information before scheduling your Surgeon consultation?

  • Request more information about the procedure – call or contact us
  • Book a Complimentary Nurse Consultation (FREE)
  • Organise a phone call with Patient Coordinator (FREE)
  • Attend our Regular Practice Events and hear from our of Specialist Tummy Tuck Surgeons and their top support team (FREE)
  • Organise a Skype call consultation with a Surgeon (available for Interstate patients)
  • Speak with a past patient that has had the procedure – call or contact us
  • Browse our Frequently Asked Questions including including how to choose a Surgeon for your procedure

Please contact us using this form to arrange to book a consultation with one of our expert Specialist Plastic Surgeons or to speak with our Patient Care Coordinator. Dr Richard Maxwell has a special surgical interest in Mummy Makeovers and combined procedures.

Send an enquiry form today or phone (03) 8849 1400 and ask for Michelle (Hawthorn)

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