CAREER NEWS  & GUIDE to a Career in the Aesthetic & Cosmetic Surgery Industry

The Aesthetics Industry is a fast growing sector for physical self-improvement, but it may not suit everyone.  It can be a rewarding yet challenging career path; but if you are passionate about helping others to surgically correct a physical concern, reduce facial ageing, or repair a feature imbalance, then plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure career paths may be a good option. 

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Careers in the Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery industry in Melbourne, Australia

Are you keen to become part of this rewarding career path?

  • As one of the fastest growing Practices in Australia, we have had hundreds of nurses, medical students and prior patients keen to apply for our cosmetic & plastic surgery practice and patient care roles.
  • Career opportunities in the plastic surgery or cosmetic services industry range from roles as Cosmetic Surgery Coordinators, Practice Nurses, Surgical Assistants, Patient Care Liaisons (our phone team) and the Customer Welcoming Team located at Reception.

But not everyone is suited for these rewarding but demanding roles in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

There’s a unique skill set that helps some candidates stand out from the crowd.

  • Do you have these capacities?
  • IF so, send your CV to the email listed below.


Traits we look for to fill current Job Openings in the Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery industry (Melbourne).

Good Candidates for current job openings in the cosmetic industry and plastic surgery sectors include individuals who have:

  • a commitment to excellence and a caring, kind attitude.
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills and PC savvy (knowing GENIE scheduling systems can be helpful).
  • a dedication to providing stellar service to patients as they move through their journey from exploring a procedure to having a surgery performed to healing and recovery and their follow up appointments.
  • flexibility in scheduling to meet patient needs and varying Surgery schedules.
  • a team work mentality and a great sense of humour.
  • a focus on pursuing continuing education and regular skills improvements.
  • an understanding of the how appearance impacts other’s self perceptions

Want to work for one of Melbourne’s most respected groups of Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons?

  • If YOU think you’d like to work with our TOP Melbourne Surgeons and Skin Care & Injecting teams, we welcome your application via SEEK.
  • Just search for “Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men” job openings on SEEK. If we’re hiring, we’ll list the advertisement on Seek.
  • Or send your CV to express your interest – just email Dave or Dee at the email addresses listed below (however, APPLICATIONS are only accepted via SEEK).

If you cannot find a current job opening on Seek, for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery professions, you can still send us an enquiry form or ATTEND ONE OF OUR MELBOURNE COSMETIC INDUSTRY EVENTS (Free), held monthly for patients and for others working in the cosmetic injecting sector.

What You’ll NEED to SUCCEED in a Career is Cosmetic Medicine or Plastic Surgery & Skin Care

  • To succeed in the field of aesthetics, you have to be highly dedicated to working with cosmetic patients and to offering consistently excellent service at all times.
  • You’ll also need to have a strong interest in appearance and have a professional, caring communication style.

It is often a demanding yet rewarding job role that requires dedication and commitment to professional growth and patient care excellence.


Please note: An Aesthetics Clinic role will NOT tend to suit individuals who prefer working dedicated hours or shifts, such as are often found in Public Hospital settings; instead, flexibility is required to meet the needs of the Surgeon Team and of patients who are having cosmetic surgery.

  • Because our Plastic Surgery team strives to reach the best levels of patient care excellence, some flexibility in your schedule will be required.
  • We also hold regularly Monthly Thursday evening EVENTS for patients in Melbourne.
  • These are fun and informative and a good change for our team to answer questions and let new patients get to know our Surgeons and Team Members.


CocoRuby image for Fraxel DOT therapy

Pathways to Working for Cosmetic Surgery Clinics or Skin Care Clinics

Are you interested in a career in the Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Injections, Plastic Surgery or Skin Care Industry?

Here are some workplaces that can be a pathway to your professional career development.

Beauticians – Beauty treatments or Dermatology Interests or Medical Clinic Experience

  • DERMAL THERAPY & DERMATOLOGISTS – Skin Treatments and Laser Work
  • SKIN CANCER CLINICS – Skin rejuvenation and skin cancer removal
  • General Practitioner Offices that also handle Skin Cancer treatments or Investigations

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • COSMETIC DENTISTS – Aesthetics and Smile rejuvenation
  • AESTHETIC GPs – GPs interested in Aesthetic work – Lasers and Injectables
  • COSMETIC SURGERY – GPs that have progressed to basic cosmetic surgery operations (without Specialist RACS training)

Background working with other Specialists such as ENT Surgeons or Bariatric Surgeons


KEY Criteria for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Career Roles

What we look for:

We are always open to hearing from friendly, hard working Plastic Surgeons and Surgery Assistants, medical professionals, Registered Nurses, Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians and Dermal Therapists and GPs that meet our FOUR KEY candidate criteria.

