Cosmetic Surgeon VS Plastic Surgeon: Key Differences

Consumers are often confused about key differences between a cosmetic surgeon vs plastic surgeons who have FRACS (Plas) and membership in groups like ASAPS, ISAPS, ASPS and more.

Plastic Surgeon vs Cosmetic Surgeon (a Doctor who operates but who is NOT a Specialist Plastic Surgeon).

Key differences between surgeons who perform Cosmetic Surgery (Plastic Surgeons vs Cosmetic Surgeons) include, but are not limited to Plastic Surgeons having:

  • Medical board recognition as a Specialist
  • RACS and AHPRA acknowledgment and membership as a genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon – look for FRACS (Plas) and ISAPS, ASAPS and more
  • Up to 12 more years of additional surgical training in cosmetic, reconstructive plastic surgery procedures
  • Often have worked alongside international leaders in Plastic Surgery
  • Hospital privileges vs only a clinic back room operation option
    • Have privileges to work in genuine accredited Hospitals (insurance companies and hospital boards to NOT allow cosmetic surgeons or cosmetic doctors to operate in their facilities as they are not recognised Specialist Surgeons)
    • Work alongside seasoned general Anaesthetists and can use fully-asleep forms of Anesthesia vs twilight only (which is what most back-room clinics are restricted to using)

Want to know more? ABC’s FOUR CORNERS recently aired a program on the dangers of patients not understanding key differences between types of surgeons who perform breast surgery, such as breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift procedures (as well as tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty or face surgery or cosmetic injections).

Watch the ABC FOUR CORNERS video expose on the cosmetic surgery industry which highlight post-surgery problems and disfigurement in patients who did NOT understanding key differences between a FRACS Plastic Surgeon and GPs and other doctors calling themselves a “cosmetic surgeon”.

A cosmetic surgeon could be just about anyone with a basic medical degree, despite having LITTLE surgical training and no recognition by the Australian Medical Board as a genuine RACS accredited Surgeon or Specialist.

If they are not FRACS they are NOT a Plastic Surgeon.

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Watch the ASPS video about differences between surgeons.