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If you want your breast implants removed, our top Plastic Surgeons can help you to remove your breast implants or replace them with newer versions from Motiva or Mentor. Some women who remove breast implants have adequate breast tissues to give them the volume or shape they want (or they may return to using push-up bras or non-internal bra fillers). Other women may seek re-augmentation or supplemental breast shaping surgery, especially if their breasts have sagged due to ageing breast skin, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.

Best options for breast shaping after removal of implants:

  • Breast lift (depends on existing breast tissues and degree of sagging or ptosis)
  • Revision Breast Surgery (Replacing Breast Implants with newer models or with saline implants)
  • Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting to Breasts using Liposuction
  • “Internal bra” support surgery as part of a breast uplift

Reasons for Removing Implants can vary from patient to patient. Some want replacement with newer types of implants or a different size; others may want complete removal.

  • Sometimes you get breast implants at an early stage of life but later decide you want them removed due to size preference changes.
  • Your weight or body fat distribution may have changed over time meaning you have gained more breast volume and shaping without re-augmentation (you may still seek a breast lift though depending on your skin condition)
  • Perhaps your implantation time is up in terms of the soft silicone implant warranty ending and/or estimated durability reaching its peak time frame.
  • You may have experienced a complication.

Or you may simply feel it’s NOW TIME to have a re-operation on your implants, and you’re weighing up what to choose next (to remove your implants entirely – or simply replace them)?

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Removal of Breast Implants or Exchanging Implants for a larger or smaller size is called Explant Surgery (explantation of implants).

Explantation surgery means to remove existing Breast Implants with future options being having NO implants, new implants in a similar size or larger size (or even smaller), and/or a breast uplift or breast reduction. Here are some important considerations for removing or replacing implants.


Breast Implant Removal – Overview


What’s involved with removing your breast implants?

  • An incision is made, usually in the under-breast crease or IMF
  • Your surgeon carefully removes your existing implants (if under warranty, these may need to get sent back to the manufacturer)
  • Cleans out and sterilises your breast pocket and/or may remove the breast capsule (capsulectomy)
  • Sutures the skin again (see OTHER OPTIONS, below).


What options are best after removing breast implants?

  • It’s your personal decision as to what happens after your breast implants are removed.
  • Your skin strength or skin health – and existing breast tissues – need time to adjust, and may determine what’s best for you after removing your implants.
  • If you already decided you want to replace your breast implants with newer types of implants, this is usually done after explantation of your original implants and before you are re-sutured.
  • If you are having implants removed due to a complication such as capsular contracture, your Surgeon will guide you as to best-practice methods or alternatives and how long you might want to wait before your re-operation.


If I’m not getting new breast implants, will I need a Breast Lift?

If you are not having new breast implants put in, then:

  • You should ideally wait 12 months to assess how your skin heals and what your breasts look like.
  • Factors to consider after breast implant removal include your skin sagging (ptosis), skin condition, breast size preferences, lifestyle, and other factors.

Once you assess how your breast area looks after recovery from having your implants removed, then you can make a decision about what to do next – such as having a breast uplift or new breast implants inserted (or both).

  • Some Surgeons perform what’s called an internal bra lift vs a full breast lift – ask your Surgeon about these options during a consultation.
  • If you have a complication, you may be restricted on what your best options are OR how long you may need to wait for re-operation.
  • Otherwise, if you’re just having implants removed, or replaced, your Surgeon will advise you on choosing between some of the best available protocols for reshaping your breasts, including if FAT GRAFTING or an “internal bra” or FULL BREAST LIFT surgery may be a good option or your skin and breast shape.


What reasons do women remove their breast implants for?

Common reasons for removing or replacing breast implants with new ones include:

  • lifestyle changes that leave you wanting a DIFFERENT bra cup size or appearance change
  • a desire to go smaller or larger than your original breast implants
  • ‘Boob envy’ – wanting to exchange your implants for a larger size
  • losing weight or having skin ptosis (drooping skin) and needing an uplift or “internal bra lift” breast uplift
  • life events such as pregnancy, weight changes, silicone sensitivity
  • breastfeeding or ageing related considerations
    • sagging skin AFTER having babies or menopause
    • having large-sized breast implants and finding they interfere with breastfeeding comfort
  • a scenario where you have a complication or health concern with original breast augmentation surgery such as:
    • double bubble
    • bottoming out
    • uni-boob or mono-boob (breasts too close in the middle)
    • capsular contracture
    • sensitivity to silicone
    • uneven breasts in size or shape
    • movement of the implant in the chest area/pocket
    • other (see below)
  • personal reasons such as:
    • changing professions
    • taking up competitive sports
    • wanting to do more vigorous activities where a flatter or lower-projecting chest will feel more comfortable, such as exercising or running
    • when having larger implants has impacted your competitive sporting edge
    • other changes to your size ideals or aesthetic preferences

Other factors that may lead to breast implant removal or replacement surgery:

  • Implant Wrinkling
  • Skin sagging or skin concerns
  • Excessive Movement of your implant(s) 
  • An unusual Allergic Reaction to a specific type or brand of implant (we use high-quality Mentor implants)
  • Breast Asymmetry (the two are not identical in either shape or position) 
  • Breast implant surgical complications such as infections or bleeding
  • Lifestyle ideal changes or size preference changes


Do older breast implants need to be removed?

