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Costs: Breast Reduction Prices

How much does it cost to have Breast Reduction Surgery in Melbourne VIC?

This blog covers the price of Melbourne Breast Reduction surgery (average price ranges – plus WHAT TO LOOK FOR in a Breast Reduction Surgeon and Price Quote).

  • Read more to find out the price RANGES of breast reduction procedures.
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Cost of Breast Reduction and Breast Shaping with Liposuction (Prices)

For a no-drain procedure and Le Jour method breast reduction surgery (rather than the larger “anchor” scars), prices for breast reduction surgery tend to RANGE between between $10,000 and $18,000.

  • This can vary depending on the factors we describe below.
  • Find out what’s involved in price differences (continue reading).


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Who do COSTS vary? Breast Reduction Price Factors | Melbourne

The reasons Plastic Surgery PRICES differ for breast reduction in Australia (including Melbourne), relate to the following factors.

  1. WHO is performing the surgery – your Surgeon’s level of expertise, training and qualifications
    • Is your Surgeon FRACS qualified and very experienced?
    • Is your procedure well-planned and customised for better shaping and nipple position?
  2. WHAT is included in the PRICE estimate or formal COST QUOTE for Breast Reduction
    • Is your Surgeon using advanced techniques to minimise breast scars?
    • Is everything included in the QUOTE or are you going to get hit with unexpected expenses?
    • What type of anaesthetic is being used and how will scars be managed?
  3. WHEN the procedure is being performed
    • Ask a Patient Care Coordinator about rapidly-changing hospital fees
    • Medicare rebate criteria also changes rapidly for patients with a health condition being treated by a breast reduction – and Insurance policy classification changes are underway in 2019
  4. WHY you are having the procedure (e.g. cosmetic vs medically-indicated health reasons such as back pain)
  5. WHERE you are having your surgery performed
    • General Anaesthetic in a hospital vs
    • “awake” twilight anaesthetic in a clinic back room?
  6. HOW long your breast reduction surgery will take in theatre – plus whether re-operation is required
  7. COMPLEXITY – your existing proportions, your health, your skin condition and how complex your overall procedure needs to be in order to get a good aesthetic result and nipple lift along with your reduction – in other words, the level of planning and expertise required to perform a balanced procedure to reduce ptosis, size and breast weight AND maintain nipple health and balance

There are 3 PRICE RANGES for Breast Reduction (Melbourne Surgeon COST ranges)

LOW COST Breast Reduction Surgery

Prices typically range from around $8,000 to $10,900 in Melbourne.

Brief synopsis of discounted or low-cost range breast Reduction:

  • NOT usually performed in a hospital
    • usually performed in a clinic or day surgery BACK ROOM
    • using “twilight” anaesthetic VS general anaesthetic (with a General Anaesthetic, you’re comfortably ‘asleep’ during the operation vs with twilight, you’re technically ‘awake’
  • Typically performed by a NON-Plastic Surgeon (usually by a GP or other doctor WITHOUT RACS recognition as an accredited Surgeon).
  • Patients may experience unexpected out of pocket costs or have non-customised procedures.
  • Shaping may be limited (the surgeon may not use liposuction for added balance or shaping)

Mid-Range Costs of Breast Reduction

Mid-range prices for Breast Reduction – typically ranges from $11,000 to $14,900.

Brief synopsis of mid-range breast Reduction prices:

  • May or may not be performed by a genuine Plastic Surgeon – check your Surgeon’s qualifications
  • May or may not be fully customised to include asymmetry correction of nipples and breast position and shaping improvements using liposuction
  • May be performed in a hospital setting OR a back room of a clinic (doctor-run “day surgery centres”)
  • If your Surgeon doesn’t use a hospital setting, ask if they are a PLASTIC SURGEON and if they have actual hospital admitting rights should something not go to plan.
  • May or may not involve post-op care and RECOVERY aids and scar management

Price of Premium Breast Reduction Surgery by a Plastic Surgeon

Premium surgery options may range from $15,000 to up to $22,000 or higher

  • Usually performed by a highly-regarded Breast Reduction Surgery expert with full FRACS (Specialist Plastic Surgery recognition including Cosmetic and Reconstructive)
  • Surgeon tends to have advanced training and extensive experience
    • Surgery is performed by a seasoned expert – not a doctor in training
    • Specialist pricing vs a junior doctor or newly starting surgeon
  • General Anaesthetic by a seasoned Anaesthetic team
  • Scar minimisation techniques and good pain management from a FRACS Plastic Surgeon
  • Overnight Hospital stay(s) for patient comfort
  • Post-op garments, Post-Op Recovery help and Follow-up care

Find out more about WHY there are varying costs in Breast Reduction price quotes.

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Last updated: 10/09/2019
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