  1. Solid knowledge of and interest in Cosmetic Procedures and Plastic Surgery.

Read our website https://plasticsurgeons.com.au/ and blog www.plasticsurgeons.com.au/blog for more details. Or visit the website of ASAPS (USA) www.smartbeautyguide.com for more information on the industry and what plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments can help patients to achieve.

There are a number of useful books on the Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Services Industry that you could read.

These include:

Gude to a Career in the Aeshetic Industry - breast augmentation - breast reduction - tummy tuck- dr-craig-rubinstein-breast-reduction-specialist

  1. Knowledge of a Practice Management System (PMS) is helpful for a career in the Aesthetic Industry.

The PMS is the heart of any practice.

  • It is our patient database, our Clinic diary, and our financial and reporting system.
  • Our PMS is called Genie, but most PMS are similar in nature.
  • You can find a pdf copy of the manual here https://www5.geniesolutions.com.au/manual/Genie_Manual.pdf.
  • You would also likely benefit from watching Genie Medical System training Videos online.
  • This can help ensure that PSM software is something you’ll be able to master if you are selected for a role at one of our Clinics.
  1. Proven Communication Skills and former Sales Experience

You need to know how to explain cosmetic procedures and promote specialist services.

This includes good communication skills to help explain the benefits of various procedures to prospective Patients.

The photo below shows some of our core team, along with associates and friends working in cosmetic medicine in Melbourne.


About the Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, & Cosmetic Injecting Industry

Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery and cosmetic injections and skin care services operate in a competitive field.

  • Our growing team prides ourselves on offering patient care excellence well BEYOND the standard of smaller groups and sole practitioners. 
  • In particular, this requires advanced patient education and active listening, to enable a prospective client to get a sense of who we are and what we do, but to also know in depth what each patient is seeking – and to be able to communicate whether or not what they are seeking is within reach via plastic surgery practices.

Patient education and good communication helps plastic surgery patients better understand the premium care they will receive at our Melbourne locations (near Richmond, Kew & Camberwell as well as Berwick and Williamstown).

It also helps patients feel more comfortable to attend a consultation with our Specialist Surgeons.

Because not everyone knows what to expect at a first cosmetic plastic surgery consultation.


Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Procedures are offered using numerous interpersonal, rapport building and education/training skills, including influential and empathetic communication skills.

Needed skills for Melbourne job openings in the cosmetic industry, beauty industry and plastic surgery industry include:

  • Rapport building, empathy, appreciative questioning and high level listening skills.
  • An ability to ascertain what is truly important to each and every individual patient who contacts us or steps into our cosmetic plastic surgery clinic.
  • Being able to identify and overcoming unrealistic fears about cosmetic surgery.
  • Proactively negotiating scheduling availability when a patient is interested in a procedure and wants a specific surgery date or specific Surgeon (we have several sought after and top ranked genuine Melbourne Plastic Surgeons to choose from).

You need to be calm and help reassure patients about any unrealistic fears or concerns they have, using extensive knowledge of procedures, typical recovery times and healing aids such as Healite II or Rapid Recovery Packs.

Most people take a while to decide whether or not they’ll pursue cosmetic procedures, so you’ll also need to be proactive in:

  • making follow up calls
  • answering numerous questions and alleviating unreasonable fears
  • helping us to host our public events and patient information nights

Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men Breast, Body and Face Monthly Event

There are many communications and sales influence books that may help with these skills, including several books that may be useful for patient consulting for cosmetic surgery. These are listed at the bottom of this blog.


  1. Deliver a High Level of Patient Care

Aesthetic patients are NOT the same as regular Healthcare patients – the choice to have cosmetic surgery is generally an optional one. It can also be more expensive than some patients anticipate. Hence, many patients take time to decide, whilst investigating many options, including the dangerous option of going overseas for surgery with an unknown practitioners who is not FRACS qualified as a Specialist Surgeon.

Aesthetic patients also expect a higher standard of care, respect and confidentiality from their Clinicians and Surgeons.

This often requires:

  • Building a longer term relationship
  • Delivering an awesome Patient Experience
  • Developing empathy with aesthetic patients and reassuring them
  • Developing a ongoing patient plan and procedure scheduling
  • A friendly attitude to post-op support, wound care and changing dressings
  • Managing any potential complications

Current Job Openings in Medicine, Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care/Beauty

Still interested in a career in the Aesthetics Industry and want to submit your C.V. for consideration for our Cosmetic Injections, Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Teams?

cosmetic surgery job roles seek ads

Read more about our JOB OPENINGS and our Applicant TIPS sheet before applying for a role with our leading Melbourne Surgeons & Skin Care Teams.



