A Mini Boob Job: Small Breast Implants

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Heard the term, mini boob job, and wondering what it means? We’re here to demystify the new breast augmentation surgery term being used on Instagram, called the ‘mini boob job.’  Find out how smaller implants can give some women a more natural-looking breast implant result – and how the mini boob job suits super-lean body types, competitive athletes and people with smaller body frames.

The Mini Boob Job: Smaller Breast Implants for Competitive Athletes, Body Builders, Lean Bodies and Petite Women

Are you a super-fit athlete, or genetically prone to having minimal amounts of body fat? Are you noticeably petite?

If so, you may find you lack noticeable cleavage and feminine curves in your breast area, and may be considering breast augmentation procedures by a genuine Plastic Surgeon.

When it comes to enlarging your cup size, there are a number of options to take into account.

mini boob job for body builders and breast implants: - best breast implant size choices for lean women

Before you consider your options for breast implant size choices, read these key points:

  • Remember, breast size preferences are a very personal matter.
  • Cultural influences as well as regional differences have an impact on what Australian’s consider desirable breast augmentation size choices.

Sometimes you’ll want a certain look and breast appearance – but find your skin and existing body proportion won’t lend themselves to a good result with the size of implant you first selected.

  • Top Surgeons tend to aim for natural-looking breast augmentation results, but there’s never just one solution or a single breast prosthesis size that suits every single body frame or enlargement aims.
  • Consider your choices carefully before deciding on an augmentation volume, and ask to try on different implant sizers and 3D breast imaging options – such as Vectra – if you feel confused.


Skilled Plastic Surgeons tend to customise every surgery to meet the individual patient’s needs – and cup size increase preferences – within the limits of the patient’s skin strength and body frame.

A mini-breast job may NOT suit every patient who desires to have an augmentation.

There is, however, a growing trend among some women to want slightly smaller breast implants than we’ve seen in the past – and this is being called “a mini boob job” or “mini breast augmentation” surgery procedure.

  • The typical range of a mini-boob job (smaller breast augmentation surgery) is between 150 cc and 250 cc, often in the 200 cc range of implant sizes (Mentor or Motiva brands).
  • Compare this to breast augmentations using implants in the 275 cc to 400 cc sizes, depending on a person’s body frame, torso proportions and existing glandular tissues.
  • Using smaller breast implants may not seem like a lot, but less can be more for some women’s bodies.

get good sleep after having a baby, music to get baby to sleep

Plus, a bit of cleavage, to some women, is better than none – compared to having too much cleavage or a significant volume increase that might impede sporting activities or sleeping options.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Options: The Mini Implant

Why bother with an Breast Augmentation if you only want a smaller increase in size?


  • A mini boob job may enhance your breasts by giving them added volume, but in a more natural-looking way than if your breast implants were of a significantly larger size (such as over 400 cc).
  • It involves a smaller sized breast implant than a larger, heavier woman might choose for breast enlargement.
  • The most ‘mini’ of all implants is typically 100 cc or less; but the range of 100 to 250 cc can fall into the category of a ‘smaller sized implant’ for many women.

Being smaller in size, these breast implant prostheses may be more readily accommodated by women with little natural breast tissues (glandular tissues), and for women with very thin skin that could lead to rippling, stretching or ‘bottoming out’ if a heavier, larger implant size was chosen.

Mini Augmentation or Maximum Enlargement

  • The impact on your curves and cleavage is not determined by the size of the implant, alone.
  • Other factors matter.

Every patient is different, however, and this needs to be remembered.


Petite or Lean patients and Breast Implant Size Choices

 The key to a natural looking augmentation is balance.

  • Scroll further down to see BEFORE & AFTER photos of breast augmentation using various implant sizes including the ‘mini boob job’ size range of under 300 cc.
  • Getting a pleasing result also involves choices of implants, the profile (projection dimensions) and positioning of the breast pocket/implant location – as well as potential corrections of any existing breast or nipple asymmetry (involving a more complex surgery than an augmentation).

If you have uneven nipples or asymmetric breasts (different sized breasts on the left and right sides of your chest area), ask for our Surgery experts for corrective surgery for Uneven Nipples or for noticeably different Nipples (Breast Asymmetry).

What size of breast implant is chosen for a mini boob job?

  • It varies – the individual’s surgery goals and the overall physique, as well as skin condition, nipple location and distance between the breasts – are all considered.
  • For a mini boob job, however, smaller sized implants (typically under 275 cc or under 300 cc) are the preferred options for most lean, athletic or petite women.
  • The primary range is 100 cc to 250 cc / 300 cc for a mini breast augmentation procedure.
  • A person with a larger frame will usually choose a larger implant; the distance between the breast tissues also matters, as does the torso height and width.


mini boob job - Before & After photos of smaller breast implants for breast augmentation surgery in Melbourne.

