Price of Tummy Tuck: What’s the average COST of Abdominoplasty Surgery in Melbourne?

what-is-average-price-of-tummy-tuck Abdominoplasty prices in Australia, Melbourne

Cost of Abdominoplasty Surgery (Average Prices)| Melbourne

Discussing average prices of Abdominoplasty surgery involves knowing WHAT type of surgery is being quoted. In particular, this procedure has a lot of variations. Different patients may need very different operations, of varying times in theatre.

Hence, the COST of Abdominoplasty surgery and average price ranges can vary.


The general price range for an Abdominoplasty surgery, including extra liposuction shaping in Melbourne, can vary from around $10,500 to $13,900 for a less qualified Surgeon (GP or other doctor); to $14,500 to $19,000 for a seasoned expert in abdominoplasty reshaping including repair of damaged abs after pregnancy, bariatric surgery or weight change, to $30,000 or more for more extensive procedures.


Our expert Plastic Surgeons PRICE ranges for Tummy Tuck surgery in Melbourne generally range from just under $15,000 to $23,000 as an average price range, all-inclusive, but this can vary significantly depending on what you need.

Below we discuss what’s potentially INCLUDED in a low-range, mid-range or premium-range Abdominoplasty surgery procedure in Melbourne.

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How much does a Tummy Tuck cost? Abdominoplasty Prices: Melbourne


The cost of Abdominoplasty depends not just on your Surgeon’s qualifications, but also on what you NEED corrected in terms of excess skin, skin fold reduction, abdominal muscle repair, hernia repair and liposuction shaping.

Not all surgeries for Abdominoplasty involve a finessed approach. Make sure you choose a Surgeon who is precision focused, has good scar management protocols and is body-contour-savvy when it comes to shaping the abdomen, hips or belly.



Tummy Tuck Guide Download

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Tip: Review the ABDOMINOPLASTY Tummy Tuck Surgery procedure information page.

What makes a Tummy Tuck result a good one?


  • A good postoperative TUMMY TUCK result is smooth and firm
  • It should yield a generally flat-tummy look that is less rounded or “crepey” than before surgery
  • The waistline curves and navel area should have a pleasing dimension and shape (distinguishable waist-hip differences)
  • Internal muscle repair during Abdominoplasty is also important – otherwise, the result could look uneven or puckered
  • Scars can be extensive for most Full Tummy Tuck procedures, so some patients may need further scar treatment
  • Scar management, lasers and light-therapy treatments and creams MAY or MAY NOT BE included in your price quote – it’s best to check with your Plastic Surgeon
  • Great Tummy Tuck Surgeons take many extra steps in Abdominoplasty planning to help you get a smoother, flatter contour to your belly area including a well-defined waistline with added-liposuction body contouring.
  • The more successful body contouring surgeries a Surgeon has performed; the better they understand what to do to avoid common mistakes or complications
  • Choose your Surgeon carefully
  • Cost ranges:  Tummy Tuck prices and what’s included vs excluded in a Quote


Average prices for Abdominoplasty Surgery

These are often categorised as being in the low-cost, mid-range or premier price range.

As above, the COST of a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) can range from around $10,500 to $13,500/$14,000 for a low range operation with a less experienced/less trained Surgeon to approximately $15,000 to $19,000 for an experienced FRACS Plastic Surgeon to $26,000 or higher for more complex procedures involving renowned Plastic Surgeons performing only Tummy Tucks.

But it really depends on what you need.

What other factors lead to Abdominoplasty Surgery Costs being so different from Surgeon to Surgeon?

price of a tummy tuck in melbourne (average costs) Victoria Australia

The 2 primary reasons that average Abdominoplasty prices vary in Melbourne include:

  • SURGEON – which expert Surgeon you choose
    • their expertise levels
    • their professional accreditation and training qualifications
    • their advanced technical abilities
    • their artistic body contouring shaping acumen and experience with liposuction and navel “designs”
    • their ability to attain harmony and shape the waistline or full abdomen versus just part of the abdomen
    • hospital costs and quality anaesthetic costs

Choose your Surgeon wisely the FIRST time you are having surgery or you may end up disappointed.

  • COMPLEXITY – varying time in theatre also impacts the price
    • Tummy Tuck surgery usually takes from about 2/2.5 hours to 4 or more hours
    • Some patients require less theatre time and there are many variations of a Tummy Tuck that you may or may not need

But other factors may also apply; including WHAT’S actually included versus going to be presented later as an extra cost (often unexpected by the patient). Read below for QUOTE inclusion vs exclusion details.

Differences in your Surgeon’s qualifications and expertise performing Abdominoplasty, PLUS other details such as expert planning and first-rate follow-up care, high-quality or high-tech hospital theatres, technically advanced contouring skills, scar management and garments inclusions (or exclusions) and type of general anaesthetic are often reflected in the PRICE or COST of your nose reshaping surgery in Melbourne.

Tummy Tuck Costs  | Average Price range in Melbourne

These ranges take into account the following important factors: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW

1: WHO – Your Surgeon choice

How adept is your Surgeon at getting GOOD results and REDUCING complications?

  • ABILITY: WHO is performing the surgery – your Surgeon’s level of expertise, training, skills and qualifications
  • EXPERTISE: HOW MANY of these procedures they have performed and if they are highly regarded as an expert (or not)

2: WHAT – Inclusions vs Exclusions and extra fees you weren’t expecting

WHAT is included in the Tummy Tuck price estimate or COST QUOTE?

