Breast Reduction Risks & Details

Want help finding an expert Breast Reduction Surgeon in Melbourne or Sydney??

At our Plastic Surgeon group, we have several of Melbourne’s and Sydney’s top Breast Reduction experts – with consultation locations available in Melbourne, Berwick (convenient to Mornington Peninsula/Frankston) and West Melbourne (Williamstown) – coming soon as well as in Sydney (in Double Bay and near Bondi).  Our Breast Reduction Surgeons operate in genuine hospitals with seasoned, highly trained Anaesthetists. Our team also knows how to help you minimise your surgery scars, by choosing the NO DRAINS technique and the Le Jour incision technique rather than the anchor technique. Silicone strips can also help (read the blog). We also further shape your breasts by using liposuction breast reduction shaping along with surgical excisions for volume reduction and cleavage shaping. Please note, however, that some patients with very large breasts may require a different incision technique and occasionally, depending on the patient and surgery needs, drains MAY be required – but many of our breast reduction patients are good candidates for drain-free methods using smaller scar techniques.

Is there such a thing as the scar-less or no-scar breast reduction?

Read the blog about the truth about no-scar breast reduction (the so-called scarless methods).



So you’ve decided (finally) to have a Breast Reduction.

You can take comfort in knowing that for many women choosing this procedure, a Reduction Mammoplasty procedure by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon (FRACS qualified Plastic Surgeon) can lead to:

  • reduced physical problems caused by heavy breasts (such as reduced neck, back and shoulder pain)
  • greater choices in what kinds of bras you can wear comfortably – reduce ‘bra strap dig in’ or chaffing
  • improved comfort in social situations or intimacy with partner(s)
  • less self-consciousness at the beach or in the bedroom or at the gym
  • freedom to sleep more comfortably in different positions AND to exercise without your breasts getting in the way

One of the greatest benefits of having Breast Reduction surgery, according to patients who have had this procedure, is to comfortably participate in various sports and exercise classes, from running to yoga to horse back riding to swimming, surfing or dancing.




All surgery has risks, however, and you want to be fully aware of these before you proceed.

Good Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery include women who:

  • are in relatively good health including having a healthy BMI
  • are definite non-smokers (not even social smoking)
  • don’t have any contraindications for having surgery

If you are a good candidate for a breast reduction surgery procedure, it doesn’t negate your surgery risks – but it can help reduce them.

If you have a health problem of any sort, just ask one of our top Surgeons for their advice about your suitability for breast reduction surgery.

What Your Breast Reduction Surgery will involve:

Each procedure to make your breasts more balanced and uplifted, including reshaping your nipple area, is fully customised to help meet your appearance and size balance objectives. Communication is a crucial part of surgery, as it’s a collaborative procedure. There are some things YOU will need to do to optimise your result and some things your SURGEON can do to help you get the look and size and shape you’re wanting, but at times you may be limited by some aspects of physiology in terms of the final result (patient results vary).  A good Surgeon can usually give you an indication of what shape or size you’ll have after surgery and healing (it takes time for swelling to go down but many people find the surgery less uncomfortable than they thought prior to having the surgery).

Your Breast Surgeon – be sure he or she is FRACS qualified – will take into account:

  • the existing breast tissue
  • breast size and weight
  • breast and nipple position
  • skin health including skin elasticity
  • underlying chest muscles
  • preferred breast size
  • preferred nipple size, appearance and location

A Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) can do a lot to bring your breasts into better proportion with the rest of your body.


Yes, your Reduction Mammoplasty will be performed under General Anaesthesia.

Breast Reduction surgery will be performed under general anaesthesia in a hospital setting for patient safety and comfort, and involves:

  • removing unwanted fat tissues from very large breasts
  • reducing excess breast fat
  • often using liposuction for breast shaping during breast reduction
  • surgically excising excess breast tissue
  • ‘tightening’ and ‘uplifting’ the breast skin
  • repositioning the nipple area


For best outcomes, you’ll want your Surgeon to be highly precise in measurements, markings and incisions. Why? So that you get a pleasingly symmetrical and balanced breast size result that is both natural looking and long-lasting.

Is Changing your Nipple area part of a Breast Reduction Operation?

Yes, nipple reshaping is often part of the operation if you wish. So is uplifting the breasts.  

  • The areola, or darker skin around the nipple, is commonly reduced or repositioned during your Breast Reduction procedure.  

RECOMMENDED reading for research into Breast Reduction Surgery, Risks and Recovery

What happens to your nipples during a Breast Reduction?

Nipple Shape or Colour Change – Your Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Options

Your breast reduction surgeon will discuss the following Nipple Surgery Options with you in your consultation.

