Free Breast Augmentation Information Evening with Mr Craig Rubinstein 2012 ( PAST EVENT )

There are a number of reasons why healthy, “normal” and attractive women, consider breast augmentation.

If you are considering breast implants then you should get as much information about the procedure so as to make an informed decision and have the best chance of meeting your personal objectives.

To discover more about the options available, meet one of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic breast surgeons – Mr Craig Rubinstein, as well as women who have had the procedure then come along to this event.

It will be an opportunity to see the different options available for breast augmentation:

  • Type of Breast Implants
  • Style of Breast Implants
  • Approach to Breast Implants
  • Placement of Breast Implants

But even more importantly to get answers about questions such as:

  • Where do I start?
  • Is it worth going overseas?
  • How long and where the operation takes place?
  • What size is right for me and how the latest 3D technology can help?
  • Whether the implants will feel natural and will people be able to tell?
  • Is the procedure safe and what are the possible complications?
  • Recovery times and exercise?

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