Cosmetic Surgery Information eBooks – Planning Guides

Cosmetic Surgery Planning Information | Helpful Guides and Procedure eBooks

Best cosmetic surgery information eBooks to read before you discuss your cosmetic surgery options with your Plastic Surgeon.

This page includes planning resources for plastic surgery patients.  This will assist your journey through a plastic surgery consultation and surgery procedure; but if you have further questions, we welcome your call on 03 8849 1444.  Or send an enquiry form!

For other specific information on different procedures, click here for procedure e-Books.

Choosing the Perfect Surgery Date Guide.

When should you have surgery? Best ways for selecting a surgery time frame.

Choosing Perfect Date Download

7 Steps to Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Guide

7 Steps Download



Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men – Melbourne Clinic Guide

Clinic Guide Download

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Research Plastic Surgery Effectively – Get the guide!

Are you doing online research into potential cosmetic surgeons, including searching for online REVIEWS of your Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Doctor?

Researching Plastic Surgery Download


Download the Guide to Recovery after Plastic Surgery!

If you are trying to find out what to expect from Plastic Surgery recovery? Read this helpful guide today.

Recovery Download

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A Guide to Your First Plastic Surgery Consultation.

What should you expect when you meet your Plastic Surgeon?

A Guide to Taking Photos Before Your Surgery. Download Now!

Photo Taking Download

Other Resources for Plastic Surgery Patients

Type 2: Specific Procedure Guides

  • Helpful Cosmetic Surgery e-BOOKS to assist you with surgery planning, choosing a Surgeon and recovery.
  • Scroll down for more planning and recovery eBook resources. OR click the links BELOW for ULTIMATE PROCEDURE GUIDES.  Note: all invasive surgery carries risks and surgery results vary from patient to patient. Second opinions are recommended.


Visit our Downloadable Procedure Guides pages

For more information about Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery options and research in Australia.

cosmetic surgery for women and men Downloadable guides


These Downloadable PDF E-Books are recommended for patients exploring their cosmetic surgery options and Surgeon choices.

  • downloadable – no cost
  • easy-to-read format
  • contains helpful research information about various cosmetic surgery options
  • helps you know which questions to ask your Surgeon

How to use our eBooks:

  • best read BEFORE attending a consultation with a Top Plastic Surgeon
  • helps you get the MOST out of your consultation
  • great precursor for attending an Information Evening
  • you can also phone a Patient Care Coordinator on 0388491444 with questions