Will reducing my breasts impact future breast feeding?

Ask your Surgeon if you are not yet finished having your family yet or are likely to want to engage in future breastfeeding. Any surgery to the breast area has a risk of impacting some women’s breastfeeding choices; but surgery or not, not every woman is able to breastfeed. And our Surgeons are adept at doing what they can to help preserve the capacity to breastfeed – there are no guarantees but our Surgeons such as Dr Craig Rubinstein, who states” I’ve have had many, many patients who’ve gone on to breast feed after I’ve performed their reduction mammoplasty procedures. We really do all we can through our surgical approaches to preserve the function of the nipple.”


What outcomes can I Expect of a Breast Reduction Surgery?

Balance:  You’ll lose breast weight and gain a more balanced breast size and shape

Posture:  Your centre of gravity will likely be more stable (you’ll no longer be ‘top heavy’)

Comfort: You’ll experience more comfortable bra-wearing & be more comfortable participating in sports and exercising and you’ll likely have less back and neck pain or chafing infections

Pain Reduction: Having a breast reduction often results in reduced back, neck and shoulder pain, meaning you may need less pain medication or physiotherapy

Well-being: You may feel more comfortable in social and business situations with more balanced breast proportions

Future Breast-Feeding:  Some surgical techniques may enable you to still breast-feed children; with breast reduction, if your aim is to have additional children or to breastfeed a growing family, please be sure to indicate your preferences and plans with your Surgeon, and be sure you fully understand the potential risks. Fortunately our Surgeons are experts in advanced surgical techniques that offer you the best possibilities for future breast-feeding.

Helping you through your Recovery: How we help you Heal Holistically

  • Individualised patient care before, during and after your Surgery
  • Rapid Recovery products and aids (“science & love” healing optimisation) to facilitate your recovery period – products and recommendations shown to help patients heal faster and with potentially less discomfort — including Healite II skin rejuvenation treatments to optimise healing and help rejuvenate your skin
  • Leading Scar Minimisation & Holistic Healing
    • Precise incisions and Drain FREE procedures
    • Best strategies to help you minimise scars as you heal including FREE Fraxel treatments
    • Helping you learn the best strategies for scar minimisation
    • Helping you have patience during the initial healing processes as your newly-reduced breasts settle into a more pleasing, balanced and less-heavy appearance

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure Overview

Breast Reduction Surgery will generally be preceded by detailed consultations with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Once it comes time for your procedure you can expect a number of steps to be followed:

  • You’ll be administered general anaesthetic by a qualified Anaesthetist in an accredited Australian Hospital
  • Pre-operative markings will be made
  • Incisions in the breast will be made
  • Your surgeon will remove excess breast tissue
  • They will reshape the remaining tissue
  • Nipple and areola will be re-located
  • Excess skin will be removed
  • Incision will be closed
  • You’ll enter the recovery and healing phase of your surgery (ask us about pain management & recovery facilitation methods including Healite II & Fraxel Scar Minimisation)
  • Rapid Recovery Packages  – proven best practice post-op care to facilitate your healing
  • DO however, allow adequate down time from this surgery before resuming activities AND
  • Follow all of your Surgeon’s post-op instructions


There are several common incisions, and our Surgeons have advanced techniques to assist you in getting the best result for your breast appearance and your breast & nipple size and shape objectives.

Our Team of Surgeons, one of our leading Team of Plastic Surgeons, had an innovative Reduction Surgery & Incision procedure named after him, and it remains very popularly used throughout the world. 


Breast Reduction Risks & Complications

Breast Reduction is formally known as Reduction Mammoplasty surgery. Whilst a highly popular procedure for women of a wide range of ages and stages of life, from women in their late teens or twenties to women in their fifties and sixties.

The overwhelming sentiment our Breast Reduction Surgeons hear from patients is that it is ‘life changing’ in terms of reducing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and skin infections; and in the sense that women can wear what they want to, at the beach or at home – often, for the first time in their lives. It becomes easier to shop for comfortable bras that fit and easier to exercise when the excess breast weight has been reduced through breast reduction techniques, such as the Le Jour technique.

For more on breast reduction, visit our Breast Reduction Procedure page.

This page is for after you are familiar with what Breast Reduction Surgery (which includes a breast lift or nipple relocation or reshaping to suit your preferences).

Liposuction and Contouring

Breast reduction, shaping & nipple surgeries are highly customised and strategically planned to meet your individual requirements. This requires extensive measurements by one of our Leading Breast Reduction Surgeons. You’ll also have extensive breast reduction markings before your surgery occurs.

