Butts and Breasts: How Fat Grafting & Fat Transfer Can Reshape your Body

How can you reshape your Body with Fat Grafting & Transfer?

You may have heard about fat transfer, a process where you can perform Breast Augmentation – in small volume cases – using fat removed via liposuction from the butt, belly or thighs and re-injected into the breast area to reshape the breasts.  Whilst there are pros and cons to fat transfer in relation to Breast Implant surgery for breast enlargement, for some women wanting only small cup size changes, fat grafting or “autologous fat transfer” from butt to breasts MAY be the answer.

First, though, it’s only really suitable for some patients and some breast augmentation procedures, including a small cup size change that is typically between a half to a full cup size.  In other words, minor volume changes only for a bit more projection.

If you want MORE projection or better cleavage than what a fat transfer can accomplish for you, you’ll be best off exploring Breast Augmentation Surgery using quality breast implants from Mentor or Motiva.


Steps to Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting – From Butts to Breasts – How Liposuction & Fat Injections Can Reshape Your Body

Step 1: Medical assessment

– Patients have breast screening prior to any surgery

Appropriate patients for Liposuction & Fat Grafting may include:

– patients with enough fat to harvest

– those that want 1/2 to 1 cup of volume in the breast

-those who don’t need a breast lift

Not all patients are suitable for Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting (AFT) to Breasts instead of Breast Enlargement Using Breast Implants

Which patients are unlikely to be suitable for Fat Grafting to Breasts?

– smokers (smoking is a huge deterrent to healing and to your overall health – quit long before surgery and ask your GP for help if you’re struggling to let it go).

-patients who have too much skin laxity and are not appropriate for liposuction

-patients who are not willing to stop dieting or exercise for 3 months after the procedure


Step 2:  Pre-Surgery Information and Consent

Your consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon will include information on the benefits, risks and potential outcomes for Breast Surgery.

Step 3: Your Surgery Day for Moving Fat (using Liposuction methods) from your Butt, Hips, Thighs or Abdomen TO YOUR Breasts!

  • Harvest Fat
  • Patients under GA
  • Small puncture sites
  • Area infused with hartmans or saline solution with adrenaline
  • Fat harvested from appropriate donor sites
  • Under low liposuction pressure
  • LA infused in the donor site after harvest

Step 4: Process fat

  • Filtration through fine sieve
  • Washing
  • and or centrifugation of the fat

Step 5: Inject Fat to areas

  • Small puncture site
  • Fat introduced using small bore cannula
  • ” spaghetti box ” technique – i.e. multiple passes through the tissue so the fat cells have immediate contact with normal tissue.
  • Volume determined based on amount able to be donated and double the amount as potential expected re-absorption rate may be up to 50%
  • e.g.. 1 L fat harvested, 500 mls remaining after preparation, 250 mls each breast with approximate 120mls of stable fat survives in the breast.

Step 5: Post op care

  • Liposuction garment
  • Supportive garment around the breast area
  • Patient put on a high caloric diet to encourage insulin release and increase chance of fat survival
  • Patient advised not to exercise for 3 months
  • Ideal is that patients are metabolic not catabolic



How many treatments might you need?

Multiple sessions are usually required, and this will vary from patient to patient.

Can I do it with a Local vs General Anaesthetic?

NO! Local Anaesthetic is toxic for the fat. Local Anaesthetic will be infused into donor site after harvest.

Will the fat stay?

This varies from patient to patient

About 40- 50% of fat is reabsorbed, after 3 months you can quantify the amount as stable.

What if I gain weight – what happens to my boobs after fat grafting/fat transfer?

Everyone is different.

If your weight changes, your breasts will often increase in size, just like normal fat and similar to how it is with normal weight gain changes to the breast area.

What if I lose weight – what happens to my boobs after fat grafting/fat transfer?

Similar to weight gain, your breasts will often decrease in size if you lose weight – just like normal fat

Is it like dermal filler – do I need top ups?

Not expected, as once amount has been quantified as stable no further amount is needed unless you want a second procedure for more volume in the breast

Does it impact the skin?- it actually improves skin quality, helps with scars and skin tethering

If it doesn’t take does it go out through urine or lymph?

The fat releases its free fatty acid content, which is picked up and transported to the liver, where it is broken down and excreted.

Dr Rebecca Wyten is our Fat Transfer/Fat Grafting to Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Email us or Call one of our Patient Care Coordinators on (03) 8849 1444 to arrange your consultation with Dr Rebecca Wyten.