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Looking for cheap Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery?

Revision surgery for “botched” procedures is complex and costly. Our team of leading Melbourne surgeon’s see the results of many botched surgeries. Revision surgery to fix surgical mistakes and unsatisfactory results is very costly — it’s not something you should risk because you’ll face yourself in the mirror nearly every day of your life. Plus, if you get cheap surgery and it goes wrong, you might not have adequate after-care from your original surgeon and – sadly – some things just can’t be fixed at all. So shopping for discounts on breast, body, face or rhinoplasty surgery is not the best idea.  Here’s why.

Don't risk cheap surgery in thaliand for your breast surgery

Please note: This is an opinion piece by our blogging team.

Is cheap cosmetic surgery or a discount breast implant surgery really worth the risks? We don’t think so.

“We had one patient consult with Dr Craig Rubinstein, who then went to Thailand for breast surgery. She came back to see us with a serious complication – a dead nipple. The Thai Surgeon had cut the blood supply to the nipple and so the nipple had died and fallen out. We can’t fix that.”

Also, there are a variety of implants on the market. We insist on using high quality, well known brand implants.  And if you do your homework, you’ll know that Mentor or Allergan are quality and well known for longevity of results, especially if the 14 safety points of breast augmentation are followed.  The cheap discount implants just aren’t worth it – ask our nurses about the cheap french-made implant problems that were in the news some years ago – not an implant our Surgeons would use.

We only use high quality implants from reputable breast implant manufacturers with high quality control.

Don’t risk it – cheap cosmetic surgery is NO bargain

  • Don’t choose the cheapest surgeon or cheap cosmetic surgery — don’t risk an under-qualified surgeon.
  • In our primary Clinic, we only have highly experienced plastic surgeons performing breast implant and breast lift or breast reduction surgeries.
  • No newbies.
  • No under-qualified doctors.



Don’t set yourself up for expensive revision surgery by choosing an unknown or less trained Surgeon, or a Surgeon who isn’t licensed to operate in a fully Accredited Australian Hospital. Our Specialist Surgeons are fully-qualified to operate in some of the best Private Hospitals in Melbourne (and our FRACS qualified colleagues do the same in Sydney).

botched surgery in Thailand cant always be fixed

“Choosing to have plastic surgery is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. Choosing an experienced, specialist plastic surgeon to perform your surgery is even more important. You deserve the thoroughness, attention to detail and continuous after-care that only an Australian plastic surgeon can provide.”

Sadly, many candidates for plastic surgery have recently gone overseas to save money on their surgery. Plastic surgery should definitely be done in Australia as it requires frequent aftercare, support and follow up. The risks of infection and complication are also higher when overseas and travelling on planes. The best time to get surgery right is the first time. Some things just can’t be fixed. Please don’t risk it – we have seen their mistakes – come and see what we can work out for you.


It’s also a good idea to avoid FLY IN/FLY OUT surgeons as they may not be available for you if they are covering multiple territories – it’s best if you have a local surgeon who you can see for follow-up visits easily and when you need them.  If they live in another state or territory, or another country, you can be left high and dry when you really need follow up care.

Please phone us on (03) 8849 1444 if you would like to talk to a specialist surgeon or a past patient.

What we do differently for Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men


  • Choice of experienced and Qualified Plastic Surgeons (NOT Cosmetic Physicians)
  • All major operations performed in major Australian accredited hospitals
  • Highly Trained specialist staff and surgical team
  • Highest quality breast implants from Mentor and Allergan
  • Continuous After-Care and Support

We operate in major Accredited Hospitals

  • We operate in major accredited hospitals with qualified anaesthetists.
  • We avoid operating using light twilight sedation in day surgeries or backrooms.
  • You deserve only the best plastic surgery with highly-experienced plastic surgeons.



You’re worth it!

Our team of Plastic Surgeons is one of the largest and most experienced groups of Specialists for cosmetic surgery of the face, nose, breast and body in Australia. All work individually but meet regularly as a team, and they can cross-consult on complex surgery cases, as they aim to provide patients with an exceptional care experience and a positive surgery outcome.

Want quality surgery care and an experienced, customised BESPOKE cosmetic surgery procedure?

Visit with one of our team’s TOP Specialist Surgeons for your Plastic, Cosmetic or Reconstructive Surgery of the face, nose, breasts or body.

Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment and further helpful information.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our practice is NOT a credit provider.

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