  • Our Surgeons are experts in pre-surgery planning to get you the best Breast Reduction result and size for your body shape and appearance objectives.
  • Some patients benefit from additional liposuction to help reduce the amount of fatty tissue in or around their breast area.
  • A breast lift or uplift (re-positioning and potentially resizing of the nipple) is included in your Reduction Procedure, and this is partially why Breast Reductions are considered complex Surgeries

 This is often done sequentially in a sequence known as “Mummy Makeover” surgery – ask your Surgeon about these combination procedures for Abdominoplasty and Breast reduction options.

Breast Reduction Surgery Incisions and Scarring

Scars are an inevitable part of any Surgery and Breast Reduction scarring will depend on several factors.

Incisions can vary somewhat and primary types of incisions are shown below, and include the Anchor, Lollipop or Donut technique.

Incisions-locations-breast-surgery-melbourneOur Surgeon’s aim to use the most advanced surgical incision procedures to get you the best minimal scarring result, along with scar reduction treatments and products as part of your post-operation patient care.

What scars you are left with may depends partially on your physique, your skin type, your existing breast tissue and breast shape or breast weight, your desired nipple location compared to your existing nipple location and your specific surgery desires in terms of position and location of the nipple and breast tissue.

Many of our Surgeons prefer the Lollipop “Le Jour” surgical technique for minimal scarring and excellent, natural-looking breast reduction results.

Scar Minimisation and Post-Op Healing Care

Our Surgeons prioritise scar minimisation and Post-Op Healing Care.

Scars and healing after your Breast Surgery will depend on many factors, some of which relate to your type of surgery, and some of which are under your control, and some related to your Surgeon’s expertise and some that are simply not fully predictable.

Scars reduce over time and require a bit of patience whist they minimise

Most scars tend to reduce over 12 to 24 months after your procedure if you take caution in your post-op activities. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself adequately for allowing enough time for your scars to heal thoroughly, and to soften and fade, before you judge them or engage in any scar revision options.

Factors that contribute to differences in scars

Factors that may impact your scar outcomes include your skin’s healing capacity, your overall health, the actual procedure and incisions used, your Surgeon’s incision placement and their skills at minimising scarring during and after your Surgery.

Some factors that contribute to your overall scar outcomes will be under your control (so be sure to follow your Surgeon’s post-op instructions and post-op garment recommendations). Some of the scarring minimisation will be under your Surgeon’s control during the procedure, but impacted by your physique, breast tissue size, skin condition and other factors. And some of the influences on your ultimate scarring will be genetic or environmentally based and not controllable.

But fortunately there are numerous products and surgical techniques as well as Fraxel laser scar minimisation treatments, that can help you reduce the degree of scarring for your procedures.

Good nutrition does help your healing, and your post-op Rapid Recovery Kit will have products — and recommendations — to optimise this period of time for best results.

Our Melbourne Surgeon’s offer a special post-op kit (Science & Love Rapid Recovery) that also includes special products to help you minimise your post-surgical scarring.

Your dedication to following your Surgeon’s post-operative healing instructions can also impact your scar outcomes.

Please follow the scar minimisation protocols and Post-Op instructions of your Surgeon for best results from your Breast Reduction surgery.


*Individual results will always vary. Your Surgeon can help you understand what is — and isn’t — possible for your specific body and appearance goals.

Types of Breast Reduction Procedures – will there be scars after surgery? Yes.

How many techniques are there for breast reduction surgery?

There are several techniques which can be used to achieve a breast reduction – the type you get will depend on a number of factors.

Your surgeon will be able to recommend the procedure best suited to your body after a consultation. You will be shown and given procedure details on the different types, and based on your presenting breast tissue and location, and your appearance concerns, your Surgeon can recommend the best Breast Reduction procedure to get you the results you are wanting.

How long does it take before I can see the results of my procedure?

Post-operative swelling can sometimes take 6-12 months to completely subside. While you should see an improvement in the months after surgery, it is worth waiting longer before assessing your ‘final size’.

Do breast reductions grow back?

Sometimes, such as if there is weight change or a genetic or hormonal issue, breast tissue can grow back after surgery. It is not overly common, however.

In these cases, women may need a second reduction procedure. However, Cases of hormonal changes in the body that lead to continually-growing breasts or a naturally high percentage of glandular tissue are relatively rare.

If you plan on breastfeeding at some point after your surgery, mention it to your surgeon so you can discuss options and expectations.

Our Team of Plastic Surgeons advanced a special technique that helps preserve the nipple and breast-feeding functionality, but not all patients may be suitable for this type of procedure and it may not be guaranteed.

If you are considering surgery, we recommend reading the ‘Why Us‘ section.

