Choosing a Post-Op Breast Size or Implant: Proportion Balance Matters

Preparation for Breast Augmentation, Reduction or Breast Lift Surgery: Proportion & Balance Matters

So you’ve finally decided to get your breasts operated on to get them the size, shape or position where you want them (or where they used to be before the kids or gravity took their toll).


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How do you know what SIZE or SHAPE to choose?

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Choosing a Post-Breast Surgery Bra Cup Size doesn’t mean you’ll fit into exactly that size, but in general, you can augment your breasts to a size that:

  • fits your body
  • is suitable for your skin’s elasticity
  • meets your visual or aesthetic ideals
  • suits your lifestyle and values including fashion choices

 A little..or a lot?

Whether you’re wanting a LITTLE more up top (or a LOT more – or, as in the case of a Breast Reduction like Celebrity Ariel Winter recently had – a lot LESS up top) – our Surgeon’s can help you choose a post-op breast size, shape and “look” in terms of cleavage.

How do you pick a breast size for after your surgery?  You focus on BALANCE and BODY Proportions.

  • What is important for most patients is to have a body that is in proportion
  • Severe asymmetry can often be remedied  through augmentation or reduction surgery if performed by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon
  • Balance between the lower and upper body should be considered
  • Height, weight and chest width also has an impact

what size is best for implants augmentation

As Plastic Surgeon Dr Richard Maxwell notes:

“Most commonly, women with small breasts tend to prefer to move upwards to about a C cup, on average. But it varies from person to person and what looks good on one woman might not suit another woman.  I find that patients seeking a Breast Reduction tend to like to be reduced to about a C cup, with some going down to a B cup.”

SO in summary, there’s no ONE SIZE suits all. It really is up to you, but will depend on what you’re starting with in terms of body shape, chest size and skin elasticity.

How we help patients decide what size to choose depends on a number of items, such as skin elasticity, chest size, amount of breast tissue and personal ideals.

If you’re not sure, come visit one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons on our team or ask for a VECTRA 3D imaging session with a Nurse.