Five Best Dieting Apps: Using your Smart Phone to Lose Weight


New Technology for Keeping Fit: the 5 Best Dieting Apps

These days, you can get an app for nearly anything from remembering to take your vitamins or medications to sending your Mother’s Day and Birthday cards well enough in advance to actually get there in time.  We’ve come along way from the basic mechanical step counters that first became popular in the mid-60s. With Fitbits and Apple watches becoming common tech-wear items these days, we know there are apps and tech-gear that can help us stay fit and healthy.  But being healthy is not a one-dimension approach, even if you do source the best dieting apps or phone apps to lose weight or count calories and steps. It involves getting the right combinations of good nutrition, work-life balance, quality sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced or moderated approach to what you eat, drink and otherwise consume in your day to day existence – including time.

Combining Smart Phone Apps, Commitment and Motivation to Lose Weight

Consuming healthy foods and knowing the exact portion to eat to stay fit and as healthy as possible requires a lifetime, week in/week out commitment. Yet with so many junk food options around us, adhering to a healthy living plan is challenging.  No matter how much we want to look healthy or reduce calories and lose weight, most of us adore chocolate, chips and other foods that aren’t necessarily the lowest in calories.  But if you’re really wanting to lose weight – either to avoid surgery or prepare for surgery such as a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction – an app might be just the extra bit of help that’s needed.

So can phone apps help you stay fit or lose weight? Read more to find out which apps we like for using your Iphone, Samsung or other Android phone to lose weight.

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Diet Apps and Fitness Trackers

The New Tech/New You Option for losing weight and shifting fat

Fortunately, today’s digital age provides an every-varying array of new dieting apps for your smartphone. These can be quite valuable especially if you are aiming to lose a significant amount of weight. It can also help tremendously to have professional assistance (a diet or fitness coach, exercise instructor, general practitioner or even a psychologist or counsellor can help you overcome compulsive eating or poor nutrition choices).  But in terms of tech options, the following phone apps are among the best dieting apps that will easily fit into your lifestyle.

  1. Diet Assistant – Weight Loss

If you are looking for a range of meal options to suit your preferred diet, then this app is right for you. Whether you are a vegetarian or pescatarian, this app can give you a variety of eating and dieting plans to suit your lifestyle AND your eating ethos. It’s easy to use, too — all you need to do is enter some personal information, including your target weight, and the app will then assist you in achieving your desired weight loss goals.


Diet assistant app also features nutritional facts, meal and weight entry reminders, BMI calculator, and weight graph to keep track of your progress.

Diet Assistant – Weight loss app is available for: iOS and Android

  1. DietPoint – Weight Loss

This lovely app has over 130 diet plans designed for weight loss. In addition, it has more than 500 weight loss tips on how to boost your weight loss efforts to get you back to where you want to be (or where you’ve never been before). A BMI calculator along with a weight tracker is included to help you to monitor your own progress through your fitness and weight loss journey.


One of the best features of this DietPoint app, according to some bloggers who love it, is its innovative meal reminders which are notifications that pop-up when it’s time for your next meal so that you won’t miss any meal of the day. This is important because skipping meals tends to slow your metabolism or leads to overeating at the end of the day. That noted, it’s important that you listen to your body as well. Not when it says eat 100 donuts, of course – but when it says it’s full versus hungry, or thirsty for water rather than ravenous for food.

Diet Point – Weight Loss App – Available for: iOS and Android

best diet-apps-for-phones-iphone

  1. My Diet Coach

The “My Diet Coach” app has valuable features that can help you adhere to a healthier more balanced diet to lose weight.  There’s a free version and a paid version.  The FREE diet app version includes reminders, perseverance tips, inspiring pictures and a personal diet diary. If you upgrade to the PRO version (the paid diet app), it includes a food craving panic button, a weight chart and a POINTS system. It also comes with a calorie calculator so that you can keep track of your caloric intake.dietcoach-app-diet-coach-app-android-samsung-iphone

This is one of our favourites as who doesn’t have food cravings they need to overcome?  When you need that bit of boost, try My Diet Coach (and send us an enquiry form to let us know how you went). It’s a bit cartoon-like in delivery, but we like their tips approach. You can watch a video on the app by clicking here.

My Diet Coach App for Iphones or Android – Available for: iOS and Android

  1. Diet Watchers Diary

The Diet Watchers smartphone app allows you to create your own information reference points (a personal database so to speak) and then use that data to personalize your own weight-loss eating plans and diet. We like that it is so visual in it’s appeal about what we’re doing (or not doing) to lose weight.


diet watchers app, best diet app for phones, best-fitness-app-diet-watchers-iphone-android-samsung-diet-app


How visualising what you’re consuming is helpful to lose weight and keep fit

The logic behind this diet/weight loss app feature is that once you visualise what you’re eating, it will encourage you to ADD or REMOVE some food groups in your eating plan.

Diet Watchers Diary app also comes with a barcode scanner, a handy BMI calculator, Dropbox integration for backing up files (how techy is this!), and a basic food database to start from.

I wonder how this great diet app would rate the Mocha Mint coffee I had this morning (with full cream)? I’d better check…! 

Diet Watchers Diary Weight Loss App for smart phones – Available for: iOS and Android

  1. FatSecret Calorie Counter

Who doesn’t look for the top secrets for losing weight, in an app, magazine, blog or otherwise? This phone app is more basic than any other of the apps I’ve mentioned above. But it’s still a winner in terms of weight loss apps that can help you stay on your diet and lose excess fat.


All you need to do to use this app is enter what you eat into the dietary diary as well as the things you do to burn calories.

Basic or not, it does include a weight tracker, a diet calendar, a barcode scanner, a photo album, recipe ideas, a journal to record your thoughts and feelings, and a reference guide to various restaurants (however, not necessarily in Australia). It also lets you login to your Facebook and Google account.

Hopefully it doesn’t ALSO post what you’re eating every minute of the day.  Give it a try and let us know how you found it.  The FatSecret Calorie Counter app is available for:  Iphone – iOS and Android (including Samsung).

So there you have it – some of the best available phone apps to help you stick to your diet and lose weight.

They’re worth exploring.  And if you’ve gotten to where there’s nothing more you can do to shift fat that just won’t bulge? That’s when you might want to explore the body contouring options using non-surgical methods of ‘melting’ fat cells (EnCurve RadioFrequency based treatments) or surgical liposuction or an Abdominoplasty procedure.

Additional information for patients who are in the process of undertaking surgery OR who are wanting to maintain their weight after surgery for best long-term results from Abdominoplasty, Breast Reduction, Liposuction and other body contouring procedures:

Cosmetic liposuction surgery and body contouring plastic surgery procedures really work best if you do all you can to be fit, at an ideal BMI, and healthy BEFORE you engage in the surgical option.

And you’ll need to maintain your weight for best results, so why not get in shape using one of these highly rated phone apps for Iphones or Androids?  Let us know how you did.

For more information on body contouring of stubborn fat, send an enquiry form today. Or you can phone us during business hours on (03) 8849 1444



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