Interstate & Overseas Plastic Surgery Patients

We get many requests from Interstate and Overseas patients about having their Plastic Surgery performed by our leading Melbourne Plastic Surgeons. We also get revision surgery requests from people who went overseas – sadly, not everything can be fixed. We can sometimes give you an opinion on what might be possible, though, for revision surgery or breast implant removal and replacement. It’s best to avoid a botched cosmetic surgery procedure and in our view, avoiding overseas cosmetic surgery is important in that regard.

Support for Interstate & International Surgery Patients and those wanting Revision Surgery from Overseas Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Surgery, Face and Body Surgery

Our top team of Melbourne Surgeons for face, breast and body procedures have had many patients seek to fly in Melbourne from Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide, Brisbane, North Queensland, Sydney and even New Zealand, Asia and USA – particularly patients who have local support of family and friends at home in Melbourne.

We are happy to help you explore Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, although it’s imperative you have a good support system in Melbourne.

When it comes to revision surgery, it’s always best to get a good plastic surgery result the first time, and what can be fixed is limited.

Get a professional and genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon’s opinion on your best options for body, face, nose or eyelid surgery.


The role of a designated Personal Support Team after your Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

  • Having help from a family member or other friend or loved one (or even a hired assistant) can help you manage your recovery after your surgery.
  • Do you have a partner, friend, cousin or other family member that will assist you in Melbourne and someone who can also assist you when you’re back at home?
  • Do you have a good local GP at home?
  • Contact us and we’ll help you consider visiting our Melbourne Clinics and leading Plastic Surgeons, and what you’ll want to take into account if you’re considering this option.


Arranging a Surgery Consultation for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Melbourne

Your full initial consultation and physical examination will need to take place in Melbourne before booking the Surgery. Photographs will be taken and your Plastic Surgeon’s opinion of your best options, risks and potential outcomes will be discussed.

When organising your surgery from Interstate, it is particularly important to get your Plastic Surgery payment methods organised early.  The same is true for obtaining any advice & permissions needed from your Health Insurance Fund or Medicare (if these are required for your procedure).

booking fee is required to reserve an initial surgery consultation time OR a surgery date and the final amount is due at least two weeks before your surgery date.

Visit our payment and payment methods pages.

How are you planning your post-op follow ups after having cosmetic plastic surgery?

When considering flying into Melbourne for your plastic surgery, it’s ALL about allowing enough time for adequate post-operative care and recovery. This means staying in Melbourne after your surgery for at least a week but ideally two weeks, or as your Surgeon thinks is best to meet your procedure follow up requirements.


Then you’ll still need to visit us on a regular basis for follow up consultations with your Specialist Surgeon.

  • The speed of your recovery and your eventual result will be determined by your age and physical health, your support team and whether you follow the “rapid recovery instructions”.
  • There may be an option to use online communication tools (like Video Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger etc) to assist you with extra pre-consultations and post-op support calls to monitor your recovery. This will be determined on an individual basis.  Please read our FAQ pages and submit an Enquiry form for further information.

It is absolutely critical to ensure that you are available to return for your post-operative appointments in Melbourne and be available to stay around AFTER your surgery, particularly in the event of any adverse situation or complication that means we need to see you more often.

Follow-Up Care and Post-op Reviews in Melbourne

Our normal plan for your post-operative recovery is:

  • A comfortable and relaxing stay in a quality Hospital to recuperate
  • Discharge to a supporter’s home in Melbourne or a Medi-Hotel with Nurse support
  • Your post-op visit to the practice about 1 week after Surgery where we check the surgical results, change the dressings and give you After-Care instructions
  • Your 8 Week Review in Melbourne at the practice
  • Your 6 Month Review and your 12 month review (May be able to be arranged to be done by Skype depending on your Surgery and at-home After Care)
  • Annual Reviews (as required) – will need an item code and a current GP referral

Plastic Surgery COSTS & PRICING – ask us for a customised all-inclusive Cosmetic Surgery QUOTE at a personalised, no obligation consultation with a leading expert Surgeon in Melbourne 

  • Many advertisers who promote cheap cosmetic surgery do not include all aspects of your procedure preparation, Surgery fees, After-Care Garments and healing or scar minimisation treatments, or follow up visits.
  • We are a bit different in that way. We give inclusive surgery quotes and tell you what that means.
  • We don’t want you to have unpleasant financial surprises, so the cost of your post-op, Rapid Recovery Kit and your Review visits are all included in your Surgical Fee.

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Planning for Overseas Patients getting operated on in Melbourne

It is important to be well supported after surgery and to follow instructions. Not smoking and not overdoing it are imperative.  A stable BMI and good nutrition and rest are also crucial.

Be sure you follow the Surgical Recovery Guidelines in order to speed your recovery and get the best possible outcome.

NOTE: Driving a car and flying on a plane should not be done until at least a week or two weeks after your surgery, sometimes longer depending on what surgery you have had. It may be even longer for some procedures such as combined surgeries or body lift surgery after weight loss and Bariatric Surgery.

Your Melbourne Plastic Surgeon and his or her team can give you individually tailored post-op instructions.

It is important that you carefully follow our post-operative instructions so that you have an optimal healing and recovery.


Our main clinic is located in Hawthorn, Victoria. which is an inner suburb of Melbourne CBD.  Our boutique style office is located about 30 minutes drive-time from Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport (but allow up to 60 minutes in peak hour traffic).

You could fly in and out of Melbourne in a single day for post-op appointments if you wish; just be sure to let your Patient Care Coordinator know this on the day you book your appointments for Follow Up care.

Accommodation Considerations

We are delighted to suggest nearby hotels for you, your partner or supporting friend to stay during recovery. We can also arrange for our nurse to visit you in your hotel to check on your recovery after leaving hospital.

  • For patients at Masada Hospital, Balaclava – we recommend Quest Balaclava. 441 Inkerman St, St Kilda East – Phone (03) 9526 3888
  • For patients at our Kew and Hawthorn Hospitals – we recommend Best Western Premier Hotel 115 Kew. 115 Cotham Rd, Kew – Phone (03) 8862 0200

Staying with your Melbourne-based family, friends or colleagues might also be an option for you. This can be quite helpful if you have excellent initial Surgery recovery support help and if you already tend to visit Melbourne frequently throughout a year (e.g. you can combine your follow-up appointments with your social visits to family and friends, or attend a special Melbourne based event or Show).

For more information about organizing your Interstate or Overseas Breast surgery – please contact us by sending us an Enquiry Form or by calling a Patient Care Coordinator on (03) 8849 1400.

We look forward to you meeting our Team, and you are also welcome to book in to attend one of our FREE Practice Events if convenient for you.



Visit our Downloadable Guides page for more information about Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery options and research in Australia.

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