Ageing Breast implants: Should you take OLD implants OUT? Implants do have a suggested lifespan or warranty period of about 10 years according to most quality breast implant manufacturers.

But every woman ages differently, and there are many types of implants used over the past several decades – so there’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer.

It’s a personal decision as to how long you have implants and whether or not your replace them or remove them and at what time in life you do so.


Our Surgeons have best-practice protocols for checking your breast implant status every year after surgery and conducting more comprehensive tests or images, if required, at or around the 10 year post-op mark.


How can I avoid complication if I get replacement implants?

Best ways to reduce complication risks with Breast Augmentation or replacement of existing implants:

  • Choose a Surgeon who prioritises patient safety and sanitation at all levels of your surgery
  • Be sure your Surgeon is an experienced expert in Breast Augmentation (ask how many they have performed this year and over their lifetime)
  • Have surgery in a reputable facility (an accredited hospital rather than a back room) and be sure you choose a QUALITY implant manufacturer such as Mentor or Motiva (not a cheap unknown brand or less reputable brand)
  • Don’t smoke (not before and not after)
  • Don’t do too much too soon
  • Follow your surgeon’s advice
  • Don’t go overseas for cheaper offers because you could end up disfigured, as many overseas patients who had botched results discovered
  • Know the difference between a cosmetic doctor and a bonafide Plastic Surgeon (a Specialist Plastic Surgeon)

Recognise that some complications may occur randomly and may not be predictable.

  • So notify and see your Surgeon immediately if you have any concerns or symptoms of a potential complication.
  • If you suspect a serious complication or experience a sudden change to your breast implant results, and you cannot get in to see your original Surgeon, seek urgent medical attention if required.

What other factors will influence the longevity of my breast implants?

  • Choosing a less trained surgeon or cheap breast implant brand that doesn’t have a quality reputation
  • Smoking – greatly increases your risks of health complications including problems with your augmentation surgery;
    • If you smoke, tell your SURGEON and
    • DO NOT HAVE SURGERY until you are firmly a non-smoker.
  • Insist on Surgeons who value the 14 Step Methods – our team takes special steps such as the best-practice method of 14 steps to reduce complication RISKS for getting breast implants – ask us how we do this.
  • Use a HOSPITAL not a clinic back room – We also perform revision breast surgery procedures at Melbourne Hospitals – ask your Surgeon for details.


Explantation: Will it fix a botched boob job?

Wanting breast implants removed due to an earlier botched surgery?

If you have a BOTCHED breast job, find out if we can help by asking for an assessment of the removal of your implants.

  • Not all surgeries go to plan, such as if you choose a less experienced doctor for your procedure
  • You may want a revision if your first surgery didn’t address your concerns or ended up problematic
  • Some women want implant removal due to an earlier botched cosmetic surgery procedure that resulted from a less trained doctor or from cheap overseas surgery options (read the dangers of medical tourism)- or if you had surgery by a GP or Dermatologist skin doctor instead of a qualified Specialist Surgeon with FRACS
  • Or perhaps you’re on this page because you experienced problems with an inferior implant or the wrong type of implant (e.g., a cheap implant option or one that is found to potentially need replacement).
  • You may seek to remove your breast implants completely and/or replace your breast implants with a more reputable brand or reliable type.

Cancer screening may also be a reason to seek the removal of your breast implants.

  • Recently diagnosis or suspicion of Breast Cancer
  • Family members experiencing breast surgery meaning you may be at higher risk and need to screen more frequently
  • Interference with Breast Screening Mammograms (if you have a personally high-risk factor or genetic risk factors)


Considerations for Swapping Out vs Removing Your Breast Implants

The best way to assess what’s best and what options might suit your needs is to meet with a seasoned Surgeon and openly discuss what’s troubling you about your current breast augmentation results. Your Surgeon may ask you the following questions:

  • Are your breast implants causing you pain?
  • Have your augmented breasts unusually hardened?  There are options to handle capsular contractor – ask your Surgeon during a consultation.
  • Are you unhappy with the look of your current breast implants? Perhaps a different size, profile shape or placement strategy can help; or maybe liposuction of the breast area or fat transfer can enhance the outcome.
  • Are you wanting to live life with a smaller breast area?  You can remove or replace your breast implants – and leave the look as is – or get a breast lift with or without implants if required.
  • Do you want to move back towards the breast size or shape that existed before you had your breast augmentation?


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