Cosmetic Surgeons: 7 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon


Cosmetic Surgeons vs Plastic Surgeons – these terms are NOT identical. Be sure you know HOW to recognise the DIFFERENCES in who performs an operation. Because nearly anyone can call themselves a “cosmetic surgeon,” despite NOT having qualifications as a dedicated Specialist Plastic Surgeon with FRACS and AHPRA acknowledgement. To save you from falling prey to misinformation about differences between surgeons, here are 7 questions to ask your Surgeon before you sign a consent for Cosmetic Surgery.  Remember, shopping on price is NOT recommended.  Why is that?  (Watch the ABC FOUR CORNERS special investigation into the cosmetic industry, where Sydney patients chose Surgeons they weren’t aware were different to Plastic Surgeons).

Firstly, it’s not uncommon that discounted cosmetic surgery or cheap surgery advertisements HIDE relevant costs (necessary costs).

  • They may quote cheap Breast Implants or Breast Reduction, for example; but their price is generally NOT inclusive.
  • Many patients who fall for those tricks end up getting multiple, unexpected invoices for additional surgery-related costs (so it pays to find out – in detail – exactly what’s being quoted, and what IS or ISN’T included in the cost of cosmetic surgery).

Secondly, you only have one body, one face, one nose. Don’t risk it to a less experienced, non-Specialist doctor.

Do you really believe the cheapest Surgeon is offering the best work? Or might they be taking surgery shortcuts that could impact your long term results?

  • As Dr Rubinstein is fond of saying: “Best results are usually accomplished when the RIGHT surgery is performed by the RIGHT Surgeon, in the RIGHT facility, at the RIGHT time of life – the FIRST time (not a revision surgery, which may be limited in what it can accomplish)”.
  • You do NOT want to risk having a less-than-satisfactory result because you selected a Surgeon who isn’t a genuine, fully-qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon with FRACS and ASAPS or ASPS membership (or for eyelids, an expert Oculoplastic Surgeon who is FACS).

Watch the VIDEO of the 7 Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon.

Transcripts from this VIDEO are listed below.

NOT ALL PRICE QUOTES for Cosmetic Surgery are EQUAL.

Be sure you ALSO evaluate what’s actually included in a price QUOTE (if you are price shopping for Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery).

We recommend going for QUALITY rather than price, as Surgery is NOT like buying a pair of shoes – it’s a serious endeavour!

At our Plastic Surgery group, our QUOTES are highly inclusive.

They include post-surgery garments, hospitals, anaesthetists, high-tech incision line treatments to reduce scars, several first year follow up appointments (so long as you have a referral/medicare card) and a Rapid Recovery Pack to help you heal as quickly as possible.

We don’t think patients LIKE surprises; so we do our best to explain what’s included in cosmetic surgery cost Quotes – and why we believe patients should never shop for cosmetic surgery on PRICE alone, but on the actual VALUE of having an experienced, leading Surgeon perform your surgery, and the benefits of your long-term outcomes.

  • Cheap surgery offers are rarely inclusive.
  • You could end up paying MORE in the long run if you fall for a misleading discount cosmetic surgery offer or over-seas medical tourism trap.
  • This is especially likely if you develop a complication from an having overseas surgery OR
  • If you need REVISION surgery because you chose a less-qualified practitioner to perform your procedure OR
  • You end up unhappy with your surgery results – and blame yourself (or your surgeon choice) every time you look in the mirror.

Be an informed CONSUMER of Cosmetic Procedures including your Plastic Surgery Options and Non-Surgical Procedures

Discover WHICH questions are best to ask a Surgeon before signing a consent; and be an informed consumer of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery or phone us to ask us for a Guide on (03) 8849 1444.

The BEST QUESTIONS to ask your Cosmetic Surgeon – be sure you find out if they are FRACS qualified and able to operate in accredited Australian private hospitals vs clinic back rooms only.


To help you make an EDUCATED choice about your surgeon, here are 7 key questions to ask your Surgeon BEFORE you choose them to perform your Surgery.

  • Remember, do your research and go with your GUT – ask friends, family members and read online reviews – but ONLY have surgery for yourself (never to please anyone else).
  • Be sure you fully understand the downtime, healing times, incision line strategies and surgery risks as well as the BENEFITS of having surgery (like a flatter tummy after a Tummy Tuck or better shaped breasts after a Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction).

