Can I combine Fraxel With a Facelift?

By the time facial ageing reaches a certain point, a Facelift on its own may not achieve sufficiently rejuvenation. That’s because facial ageing is NOT just about having sagging jowls or crepey-looking skin and weakened facial muscles. It also involves unsightly skin pigmentation arising from years of sun damage, dwindling collagen, fat pad or skeletal atrophy, and temple hollowing. That’s when using more active or acidic skin care products, plus combining Fraxel with a facelift may be the best solution.

Loose crepey-folds of skin that form facial wrinkles and lines can be surgically tightened in appearance or readjusted; but if the pigmentation issues of the skin are not addressed, the result may be substandard.

Patients who are wanting a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation procedure may decide they want more than a redistribution of loose skin along the lower face (lower facelift) or mid to upper face (mid-face facelift or eyelid and brow lift). They may decide to explore whether they are suitable candidates to combine Fraxel with a Facelift.

Combining Skin Resurfacing Fraxel Before or After a Facelift: Aesthetic Guidelines

There are several types of Facelift surgery, such as SMAS, Round block or thread lift (Few Plastic Surgeons would recommend a thread lift simply as it doesn’t seem to show longevity of results for most patients with crepey skin or sagging jowls).

But if you are planning on getting Fraxel, you’ll want to understand the appropriate timing between laser skin resurfacing and a facelift.

  • Many Surgeons would suggest you get your skin in good condition before AND after a facelift surgery.
  • Good laser treatment protocols suggest several treatments, about 4 to 8 weeks apart depending on what you’re having done, give far better results than a single treatment.
  • Combining various peels and laser treatments with active-ingredient skin care, so long as done carefully, can also yield a good effect for facial skin rejuvenation and reduced pigmentation concerns (less uneven skin tones or facial blotches).

If you have several months before your facelift is planned, then see a Dermal Clinician recommended by your Facelift Surgeon (ask one of Melbourne’s Facelift and Facial Rejuvenation experts, such as Dr Douglas McManamny, FRACS Plastic Surgeon, for a recommendation).

  • New methods have been tried in recent years and you might have read about ‘quicker healing’ Facelift procedures, such as a thread facelift or mini facelift. But our experts believe most ‘quick fix’ surgery shortcuts can lead to short lasting outcomes.
  •  We believe that it’s best to get a longer term result the FIRST time you have face surgery, and to choose a stellar Surgeon who cares about how you’ll look in 5 to 10 years time (not just in a few month’s time).
  • A good facelift result, in the view of our Melbourne Facelift Surgeons, is one that looks natural AND is longer-lasting.

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