Your Height and Your Best Breast Implant Size Choices

A personal consultation is required to assess which implant size may suit your body in a way that meets your surgery goals. Read more on what to expect during an initial plastic surgery consultation.

In general, however:

Petite women and body builders may benefit more from smaller sized breast implants (under 275 cc/300 cc).

Taller women or women with broader chests or torsos might be better off with a 300 cc or larger prosthesis; but this also depends on their existing glandular tissues, body frame and skin condition (as well as other factors).

  • Only a personal consultation can really provide you with what type or size is apt to suit your body frame the best.
  • Please phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to schedule a no-obligation consultation – or to get a second opinion – on your breast augmentation surgery.

We have a top team of Specialist Plastic Surgeons who are highly regarded by patients and peers alike – for their natural looking, body-balanced results.

Does a Mini Boob Job Look More Natural, compared to a Moderate or Larger Sized Breast Implant Augmentation?

The answer is – it depends on the person – including their height, weight, physique and skin condition, along with torso proportions and nipple areola complex dimensions.


  • A smaller breast augmentation (mini boob job) can look more natural, on some women’s bodies; but results always depends on a number of factors and dynamics.
  • A larger sized breast implant can ALSO look perfectly natural on a person with a slightly larger frame or taller, wider torso.

The key to getting good results from augmentation surgery is in the appropriate selection of the right sized – and type – of breast implants, performed by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with experience in augmentation and sizing selection.

Make sure you’ve downloaded our free GUIDES and seen one of our Specialist Surgeons for an opinion before you choose an implant option.

Imaging of the breasts with 3D imaging (Vectra or Crysalix) can also help with size selection of your breast implants (prosthesis).

  • Sometimes no one will be able to tell you’ve had an augmentation; other times, it’ll be a bit more noticeable.
  • Ask your Surgeon about what YOU can expect – get a professional opinion by scheduling a consultation with a top Melbourne Surgeon for Breast Augmentation.

Ready to get started on exploring your options? Download our handy cosmetic surgery guides and phone our Plastic Surgeons on (03) 8849 1444.

TIP: Even a small breast implant may still look less natural than a person with genetically larger breasts.

So be sure you understand what to expect, and how to optimise your chances of your results looking natural and balanced with your overall physique.

Choosing a genuine Plastic Surgeon versus a ‘cosmetic’ surgeon can also go a long way in terms of experience – ask for someone with decades of augmentation experience and FRACS and ISAPS/ASAPS qualifications.

  • The condition of the skin, and it’s ability to cover the implant without being stretched or otherwise compromised, will have an effect on the post-surgery appearance of the breasts.
  • So, too, will the size selection, projection options, placement, style and type of implant.

Is having a Breast Augmentation or Mini Boob Job worth it?

If you’re contemplating your Breast Augmentation Surgery options, including the “mini boob job” – you’re certainly not alone. Many women choose augmentation to get the curves they’ve always wanted. The mini-boob job is no different, it just involves a smaller implant.

In terms of reasons for wanting breast augmentation, including the smaller breast implants used for mini boob jobs – it’s often because our Australian culture leaves us to prefer men have flatter, masculine or muscular looking chests, and we prefer women to have a bit of curvature and cleavage. Even a small amount of extra cleavage can make a woman feel more confident in her own skin – especially during summer at the beach.

Not everyone feels that way, but it does seem to be part of our cultural heritage and our sexual identity – especially with our outdoor beach culture (although VARIANCE is the norm).

What is the smallest breast implant used to go from an A to a B cup? small-breast-implants-smallest-size-increase; mini-boob-job-small-breast-implants-thin-body.jpg

Why Smaller Breast Implants Might be Better for some women

Larger breast implants aren’t always the answer for some body-lean, athletic woman or for women with smaller frames or narrow torsos.

Less can be more, for certain and when it comes to breast size, they are no exception.

Having less volume up top has benefits for many women.  Just ask anyone who’s undergone breast reduction surgery about the physical pains and social concerns they experienced due to having FAR TOO MUCH volume – and breast weight – “up top”.

But when there’s too little cleavage for one’s cultural tastes, fashion choices or physique preferences, then a person may say they they feel less feminine than they’d like, and research breast enlargement options (surgical or fat grafting).

Thin woman and petite woman with little body fat often lack volume in their chest area, and wish they could increase their bra cup size from an A (if that) to a B cup or C cup.

  • Some women love the freedom that comes with having very little natural breast volume, meaning they may not need to wear a bra OR they can readily compete in sports, or sleep face down with no discomfort.
  • Other women, may wish they had more chest area cleavage and curves.
  • The most common breast augmentation size increases tend to be from an A or B cup to a C or D cup.

