Lower Lid Fat Transposition (Lower Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty)

Fat Transposition: Lower Eye Lid Blepharoplasty Procedure which helps reduce Lower Eye Bags (Under Eye Bags)

With a highly skilled Oculoplastic Surgeon such as Dr Benjamin Burt, our team’s top Blepharoplasty Experts, fat transposition surgery methods can be a great way to get an excellent lower eye lid surgery result for patients with certain eyelid conditions including under eyelid puffiness.

What is a Fat Transposition Procedure? How does it work for a Lower Blepharoplasty?

Fat Transposition during a Blepharoplasty procedure  is a surgical technique for rejuvenating the eyelids.

What’s involved in Orbital Fat Repositioning or Fat Transposition of Lower Eyelids:

Fat transposition involves releasing some adipose (fat) tissue from the patient’s lower eyelid(s) and gently moving or re-positioning it to the area to be treated.

fat transposition lower eyelid surgery blepharoplasty

For which patients is Orbital Fat Transportation potentially effective?

  • This procedure may suit men or women who have dark circles or chronic puffiness under their eyes (related to fat pockets)
  • Fat Transportation may also be effective for people with excess fat in their eyelid area, particularly the lower lid
  • It is ideally performed by a highly skilled Specialist Surgeon for attaining best results and avoiding potential complications

lighten dark circles under your eyes

Required Examinations prior to Undergoing This Procedure

If you are considering a Fat Transportation procedure and are a suitable candidate, you’ll need to undertake the following examinations.

  • Full Ophthalmological Examination
  • Eyelid and Periocular Examination

Photos of your EYE LIDS both BEFORE and AFER your Surgery will also need to be taken by your Surgeon.

Additionally, you will need to follow the post-operative instructions of your Surgeon very carefully.

Dr Benjamin Burt Oculoplastic Surgeon

Our team’s highly-experienced eyelid surgeons, Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr Benjamin Burt, FRANZCO FACS, will assist you throughout your eyelid rejuvenation process.

  • Dr Burt is a highly meticulous Surgeon dedicated to reducing the risks of eyelid surgery and ensuring minimal scarring.
  • He is also sought after for his Revisional Eyelid Surgery experience.

The patient below underwent a Blepharoplasty procedure with Dr Benjamin Burt, using a Fat Transposition approach.


During your Blepharoplasty Operation using Fat Transposition

  • Your procedure will be carried out either at an accredited Hospital (preferred) or at a Specialist Surgery Centre
  • Your Surgeon will approach the operation in a way that will help minimise potential scars

fat transposition lower eyelid surgery blepharoplasty

Upper and Lower Bleph Surgery

For more information about treating your under eye bags or reducing eye lid puffiness, droopiness (Ptosis) and under eye circles, send a confidential enquiry form below or phone a Patient Care Coordinator during Clinic Hours on (03) 8849 1444.