You can also call one of our Patient Coordinators/Care Coordinators on (03) 8849 1400 or schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Nurses before booking your Surgeon consul.

You can also attend one of our practice events to Meet our Team and learn more about your procedure.

Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery

Choosing whether or not a breast reduction surgery is right for you is a very personal decision. Breast reduction surgery, like all surgery, carries certain risks and complications.

Your surgeon and nurse coordinator will take you through the risks and complications associated with breast reduction surgery to ensure you understand and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

After this you’ll be asked to sign a consent form indicating you fully understand the procedure, the associated risks, and potential complications issues.

Possible Breast Reduction Surgery Risks

General Anaesthesia – Prior to surgery you will be provided with the details of your anaesthetist in order to discuss any specific concerns you may have. Most healthy patients respond well to general anaesthesia.

Bleeding (Haematoma) – Sometimes following surgery, a collection of blood may pool at the surgical site. If this occurs, a visit to the operating theatre may be required to remove the haematoma.

Infection – If an infection develops following surgery, your surgeon will prescribe antibiotics and monitor your progress closely.

Scarring – In order to minimise scarring, you will receive three Fraxel Laser treatments following surgery with our Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Dermal Clinicians.

Delayed Wound Healing – Delayed wound healing will sometimes be seen in patients who are overweight or smokers, or where an infection develops. Your surgeon and nurse coordinator will manage the healing process and take necessary steps if delayed wound healing occurs.

Nipple Sensitivity – Very rarely, permanent loss of nipple sensation can occur. Most patients find they lose nipple sensation temporarily after surgery. However, this generally returns to normal after about six months.

Nipple Loss/Necrosis – A very rare complication that can affect all or part of the nipple, necrosis has been found to occur often in smokers.

Breast Asymmetry – Most women will naturally have some degree of unevenness to their breasts. This will be taken into account prior to the surgery, but it should be noted that asymmetry may be visible after surgery as well.

Breastfeeding – As with any breast surgery, ability to breastfeed may be affected after a breast reduction surgery.

Allergies – Please let your surgeon and nurse coordinator know if you have any allergies to the following; surgical tape, suture materials, glues, blood products, topical preparations or injected agents. [/toggle_item]

Successful Surgical Outcomes are the Result of a Number of Considerations

  • Realistic surgical goals
  • Realistic patient expectations
  • Knowledge and understanding of possible risks and complications of breast reduction surgery

Complications or transient infections can occur despite the best of care during and after Surgery.

However, careful planning, detailed discussions, highly skilled Plastic Surgeons with meticulous surgical and infection-prevention techniques — along with stellar post-operative care — are some of the ways our team minimises your potential risks and complications.

We also focus on providing NO DRAIN procedures, which helps you stay more comfortable during your post-op recovery period. It is also potentially a better option as drains can be a site of infection in some patients. But infections can still happen despite the best of care, as they are a common surgery risk not just in plastic surgery, but in any surgery or health condition.

Be prepared that small, less serious issues might occur – but most of these that occur are relatively common, and will often rarely have any long term effects.

It’s best to understand your risks, know what they are, and recognise our Surgeons are highly adept in managing any potential complications should any occur. Every effort is made to resolve any issues quickly to ensure an excellent final result for your Breast Reduction and Surgery experience.

Your Plastic Surgeon can help you understand which Breast Reduction Surgery techniques will help you to achieve the best surgery outcomes to reduce pain and compliment your physique.

Melbourne’s leading Breast Reduction & Breast Reshaping Surgeons

For your Breast Reduction journey, our Team’s leading highly-experienced Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeons on our team, all of whom are fully qualified Plastic Surgeons with over 20 years of experience performing complex Breast Surgeries and natural-looking Breast Reduction Mammoplasty procedures.

Melbourne’s leading team of Plastic Surgeons for Breast Reduction Surgery

Hawthorn, Berwick & Williamstown

Our Breast Surgery & Breast Reduction Surgeons operate at accredited major hospitals in Melbourne using only experienced Anaesthetists and a top team of surgical support staff. This is important in terms of patient safety and initial recovery.

They also offer the latest in scar minimisation and post-op healing techniques as noted above.

  • Located in Hawthorn East near Balwyn, Kew & Toorak (free parking onsite or in street for 2 hours)
  • Convenient to Auburn & Camberwell Train Stations
  • 12 minutes from Melbourne CBD
  • Ask which Surgeons consult at each location

Breast Reduction Surgery Costs & Prices in Melbourne & Sydney

The cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in Australia can vary significantly depending on your location, type of hospital, theatre chosen and your Surgeon’s skills and experience.