  • If you meet the four criteria above and show potential – we can train you to learn all the many areas of the practice before stepping into the role as a Patient Coordinator or Practice Nurse.
  • If selected, you’ll also be working in a beautiful environment helping individuals with their self-improvement and appearance enhancement goals, as well as helping individuals fight the effects of skin cancers, ageing and facial or nose injuries.
  • TIP: You could start with us in reception concierge team or in the inbound phone department.


  • Clock watchers! – People looking to do the bare minimum
  • People that are not positive and optimistic or who aren’t team players
  • People who do not take pride in maintaining a professional appearance
  • Nurses looking to be trained in Injecting Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle solutions.
  • We only hire skilled and highly experienced cosmetic injectors.

We are looking ONLY for dedicated leaders who value creating life long relationships with patients and who are dedicated to offering patient care service at premium levels.


  • Do some preparation – read the books or watch the suggested videos
  • Come along to one of our monthly practice EVENTS and meet some of the team members
  • Apply for a role with us or get some basic experience in the Industry (see list above)
  • Fill in your LinkedIn profile and watch Seek for specific job ads – APPLY on SEEK
  • Send in your CV or preliminary job enquiries to david@plasticsurgeons.com.au and dee@plasticsurgeons.com.au and request to be kept on file.

No phone calls, please – simply email DAVID at the address above, with the subject line:  CAREER ENQUIRY.


Please be sure to register for our mailing list by sending in an enquiry form, below, to stay updated on the latest job opportunities and aesthetic skin treatments and cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery procedures.

Several highly rated books that may be relevant for jobs in the Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery Career Path include:


We change lives!

We are on a mission to help people improve their life and make a real difference to individuals, society and the medical profession.



  • Making a difference to people’s lives.
  • Listening and understanding what the patient wants and helping patients to understand what surgery can and cannot do (realistic expectations are crucial to getting a successful outcome and a great results only result from collaborative discussions and precise planning).
  • Fully customising the surgery or implant to suit the patient’s physique and appearance goals.
  • Helping men and women live a better life – such as attracting more relationship choices, career choices or a lifestyle that relies on inner-and-outer confidence.

For some patients, we help them restore their confidence & self-esteem by helping to reduce their pain and discomfort.

Fostering an attitude of continuous learning and improvement is our motto.

  • Being committed to Teamwork and having fun
  • Working in a modern well-equipped practice with new technology
  • Being part of a growing and learning organisation
  • Being respectful of patient privacy and confidentiality

With a Team approach, we are able do far better for our patients and for each of our Team Members by offering professional support and case study examples to further the profession and assist each other with complex surgical scenarios or scar management – helping get patients the best possible results through teamwork and constant up-skilling 

  • We work towards better surgical outcomes for patients
  • We offer some of the best proven technologies and surgical techniques
  • We give patients Rapid Recovery packages and the latest scar minimisation treatments
  • We have two VECTRA 3D imaging systems plus a 3D facial camera for Rhinoplasty or Face Surgery
  • We also offer top-line post-op patient care & follow up consultations along with Healite II treatments and Fraxel scar minimisation.
  • These methods can help foster holistic healing experiences for our Patients as they recovery from their surgeries.


Our team are committed to fostering an atmosphere where patients feel comfortable to ask questions or express concerns.

  • We are highly focused on maintaining an environment where patients feel heard and listened to, understood and cared for.
  • This includes treating each and every patient with dignity, respect and collaborative communication so that patients feel free to ask ANY and ALL questions they have about a procedure, Surgeon or healing process.

Each Cosmetic Surgery Patient and Skin Care Client is treated with respect, dignity, understanding and continuous care.


  • Being ethical, honest and trustworthy
  • Taking pride in your professional appearance and manner
  • Mutual respect and loyalty
  • Delivering an outstanding patient experience
  • Providing a high quality & holistic patient improvement pathway
  • Being safe, being compliant and managing risks
  • Building and maintaining premier facilities and technologies
  • Managing our reputation – online and in our community
  • Best practice marketing and promotion activities
  • Building the Group and surgeon/specialist personal brands
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and growth
  • A focus on learning and professional development
  • Creating systems and following processes with attention to detail
  • Offering different locations in Melbourne (Berwick, Hawthorn & Williamstown) as well as experienced Plastic Surgeon associates in the Sydney area (Burwood, Edgecliff & Double Bay)


With advanced techniques, expertise and constant patient feedback, we aim to remain at the forefront of surgical rejuvenation.

Our primary vision is to deliver continuously outstanding results for patients who value extensive surgical experience, precision, empathy, great communication  and high quality outcomes.

If you are interested in applying for a career position, send a confidential email to our Business Manager David Staughton:  david@davidstaughton.com or david@plasticsurgeons.com.au or to Dee Tozer (dee@plasticsurgeons.com.au) your enquiries – then apply for the role on the SEEK job site.