Considering Plastic Surgery or the Cosmetic Surgery procedure you’ve dreamed of having for some time? Be sure you choose the BEST doctor for your procedure.  We recommend one of Melbourne’s top Plastic Surgeons who are recognised as Specialist Surgeons by APHRA and who are members of FRACS (or FACS if an Oculopastic).

If you’re wanting Surgery by a genuine, APHRA recognised Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, rather than just a GP or dermatologist who decided to perform breast, body or face surgery, then HERE are the most important questions to ask your Surgeon.

The key questions to ask during a first cosmetic surgery consultation with a “Cosmetic” Surgeon are:

Question 1. Qualifications of your Cosmetic Surgeon – are they actually a Specialist Plastic Surgeon or are they a different type of doctor, perhaps a dentist, skin disease doctor or GP?

A lot of doctors entered the Cosmetic Surgery field without studying Plastic Surgery. Patients are often confused and think they’re choosing a Plastic Surgeon (who will have FRACS and hospital operating rights, as well as ASPS/ASAPS and ISAPS memberships).

Ask your SURGEON BEFORE you CONSENT or CHOOSE: What are your formal qualifications? Are they – or aren’t they – a member of FRACS, ASAPS or ASPS, and ISAPS or FACS)?

Find out if they are ACTUALLY a Plastic Surgeon as recognised by AHPRA as being a dedicated Surgeon who has STUDIED and PASSED exams in Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery. Don’t be fooled into thinking a year long course is the same thing as 12 to 14 dedicated years of Plastic Surgery plus decades of experience in breast, body and face surgery. It’s not the same thing.

Question 2. What are your best options for Cosmetic Surgery and what’s ACTUALLY included in the price quote or cost estimate?

And WHAT, exactly, is INCLUDED in the Cosmetic Surgery Price Quote? Often, Surgeons who advertise less expensive surgery are doing so because they are only quoting the surgery price, not the full cost of having the procedure performed.

You want to know if the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetists fee, follow-up care, clinic or facility fee, hospital fees, bandages and other post-operative necessities, post-op garments and more are actually INCLUDED or if you’ll get a surprise bill for thousands of dollars more than you were expecting – because a lot of these items are left off of some quotes but they are absolutely mandatory for surgery or for a good result. Don’t get fooled into thinking a cheap price is inclusive – or that inexpensive breast implants means you’ll have a seasoned professional with FRACS and ISAPS/ASPS. Chances are, it’s cheap for a reason.

Question 3. What will your Surgeon do with placement and treatment of your incision lines to minimise your scars after surgery?

Not all Surgeons are adamant about minimising your scars – nor do they have the latest high-tech methods and equipment for doing so. Here at our group, we offer Scar treatments including healite ii LLLT therapy, Fraxel laser or skin needling to help you have minimal scars after certain surgeries such as Tummy Tuck or Breast Reduction.  Also, what options do they give you for your breast implant incisions? There IS another option – transaxillary – that might suit Asian patients. Find out more about armpit incisions/transaxilliary breast augmentation.

Question 4. What are the risks of your surgery procedure – and your SPECIFIC risks, based on pre-existing conditions?

Health Risks – what are the known risks of the procedure, and does anything about your health or past experience, or your lifestyle behaviours, make you at higher risk than others? (for example, if you smoke, you need to understand the risks and NOT have surgery until you’re free and clear of all smoking; if you have a higher than desired weight or Body Mass Index, it can impact your risks AND your satisfaction with your results).


Question 5. Recovery and Downtime after Cosmetic Surgery – how much, how long?

Healing and Recovery – how much down time do you REALLY need?

Question 6. Where do they perform the operation? A Hospital or back room?

Surgery locations – do they operate in a REAL Australian hospital – or a back room of a clinic that isn’t regularly monitored by a Quality Assurance staff member (e.g., what are your risks of infections, or of not having instant medical care should something not go to plan)?

Question 7. Experience and Expertise – are they the GO TO Surgeon for your procedure?

How much experience do you have in this particular surgery?

Get prepared for your FIRST cosmetic Surgery consultation with a Plastic Surgeon.

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