Best Ways to Lose Weight Before Surgery

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Tummy Tuck Recovery after Surgery

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A Mini Boob Job: Small Breast Implants

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How long will I be in hospital?

When you’re having Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery procedure, a frequently asked question is:  “How long will I be in hospital?” In this blog, the team... Read more

Breast Reduction Surgery in Summer

Scheduling surgery can be a challenge for some patients, and some will consider surgery over summer. If this is you, try to plan as far in advance as possible so that you... Read more

Medicare and Cosmetic Surgery: Rebates

It’s usually a good idea to choose to have Cosmetic Surgery with an experienced, highly qualified Australian Specialist Plastic Surgeon rather than risk a back room... Read more

Breast Implant Size Trends in Australia

Part 2 of the blog series on “Breast Augmentation Trends in Australia“.  Breast enlargement using breast implants is an extremely popular surgery performed around... Read more
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Breast Augmentation Trends in Australia

Breast Augmentation Trends in Australia have a unique aspect to them. Why is that?  It’s because breast implant size preferences are influenced by Australian’s... Read more
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Arm Lift Surgery: What You Need To Know

Arm Lift Surgery is a surgical treatment to reduce this ‘flappy’ skin on the upper arms and tighten and firm the upper arm area. The procedure is also... Read more

Second Opinion from a Tummy Tuck Expert

Three Babies Later – Tummy Tuck and Diastasis Recti Repair “My Second Opinion from a Tummy Tuck Expert” – patient interview via the Plastic Surgery... Read more

Breast Implants Sagging – Time & Gravity

Breast Implants Sagging, Time and Gravity: What Your Breast Surgeon Wants You to Know. Breast Implants are Not Impervious to Ageing and Sagging (Breast Ptosis) Gravity eventually... Read more

Patient Journey: Reduction Mammoplasty

Patient Education Piece:  A Patient’s Journey through a Reduction Mammoplasty If you have ever thought to yourself, that you are carrying too much on top, you’ll... Read more
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5 Advantages of Round Block Facelifts

Facelift Surgery: 5 Advantages of a Round Block Facelift Procedure One of the most visible signs of ageing we face is the deterioration of the quality of our skin.  Skin... Read more
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Tips & Techniques to Disguise Large Breasts

How to Minimise the Appearance of Large Breasts for a Big Event. Through red carpet award shows or magazine spreads, having noticeable cleavage and large breasts is often... Read more
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Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

Tips for Natural Looking Breast Enlargement: Breast Augmentation with Implants. Rather than wanting an significantly obvious increase in the size of their breasts, many... Read more

Pre and Post Gastric Sleeve Diet

Pre-Surgery and Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery Nutrition: How Will Bariatric Procedures Affect Your Diet? By Brooke and Maven With erratic meal times, readily available junk... Read more
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Butt Lifts & Augmentation 

The Latest in Butt Augmentation Procedures Would it surprise you to know that a great percentage of Australians are unhappy with their butt?  For several years now, we’ve... Read more