How to Look Great at Your Wedding: Planning is Key

how to look great on your wedding day

So your wedding is coming up later this year or early in 2018. Chances are you’re so bogged down with logistics and other planning issues that you’re wondering how you’ll find the time to look your best at your wedding.  If so, you’re definitely not alone.  The truth is that while taking actions to look great at your wedding is on every bride’s wedding preparation list, it easily falls down to the bottom of the list in terms of priorities.

But looking great at your wedding doesn’t have to fall by the wayside. With a bit of planning, you can find time to look as dreamy as your wedding venue, sparkling invitations and table decorations.

Look Great At Your Wedding: A Matter of Planning and Priorities

So why are personal appearance improvements that so many of us crave – such as weight loss, facial treatments, cleavage enhancements and body contouring procedures – falling so low on everyone’s wedding planning priority lists?how to look great on your wedding day

Because wedding planning typically involves SO MUCH work that you forget to look after yourself – yet alone to pamper yourself and have the skincare treatments, cleavage enhancement, liposuction surgery or skin refinement treatments you’ve long been wanting.

Pampering Yourself Before Your Wedding takes Planning – especially if you’re wanting to enhance a feature, lose weight or reshape your body or facial features through surgery.

Now before you think about what you want to accomplish before your wedding – and how many weeks or months you have to accomplish your goals – it’s important to remember that doing something whimsical just before your wedding day is not recommended.


But if there’s something you’ve long thought about getting done, and want completed before your wedding day to help you feel more confident as the centre of attention, then planning and preparation are in order.

What tends to come first in Wedding Planning: how you ensure you look great at your wedding

Working on yourself may be a priority at first, but it often falls below these wedding planning tasks in terms of priorities:

  • finding the right dress
  • choosing your bridal party
  • deciding on a wedding date that everyone’s happy with
  • securing a venue to accommodate the date you want to get married
  • ordering invitations and deciding on guest lists
  • making catering decisions and budget allocations
  • getting your paperwork in order
  • designing your invitations and table decorations
  • choosing a celebrant or other official
  • figuring out seating arrangements
  • deciding on hair and makeup and bridal party colour schemes
  • honeymoon plans

No wonder there’s little time to look after your self improvement goals!

Look Great at Your Wedding:  What to know about scheduling Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery BEFORE the big day.

But if you ARE wanting to lose weight, get your eyelids done, get a breast reduction, breast lift or Tummy Tuck and Liposuction or skin resurfacing before your wedding day, here’s the time that’s best to allow for – so plan ahead!  Note that this is for healthy patients who follow all preparation and post-surgery instructions very carefully.

Common healing times for Cosmetic Surgery of the Breast, Face, Nose, Eyes and Body if you are wanting surgery before your wedding

The following suggestions are NOT intended as a substitute for medical advice and you’re best off seeing one of our top Melbourne Surgeons to find out more about these timelines; but in general, here’s how much time you should allow (at an absolute minimum) before a big event.

Remember, Surgery is serious business, also, so should never be taken lightly; especially before your wedding day.


Planning Cosmetic  Surgery before a Wedding: What’s important to consider

When it comes to wedding planning, remember, with ANY surgical procedure, there will always be risks of something going “not to plan” (either minor wound complications or something more serious).  So the further in advance of the wedding you can plan to have your desired procedure, the better off you’ll tend to be in terms of wedding preparation time – and peace of mind. If you’re wedding is coming up soon, and you want better cleavage or a tighter tummy, firmer arms or younger looking eyelids, it is typically best to schedule a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon as far in advance as possible. Phone (03) 8849 1444 for information on scheduling a confidential, no obligation plastic surgery consultation with our Team’s top face, nose, body and breast Surgeons.

Planning to Look Your Best at your Adventure Themed Wedding means you’ll need more planning time if you’re having a cosmetic procedure – same with Overseas weddings

Also, if the wedding is an adventure style wedding (riding in on horseback or abseiling or sky diving) or involves overseas travel, then you will likely want to add extra weeks to the post-op healing time, so that you’re fully healed for more active pursuits.  Again, this information is only for consideration and pre-wedding surgery planning, not intended as actual advice. Each patient and surgery is different and your selected Plastic Surgeon will give you more specific information on minimum expected healing and recovery times.

These recovery times are not specific and may vary from patient to patient or operation to operation.  Find out more by scheduling a confidential consultation with one of our Specialist Surgeons, where you’ll get a more accurate time estimation of how much recovery time will suit you best before your wedding.

look great at your wedding, breast augmentation before your wedding

Losing Weight before your Wedding: Lose those last 10 kilos to Look Great at Your Wedding

Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 or Register to attend Weight Loss Wednesday OR ask about Dr Arun Dhir’s “Healthy Gut – Healthy Weight” program.

