Call for Government Funded Tummy Tucks – New Research on Back Pain & Incontinence

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What do pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding DO to a woman’s body? A lot!  So why isn’t an Abdominoplasty with diastasis recti repair listed as being partially covered by Medicare?  This question has hit the news again, even though last year there was a big Change Petition to get the government’s attention on the high costs of back pain and disability after giving birth.

New research into the high rates of back pain and incontinence after pregnancy is in the news, with women and Surgeons calling on Medicare to fund what we know is life-changing surgery for Mums.

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Here’s the scoop on why many individuals believe that women are NOT getting a fair go when it comes to health care after having babies.

Research into the effects of pregnancy on core muscles of the abdomen, which lead to urinary stress incontinence, skin tears, muscle weakness and back pain, has been in the works for years by some of Australia’s leading Plastic Surgeons.  The results of the study of over 200 women who had Tummy Tucks after pregnancy were released in early 2018.

Here’s what the latest research indicated in relation to the effectiveness of Abdominoplasty surgery in reduction back pain and other problems relating to torn abs and other body damages after giving birth:

The research revealed that 85% of women in the study, who had Abdominoplasty Surgery, experienced a reduction in back pain.


Excerpted from the latest research into the benefits of Tummy Tuck surgery as a treatment for post-pregnancy related health problems revealed that:

  • Approximately 1.6 million Aussie women are currently suffering with chronic back pain as a result of giving birth
  • More than 3 million Australian women deal with the discomfort, practical problems and social concerns that relate stress incontinence
  • “Tummy tuck Surgery” [Abdominoplasty Surgery] can help reduce back pain and urinary incontinence after pregnancy or childbirth by up to 85 per cent.”



Press Release about Medicare, Tummy Tucks and Pregnancy Problems.

The media coverage hit NEW levels of interest – and new pressure on Government bodies – in relation to discussions about Medicare’s lack of current coverage for necessary, effective treatments for body-traumatic injuries after being pregnant and/or giving birth.

Women’s Health: Needs More Funding by Medicare

These findings on the health benefits of Abdominoplasty plastic surgery, gives Australian women the research data they need to support further negotiations with government policy makers to help them recover from having given birth to a child or children.

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This health research data into back pain and incontinence is being reviewed by a number of groups who believe the Government needs to re-consider it’s allocation of Medicare funding to assist women with serious health problems after pregnancy, which appear seriously under-funded at the present time.

This data can now be used in healthcare resource allocations to help ensuring the provision of adequate Medicare funding for health care treatments that have been:

  • shown to be effective in reducing back pain and incontinence
  • shown to effectively reduce levels of post-pregnancy related disability, which can lead to a loss of productivity and higher health care costs (as well as well-being concerns)
  • denied to women who suffer chronic pain or agony from having torn abs, skin infections, serious tears and back pain and incontinence

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