A mini-boob job, however, often increases the breast volume to a fuller B cup, using 150 cc – 250 cc implants, rather than increasing the cup size to a C or D cup with implants in the size range of 275 cc to 400 cc.

exercise after breast-augmentation or boob job

Let’s face it. Often, our sexuality – as well as our identity as women – appears linked with our perceptions of our appearance, and our body image. This includes our chest proportions and our cleavage preferences – simply put, some women want a slightly fuller look.

Women who are athletic, petite or lean, may lack a bit of upper body curvature or ‘breast volume.’

If this is you, you’re likely beginning to research breast augmentation options, including what’s known as the “mini boob job” or “smaller breast implant augmentation option” – designed to give you the cleavage of a breast enlargement, but in a way that still looks natural and balanced versus overdone.

The term “Mini Boob Job” for Breast Surgery simply means a smaller augmentation rather than a larger implant.

  • The term “mini boob job” is somewhat new.
  • The precise definition or meaning of this term can vary from Clinic to Clinic and Surgeon to Surgeon.
  • Our definition of the term is when a Breast Augmentation Surgery procedure involves choosing smaller breast implant sizes (from 150 – 200 – 250 cc) for a woman with a petite or very slim figure, who simply wants more curves.
  • Traditionally, implants for augmentation are most popular in the 275 cc, 300 cc, 325 cc and up to 350 cc range (with variance from patient to patient).
  • So implants under 275 cc are often called ‘mini’ or ‘smaller’ breast implants.
  • Smaller breast implants can certainly have a nice effect, but they aren’t typically used when aiming for a breast-protruding Glamorous, Gold Coast or Bondi looking augmentation.
  • And we all know that the bigger the implant, the higher the risk of premature sagging or of bottoming out and other skin concerns.
  • So in this regard, smaller implants may have some advantages for women of a smaller size, or who have thin skin or skin that’s prone to early sagging.

We’re NOT talking about an augmentation surgery that will result in a “Gold Coast” or “Bondi” augmentation appearance, per se, but rather a smaller breast implant augmentation that involves a small to modest increase in bra cup size after augmentation surgery.

Is a mini boob job different from a traditional breast augmentation procedure?

  • The procedure itself is usually similar to a traditional augmentation; the primary differences might include (a) implant size,  (b) type of implant and (c) positioning of the implant/pocket size.
  • The result of a mini augmentation may be slightly larger and more predictable than fat grafting methods, on their own, could accomplish; yet smaller than the commonly requested C cup or D cup size increases.

Yes, the mini boob job means a smaller breast implant.

It is typically chosen by women who are petite, thin or competitive athletes/body builders, to sightly boost the breast size, improve the curvature and contours (and provide a bit of cleavage) – but not too much.

mini boob job for female-body-builder-breast-implant-choices

Many female body builders and other competitive athletes ‘lose their boobs’ when they have a very low body fat ratio or low BMI.

With a Mini Boob Job, you don’t have to be flat when you’re superbly fit.

Find out more during a consultation by phoning us on (03) 8849 1444. We also have monthly events where you can meet our team, and learn more about our procedures.  Find out more today by sending an enquiry form.

Cost of Breast Augmentation: Is a mini boob job cheaper (less expensive) than a larger implants breast augmentation procedure?

No, the surgery is similar and the pricing is about the same, depending on if you choose Mentor or Motiva breast implants. The new Mentor breast implants are a bit more expensive, and both brands are excellent choices for suitable surgery candidates; but Motiva is becoming a preferred breast prosthesis choice as described in our recent blog, Are Motiva Breast Implants Better?).

What does a mini boob job result LOOK like when a smaller implant is used?

More examples can be seen during your one-one consultation with a highly respected Surgeon in our Melbourne clinic.

Examples of choosing a smaller breast implant for augmentation surgery (natural looking result):

mini boob job surgery - breast implant size choices for athletes and body builders, Melbourne

Examples of choosing a moderate sized breast implant for augmentation surgery (natural looking result):

Examples of choosing a moderate to slightly larger breast implant for augmentation surgery (natural looking result):


TIP: Surgery results can vary from patient to patient even if the same sized breast implants are being used.

Unsure about the Plastic Surgery and breast augmentation implant size that might be best for you?

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons located in Melbourne will be able to assess your desired goals and suggest the best options for your breast enlargement surgery.

Please contact a Patient Care Team at Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men today to book your consultation.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 or send us an enquiry form, below.

We look forward to helping you learn more about your options for enhancing your physique.


Last updated: 03/04/2018
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