Some of the so-called ‘bargain’ breast surgeries are performed by less-skilled or less-qualified doctors who operate in back room premises as they are not licensed to work in an accredited Australian hospital.

Ask your Surgeon if he or she is approved to operate in a Hospital or only in their own facility — there is a difference in accreditation for facilities.

Hospitals have extremely high accreditation requirements and are typically regularly audited for quality, cleanliness and patient safety.

Also, be aware that offers of  “no gap” breast reduction surgery may not be performed by a Specialist Surgeon – all surgery has risks, and Breast Reduction/Reduction Mammoplasty is a very complex surgery to get right.  It’s not something you want to trust to a less experienced surgeon or someone who isn’t a FRACS qualified Specialist who performs hundreds to thousands of these surgeries.   Find out which of our Melbourne Specialists can help you get the Breast shape or size you’ve always wanted – book a no obligation consultation by contacting our Patient Care Coordinators.

Make sure that you choose your Surgeon carefully when shopping around for a Breast Reduction on price or if you’re keen to get a ‘discount’ breast reduction procedure

You’ve probably seen some sad stories about patients in the news, who either risked Overseas Discount Surgery ‘Medical Tourism’ holidays and post-op flights or who needed a revision after being operated on by a Non-Specialist or less-experienced Surgeon.

Plastic Surgeons have to meet the highest qualifications for cosmetic and plastic and reconstructive procedures. Other Doctors who operate may not have specialist training or a focus on surgery.

Do ask what qualifications your selected Surgeon has, and it’s helpful to get a second opinion. By ensuring you do this you will learn more and can save yourself a LOT of regret.

Sadly, if your Surgeon is under-experienced, you may suffer more surgical complications, poor scar healing or asymmetry after your breast reduction.

You don’t want to risk having to get Revision Surgery when you waited so long to get your Breast Reduction.


Always choose a highly-experienced, qualified Plastic Surgeon.


Read more in our BLOG about the differences between Plastic Surgeons & other types of Surgeons who perform cosmetic surgeries.

At our Specialist Plastic Surgeons on our team Clinic, we get referrals to fix many ‘botched’ and ‘discount’ Breast Reduction Surgeries. Cheap Surgery can sometimes get you Cheap Results:
Revision Surgery is costly and NOT everything can be fixed.


Breast Reduction Surgeries are complex surgeries.

Breast Reduction Surgeries require high-level precision planning, pre-surgical measurements, accurate and thorough markings and specialist surgical skills…something our highly experienced Team of Breast Surgery Specialists have.

If you’re shopping on cost, take heed: revisions are costly and not all botched outcomes can be fixed, and you only have one body. You will live with your results, or with regret at your first choice of surgeon, for the rest of your life. 

If your Surgeon is not operating in an accredited hospital using experienced Anaesthetists, you might want to ask about their Qualifications to perform such Complex Surgeries as Breast Reductions, Breast Lifts and Nipple Surgery.

Are they at least qualified to operate in an accredited Hospital rather than in a ‘back room’ using ‘twilight’ Anaesthetic?

Some Surgeons who are qualified to operate in hospitals do operate in back rooms; but many surgeons who operate in back rooms do so as they are NOT qualified to operate in an accredited Australian hospital.

You might learn more about the why’s of this by reading our blog on the topic and fully understanding the difference between types of surgeons: general, cosmetic, aesthetic & plastic surgeon’s have very different qualifications, testing, membership and training requirements. 

Pricing and Costs of high-quality precision Breast Reduction 

  • The exact price of your Breast Reduction surgery will reflect its complexity.
  • Every breast is different and you may have asymmetric breasts – each procedure is tailored and customised for you.
  • Your Breast Reduction surgery quote may also vary depending on how many nights you need to stay in hospital.
  • Nipple correction surgery may be included in your procedure.
  • Some Surgeries or Revisions are very complex such as extremely asymmetric breasts, reconstruction surgeries or reduction for very large breast.
  • Don’t risk a cheap or discounted Breast Reduction Surgery and read up on the dangers of Medical Tourism by reading our Blog.

Payment methods and Costs for your Breast Reduction Surgery

For more information about pricing and payment methods of your Breast Reduction Surgery please visit our payment methods pages.

If you would like a customised Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Quote, please contact us to book a Surgeon Consultation. Just send a confidential enquiry form.

Or if it is during business Clinic hours, you are welcome to phone a Patient Care Coordinator on (03) 8849 1400.

Visit our payment and payment methods pages to learn more.


Want smaller, more shapely breasts or nipples?

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What to Bring to your Surgeon Consultation

  • Bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices
  • Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly
  • You may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothes

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