How long will I be under General Anaesthesia for Breast Augmentation or Revision?


General Anaesthetic during Breast Augmentation

How long will I be under anaesthesia during breast enlargement surgery?

  • A primary breast augmentation procedure itself generally lasts approximately 2 hours
  • This is an average time frame for primary breast surgery (1.5 to 3 hours is the average range)
  • Revision breast surgery, such as removal or replacement of implants, tends to require longer surgery time than a primary augmentation surgery
  • But surgery times will depend on what you need
  • A breast lift combined with implants, or a remove and replace breast implant procedure, involves a longer theatre time (2 to 3 hours being average, up to approximately 4 hours)
  • Conditions such as tuberous breasts or asymmetric breasts may require longer periods of time

You will be under the care of a seasoned Anaesthetist the entire time you’re under general anaesthesia.

Time under general anaesthetic for breast augmentation will vary from patient to patient. However, most patients are under anaesthesia for under 3 hours, and often under 2 hours.

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Will I need to stay in hospital overnight after Breast Surgery?

  • An overnight stay in Hospital may be required for Breast Augmentation Surgery procedures, so patients can be properly monitored and receive the best quality care.
  • Your chosen Surgeon will be able to advise you further about the length of your hospital stay and your post-surgery care requirements.

For more information, visit the breast augmentation surgery page.

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TIP: Surgery advice is individualised. Your chosen Plastic Surgeon will be able give you personalised advice on when you can return to work and other daily activities.


Last updated: 13/08/2019
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