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The Keller Funnel and Implants: how the Keller Funnel is used in Breast Augmentation Procedures

The Keller Funnel implant delivery system is an innovative tool for inserting breast implants into the chest area ‘surgical pockets.’

It can be a helpful tool for some Breast Augmentation procedures using breast implants.

It is essentially a clear funnel-shaped tool that allows for easier insertion of the breast implants into the chest cavity during a breast enlargement procedure.

The Keller Funnel is an implement that has somewhat revolutionised Breast Augmentation Surgery procedures and implant placement, because it alleviates the need to insert breast implants purely by hand.  Whilst many Surgeons do still use a manual (by hand) implant insertion method, there are some potential advantages to using a Keller Funnel for some breast augmentation procedures.

keller funnel to insert breast implants during breast augmentation surgery


Why some Plastic Surgeons prefer the Keller Funnel

The Keller Funnel’s clear polymeric surface is also believed to help make it easier for the insertion (and potentially orientation) of some types of breast implants. The clear funnel allows for potentially greater visibility of the breast implant at all stages of the initial implant insertion part of a breast augmentation procedure.

  • The Keller Funnel may assist Surgeons with breast implant placement (insertion or positioning) for cosmetic and plastic surgery breast enlargement procedures.
  • A special coating allows the implant to be ‘glided’ into its position, rather than inserted manually (solely by hand).
  • The coating provides a low-friction interface which can be used to insert many different types of implants (smooth or textured, round or anatomic implants, from low to high profile).
  • Being able to use additional anti-bacterial measures with a Keller Funnel may also reduce the risk of certain augmentation complications, and some implant manufacturers such as Mentor actually suggest it as a prevention option.

Less risk of damage to the breast implant product during insertion

The greatest benefit of the Keller Funnel appears to be that it may help minimise the risks of pre-insertion damage to the breast implant product by reducing manual-handling requirements.  Excessive manual handling of breast implant products is potentially a factor which might lead to compromises of the implant (or breast implant shell).  Damage to the implant during insertion may also potentially increase risks of surgical problems and reduce the longevity of the implant in terms of ‘product lifetime.’

Manual insertion is still used by many Surgeons, however.  But the Keller Funnel is growing in use and some Surgeons prefer to use it and believe it helps to minimise some risks to the implant.

The Keller Funnel can potentially help reduce excessive handling issues (which can improve longevity), and may even help minimise scarring and complication rates. That’s because the inframammary incision can sometimes be made a bit shorter or smaller when a Surgeon uses a Keller Funnel.

Plastic Surgeon Dr Craig Rubinstein uses the Keller Funnel for Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement) procedures when deemed suitable for the patient, type of procedure and implant.

For more information, send a confidential enquiry form to schedule a consultation with Dr Rubinstein or one of his Patient Care Coordinators or Nurses.  You may also want to explore the potential for VECTRA 3D imaging to get a better understanding of breast implant choices and how it will impact your appearance.

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Last updated: 24/09/2019
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