Male Breast Reduction for Man Boobs Melbourne (Gynaecomastia Surgery)

Breast Reduction Surgery for men to reduce Gynaecomastia can help you get a flatter, firmer looking chest.

Gynaecomastia is common in Australia, especially with Australia’s love of pies and beer. Other substances of intoxication may also contribute to the development of ‘moobs’.  But even healthy, super fit men are troubled by ‘man boobs’ at different times of their lives, because there are many causes OTHER than simply being overweight. There are hormonal change contributors and medication side effects or even supplements you take at the gym!

So whilst nearly any man can develop Gynaecomastia, the most common incidences of “man boobs” tend to develop most noticeably:

  • during periods of adolescence
  • in situations of weight gain or substance use
  • in response to medication side effects
  • in relation to health problems or chromosomal variances
  • during the testosterone and androgen hormone changes in men that are so common in the middle to later years of life

Again, you can be SUPER fit and still have puffy looking breasts or nipples. So if you want to find out if you are a good candidate for male breast reduction surgery, or rule out different links to your moobs, then you can find out your options with a confidential consultation with a Plastic Surgeon.

More men are seeking Male Breast Reduction plastic surgery to get a flatter, more masculine looking upper body.

Are you a good candidate for Gynaecomastia Surgery?

  • Are you embarrassed by your “man boobs”?
  • Do you wish you could wear tight fitting shirts again or the latest slimline shirt fashions?
  • Are you afraid to take your shirt off in front of someone you’re wanting to impress?
  • Do you hate summer because you’re uncomfortable going shirtless or topless?

Male breast reduction surgery for gynaecomastia or gynecomastia

Gynaecomastia Explained

The often dreaded “man boobs” condition is related to over-developed or enlarged, fatty breast tissues in men.

It affects a number of men at different stages of their lifetimes, either first appearing during adolescence or in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s with related weight gain or hormonal fluctuations that leave them with a more ‘feminine’ chest appearance.

Male Breast Reduction surgery is often the answer for male breasts that protrude or look enlarged to the point the individual feels uncomfortable.

If your male breasts look more like ‘moobs’ – man boobs that visibly protrude through clothing or give your breasts a traditionally more feminised appearance – you may want to consider Male Breast Reduction Surgery with our top team of Melbourne Surgeons.


Our plastic surgeons for Male Breast Reduction in Melbourne are: Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Richard Maxwell.

dr-geoff-barnett-surgeon transaxillary breast surgery arm pit implant surgeryMr-Richard-Maxwell-top-Tummy-Tuck-Breast-Surgery






Why do Men sometimes want Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Plastic Surgery or Liposuction to flatten the chest area)?

Many men have “man boobs” or enlarged breast tissues, and many who do are embarrassed by them or try to cover them with clothing.  If this is you, you’re likely sick or tired of having ‘man boobs’ and want to explore your male breast reduction options.

  • Sometimes called moobs, the condition of Gynecomastia leaves males with enlarged or protruding breasts (the condition is also spelled Gynaecomastia)
  • Undesired male breast protrusions can be a disturbing condition for many males, particularly in their teenage years when body image and self-confidence are at their most fragile points of development
  • Older men who have suffered weight changes or hormonal deficiencies may also find they have larger male breasts than they wish they did – many men over 40 or 50 complain about their ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’ and feel self-conscious about them, which can also impact intimacy

male breast reduction surgery gynaecomastia


  • Having enlarged male breasts also tends to impact what a man feels comfortable in wearing, clothing wise as well as at the gym or surfing or swimming
  • Our Male Breast Reduction specialist Plastic Surgeons see primarily two age groups and three types of males seeking treatment for ‘male boobs’:
    • males in their teenage years who are embarrassed by the condition
    • men in their late forties or early-to-late fifties who want help in restoring the lost chest firmness in their breast region
    • men who have lost weight and have excess skin or fatty tissues in the chest area (body contouring patients who have experienced former obesity and significant weight loss)

Social Discomfort is a primary motivation for having breast reduction surgery

Gynaecomastia isn’t typically physically dangerous unless it’s a symptom of an underlying medical problem (some are listed below).  But having enlarged “male breasts” is often linked with emotional and social discomfort.

  • Having a breast appearance that leaves a man feeling very self-conscious about his body can also significantly impair a man’s self-confidence and clothing choices.
  • In a world where appearance matters and we live in a climate that is very warm in summer, being able to take your shirt off and feel comfortable is quite important to a lot of people.

Some males may even avoid certain physical activities such as going to the gym, participating in sports or swimming at the beach. Some even avoid relationships and physical intimacy — simply because they feel they want to hide their chest area as they are embarrassed by their protruding male breast tissues.

What causes man boobs or protruding male breasts that lead some men to consider Breast Reduction Surgery for a flatter looking chest?

The condition of protruding breast tissue on males can result from a number of intertwined factors, although it may be challenging to discover which ones are relevant to your condition (speak with your Surgeon about suspected links or causes).

