Heading Styling

(H1) Does Medicare Cover Eyelid Lift Procedures?

The Blepharoplasty MBS code for eyelid surgery/eyelid reduction for ptotic eyelid skin that droops over the iris – to the point the skin impedes on field of vision – is currently MBS Item #45617.

(H2) What is it?

Being the parent company of many of the best-known magazines around (including a couple link text, almost makes Conde Nast’s site genetically predisposed to offer a mountain of content that could easily be overwhelming if not approached with caution, forethought and disciplined design.

(H2) Why we like it

Bold visual hierarchy – Beginning with the absolutely giant, beautiful content slider in the header of this site, there’s literally no way you could miss what Conde Nast believes are the most important things for you to see on this site.

“(Quotes) Believes are the most important things for you to see on this site.”

Link Text – This site wisely avoids attempting to present all of the available content, and instead puts control in the user’s hands by enabling them to filter down what they see based on their specific interests.

(H3) Same as Paragraph but bold

(H4,5) Same as Paragraph

(H6) References