Liposuction before a Wedding

Bride or Groom – Allow a minimum of 3 to 5 months to heal (ideally 6 to 12 months); if less than 6 months, allow for the possibility of some residual swelling and be sure you wear your compression garments after lipo surgery for the correct amount of time

Guest:  Minimum of 2 months and recognise you could possibly have swelling at that stage

Eyelid Lift Surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty) before a Wedding

Bride or Groom – Allow a minimum of 8 weeks to 12 weeks (ideally 3 to 5 months), but some people heal quickly and can be ready much sooner for upper Blepharoplasty; lower Blepharoplasty may need longer

Guest:  Minimum of 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding

Tummy Tuck Surgery before a Wedding (Abdominoplasty)

Do you want to reduce excess, sagging belly skin or flatten out a belly bulge so you can look great at your wedding?

Bride or Groom – Allow a minimum of 4 to 6 months and prepare for possibility of some residual swelling; follow scar treatment protocols carefully; and be sure you wear your post-surgery compression garments exactly as instructed for best results

Guest:  Minimum of 3 months before the wedding

Breast Reduction or Breast Lift Before a Wedding (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Bride – Allow a minimum of 4 to 6  months after Breast Reduction and be sure you follow scar minimisation protocols carefully. If you have slightly less time than that and want to explore the possibilities, phone us on (03) 8849 1444 and ask to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator about Breast Reduction options.  For a Breast Lift, the suggested planning time is usually around the same as for a breast reduction but variances between patients and surgery methods may impact these suggestions.

Guest – Allow a minimum of 2 months

Male Breast Reduction before a Wedding (Gynaecomastia Surgery)

Different surgery techniques for Male Breast Reduction for Gynaecomastia may alter these estimates of suggested recovery times, so ask your Surgeon for a specific time frame suggestion during your consultation. At a minimum:

Groom – Allow about 10 to 12 weeks minimum before the wedding

Guest – Allow 6 to 10 weeks at a minimum

Breast Augmentation before a Wedding (Breast Implants)

If you want to enhance your breast size and cleavage before your wedding, with breast implant surgery, be sure to allow adequate time to heal so you feel great AND have great looking cleavage.

Bride:  Allow at least 12 weeks (minimum) after breast augmentation with implants before your wedding; keep in mind your dress may need to be altered if you’ve got a tight fitting top; try your dress on using ‘fillers’ if you are planning on getting a breast augmentation procedure BEFORE your wedding but AFTER you have bought the dress.

Guest:  Allow at least 8 to 12 weeks (minimum)

Breast Implants Removal and Replacement before a Wedding

You’ll typically want to allow at least 3 to 6 months minimum; but speak with a Plastic Surgeon to find out more in relation to your specific situation.

Nipple Surgery / Nipple Reshaping Surgery before a Wedding

Nipple surgery on its own varies from nipple surgery as part of a Breast Lift, Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation procedure.  There’s also asymmetry correction.  Find out more by arranging a consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) or Rhinoplasty before a Wedding

Feel your ears protrude too far and want to improve your facial profile by reshaping your nose with Rhinoplasty?

Otoplasty Surgery to look great at your wedding

Bride or Groom:  Allow 8 to 12 weeks minimum, sometimes longer depending on the hair style and hat fashions

Guest:  Allow 6 to 8 weeks

Rhinoplasty Surgery before your wedding

Rhinoplasty surgery before a wedding is one of the riskier surgeries to have before a big event, in that it takes far longer to heal and recover, and is so central to your appearance.  Changes to the nose change the appearance of the entire face from nearly every angle.

So the blogging team feels it is best to speak to a Melbourne Rhinoplasty expert Surgeon to find out more about getting a Rhinoplasty before your wedding.

Typically, however, you’ll need at least one year or longer to see the final results after nose reshaping surgery.

Getting Professional Help to Look Great at Your Wedding

Want help to look amazing before your wedding? Convinced that cosmetic surgery is the way to get you the changes that you’re seeking for your eyes, face, breasts or body?

Be sure you keep your expectations realistic and discuss your current concerns, goals and expectations so that you stay grounded in what surgery can – and cannot – accomplish for you. Not all patients are suitable candidates for good results and results DO depend on what you are starting with. But for honest advise and precision surgical skills at top Melbourne hospital locations, our Specialist Plastic Surgeons can help.

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Trust some of Melbourne’s top Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Hawthorn, Berwick or Williamstown by phoning (03) 8849 1444.  Be sure to ask for YOUR free copy of the “7 Steps To Successful Cosmetic Surgery” and do your homework about the difference between highly qualified Plastic Surgeons and other types of surgeons. After all, you’re worth it!

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