Causes of Gynaecomastia may include:

  • hormonal changes that often occur with adolescence
  • genetics (ethnicity or abnormality)
  • increased levels of estrogen
  • decreased or lacking testosterone
  • androgen imbalances
  • chronic kidney or liver disease
  • HIV infection
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Over-use of certain drugs (like cannabis/marijuana, Anabolic steroids or alcohol)
  • obesity and weight fluctuation

male breast reduction surgery

Gynaecomastia (Male Breasts that are enlarged) is characterised by:

  • Excess localised fat in the chest region near the nipples
  • Excess glandular tissue development
  • Sometimes excess breast skin such as redundant skin after weight loss (or just a bit more skin in that area than you would like)

Is Gynaecomastia one sided or both sided?

  • Enlarged male breast tissues can be present in one breast (unilaterally) or both breasts (bilaterally)
  • The condition is often more noticeable in people who are carrying excess weight
  • But protruding breast tissue in males can occur even in otherwise-slim and super-fit individuals
  • You should do some research on gym supplements if you have a concern they may be one of the contributing factors as there are numerous supplements people take and don’t always recognise the potential side effects (search MAYO clinic site for contributing factors for Gynaecomastia).

If you have excess fat and skin of the breast, or have concerns about the size and shape of your nipple-areolar complex, you may feel the condition has left you with a feminising effect of your chest appearance.

Surgery can help you get a flatter, firmer looking chest and reduce the puffiness look of the nipple area.


Does the condition of Gynaecomastia resolve on it’s own?

Sometimes the condition will resolve on its own, so it’s important to understand your options if you have persistently enlarged male breasts. If other approaches have failed to yield results, then surgery may be an option for you to consider.  It has risks as any surgery does but it has relatively low down time compared to most other body contouring surgeries, and scars can typically be minimised by a really great Surgeon (as long as you follow all post-surgery instructions carefully).

Surgery can help reduce the appearance of Man Boobs (Moobs) and protruding breast tissue (Gynaecomastia)

There are several available techniques to help overcome the condition of excess or protruding male breast tissue.

male breast reduction surgery

Many male patients have been very happy with the results of combination liposuction procedures along with direct excision of any sub-areolar glandular elements, with or without areola reduction, to help them achieve a more-masculine looking chest and reduce their enlarged male breasts.

Want to end your “man-boobs” body embarrassment and feel freer to wear slimmer-fitting clothing on top?

Our leading Melbourne Plastic Surgeons can help!*

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Several of our experienced Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne, Victoria are experts in performing male breast reduction, including Dr Geoff Barnett, Dr Douglas McManamnyOur Specialist Team of Surgeons and Dr Richard Maxwell.*   Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Richard Maxwell have also made this surgery part of their surgical interest areas (having a surgical procedure focus on body contouring) in their Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery practices for men and women. Women’s breast reduction is a much more complex procedure than male breast reduction, and you’re surgeon will explain why.

And there’s no need to be embarrassed about having surgery, as many men do – enjoying the freedom to go topless comfortably again in summer, or to take their shirts off with reduced self-consciousness about the condition.  And if you feel better about your body, other things in your life are also typically improved because CONFIDENCE is contagious and powerful. There are no guarantees it will improve your life and results vary from patient to patient; but it can often improve your chest appearance and leave you feeling more body-confident or ‘chest proud.’

Our Plastic Surgeons operate at Accredited Major Hospitals in Australia, using only experienced Anaesthetists and a top team of Surgical Support staff. Choose our leading Specialists for patient care excellence and surgical expertise.

All enquiries are confidential.

*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient.  Surgery is a serious solution to any physical concern and should not be taken lightly. Whilst performed in accredited hospitals using the best practice methods of safety and Anaesthesia, the operation is considered safe for suitable patients in good health.  But all surgery has risks and variances in results between patients. Your Surgeon will discuss these during your consultation. You can also read more under our FAQ pages.

Complimentary Procedures for Men who want to improve or harmonise their appearance

We also offer a variety of male aesthetic surgical procedures including nose jobs (Rhinoplasty), skin rejuvenation procedures, eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty surgery) and neck lifts/face lifts for men.

Male Breast Reduction surgery gynecomastia-male-breast-reduction-surgery

Please ask your Plastic Surgeon (or a patient care Coordinator) about the procedures you are considering, as some procedures may be combined in one session.

Whilst combined surgery is not overly common, it may be for post-weight loss patients wanting body contouring.  Or for a facelift patient who also wants their eyelids reduced with a Blepharoplasty. So consider the procedures you are wanting to explore, attend a consultation and provide your medical history and take into account your Surgeon’s assessment of what procedure(s) will help you the best results or healing facilitation and scar minimisation.

Next steps for reducing your MOOBS (man boobs) – Male Breast Reduction Surgery Consultations

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NEXT STEPS on your Surgical Journey to a Flatter-Looking Chest

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What to Bring to your Surgeon Consultation

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  • Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly
  • You may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothes

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