  • Is everything INCLUDED in your QUOTE?
  • If not, you could get hit with unexpected expenses including anaesthetic, facility fees, follow-up fees, sutures, medicines, bandages, garments, recovery aids and more
  • Also good to ask: What type of anaesthetic or local pain management is going to be used to help reduce discomfort?  Where will your scar be located and how will it be treated?
  • Be sure to ASK your surgeon for details – and make sure you get it all in writing!

3: WHEN – Timing

WHEN is your surgery being performed?

  • Ask a Patient Care Coordinator about rapidly-changing hospital fees, new requirements for any potential Medicare coverage (currently no coverage unless you’re a weight loss patient) and changing rebate criteria
  • Note: Insurance policy classification changes are underway in 2019 – even if you are eligible for a Medicare code or insurance coverage, and meet MBS weight loss surgery criteria, this could CHANGE without notice

4: WHERE: which hospital?

Where are you are having your surgery performed?

  • General Anaesthetic in a hospital is part of your surgery fee and should be included in the price quote
  • Using local anaesthetic and sedatives (optional) in a day clinic may lessen cost but lead to increased discomfort or higher risks – DO you really want to be ‘awake’ during your tummy tuck – or comfortably under general anaesthesia with an overnight hospital stay for pain management?

5: WHY: Medical or Cosmetic Reasons?

What reasons led you to have surgery?

  • Cosmetic vs medical reasons
  • Aesthetic ideals and other corrections desired

6: HOW: How will your procedure be planned and performed?

How long is your procedure going to take? Is it fully customised and expertly planned?

  • COMPLEXITY – advanced technical surgery expertise is required for achieving a desirable body shape, skinfold reductions, waistline shaping, navel repositioning and reshaping and more.

Melbourne COST ranges for Tummy Tuck procedures

Average Prices of Abdominoplasty Surgery explained:

  • This is a estimate of the range of Tummy Tuck surgery prices or Abdominoplasty COSTS (primarily for primary surgery) in Melbourne
  • All patients require a consultation to get an exact QUOTE and assessment of requirements and surgery options
  • Patients often benefit and are recommended to get a second opinion and cosmetic surgery quote by a genuine Plastic Surgeon

Low-Cost Prices for Tummy Tuck – Melbourne

GP or doctor-in-training or a General Surgeon without procedure expertise)

Low-cost plastic surgery prices are usually offered by either a general surgeon (an all-arounder), a dermatologist, dentist or General Practitioner who CALLS themselves a cosmetic surgeon but who isn’t actually a SPECIALIST nor a member of RACS.

  • Their surgery prices may range from just $10,500 to $13,900 (Melbourne or Sydney).
  • These Surgeons are often NOT recognised as Specialist Plastic Surgeons
  • Some may still be in training mode, rather than being a seasoned expert
    • hence, due to less experience or skill with these procedures, they may charge less

We believe it’s always a good idea to choose EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE over cost considerations, because your RESULTS, SCAR and LIFE and FOLLOW UP CARE are all at stake.

  • Revisional surgery, if required after a low range option, can be emotionally draining
  • Not everything that goes wrong can be fixed – so don’t risk your rest-of-life body confidence by choosing a less-skilled and/or non-specialist Surgeon (your health is also at stake with the wrong surgeons or overseas procedures)

Mid-Range Prices for Abdominoplasty – Melbourne COST ranges

Cost of Tummy Tuck surgery

  • Generally, Tummy Tuck surgery by experienced Melbourne Plastic Surgeons (FRACS recognised) can range from $15,000 to $19,000 and higher
  • Surgery costs can vary depending on WHAT you need AND your SURGEON’s EXPERTISE AND other factors such as
    • complicating factors or underlying muscle damage or hernias in the abdominal region
    • patient follow-up care standards and rapid recovery packages
    • garments required after surgery for good results
    • liposuction extra contouring

High-Cost Abdominoplasty – Melbourne Cost ranges

  • Advanced, fully customised abdominoplasty surgery – planned and performed by highly experienced expert FRACS Plastic Surgeons – can range from $20,000 to $30,000 and higher, depending on who you choose and their facility/staffing costs
  • As above, this also varies depending on your Surgeon’s facial surgery fees as well as the complexity of your operation and follow-up care
  • Read about our top Melbourne Tummy Tuck Surgeons and ask us about others nearby who also have FRACS recognition and excellent reviews from patients who had very complex body contouring or skin reduction/belly skin fold reduction needs

Next step: Read more about TUMMY TUCK SURGERY and get an informative downloadable Abdominoplasty eBook.

Choosing an Abdominoplasty Surgeon

Patient caution:

  • Remember, ALL cosmetic surgery is invasive and has risks
  • All surgery should also be custom planned and performed by an expert to reduce risks and revision rates
  • Never accept a ONE SIZE FITS ALL OPERATION, especially body contouring – you need a fully customised procedure for a good result that is also long-lasting (weight changes also impact results)

Instead, choose a Surgeon who:

  • Is FRACS recognised and fully customises EVERY surgery procedure to meet the patient’s contours, skin ptosis/skin conditions and abdominal area waist shaping preferences and navel size/shape aims
  • Openly and honestly communicates what can – and cannot – be done with surgical techniques
  • Is honest about potential surgery risks and surgery recovery time frames
  • Listens and respects your views
  • Give expert care and science-based advice about recovery times, wound healing, scar reduction and risk minimisation

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Last updated: 13/08/2019
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