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Price of Breast Reduction Surgery. So how much does a Breast Reduction Surgery cost? The answer to cost related questions in relation to all types of breast surgery is that each person needs a custom surgery or bespoke procedure.  No two women, no two breasts, no two nipples, and no too surgeries are alike.

Breast Reduction Price Ranges – Average Costs | Australia

This page provides a general synopsis of breast reduction surgery costs (average price ranges) from premier-level Plastic Surgeons in Australia.

The cost of Breast Reduction Surgery ranges in price, depending on 5 key factors: WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHAT and WHY.

+-Which FACTORS influence the PRICE of BREAST REDUCTION?

  1. WHO: Surgeon expertise and recognition by medical boards in Australia – e.g. FRACS recognition as a Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon versus a GP or skin doctor)
  2. WHEN: What current MEDICARE rebates or INSURANCE policy cover includes – and whether you meet current MBS criteria, if applicable, at the time of your surgery
  3. WHERE: Hospital theatre fees including Anaesthetist
  4. WHAT: existing condition and your surgery customisation needs including:
    • complications and challenges relating to existing breast weight, health conditions and/or surgical requirements
    • extent of tissue reduction, lipo-sculpting and tissue excision, techniques and skill levels required
    • nipple health and position (resizing/lifting/repositioning or inverted nipple correction, degree of breast asymmetry)
    • scar minimisation strategies, e.g., Le Jour breast reduction method vs more prominent Anchor incision scars
    • drain vs no drain, other factors
    • follow up care
  5. WHY: Medical or Cosmetic? Does current MBS rebate criteria apply?
    • Whether or not your private health insurance policy and Medicare offer rebates for breast reduction depends on CURRENT MBS criteria AND your health condition(s).
    • Extensive documentation is required to apply for a rebate, if applicable, and there is no guarantee.
    • If no rebates apply, the price of a breast reduction needs to be paid entirely by the patient (out of pocket).

Breast Reduction Surgery Price Range (Averages)

+-What is the AVERAGE price of a breast reduction in Melbourne?

Cost ranges can be found on the PRICE of COSMETIC Surgery page – an explanation for differences in price ranges for Cosmetic Surgery in Australia.

In general, you can expect to pay between approximately $15,000 (mid-range starting point) to up to $20,000 (premium range, fully customised) for:

  • quality Breast Reduction surgery in an accredited Australia hospital
  • performed by a skilled Australia Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience
  • using a trusted Surgeon with FRACS (Plas) and ASPS, ASAPS or ISAPS qualifications 

If you want to find out how to pay for surgery, visit payment methods or phone 0388491444.

+-How can I tell HOW MUCH my breast reduction will COST?

ONLY a consultation with an expert in Breast Reduction can give you an accurate price quote.

  • Price quotes are given during or after a no-obligation consultation.
  • Seeing a Surgeon is also helpful in knowing what your breast reduction OPTIONS really are.
  • Phone 03 88491444 for details.

Some women will attain Breast Reduction with Reduction Mammoplasty surgery on its own (one bilateral breast reduction procedure) amd others need more shaping or extra liposuction or body contouring for a good result.

Want a Breast Reduction COST estimate or QUOTE?

Schedule a consultation after reading the Breast Reduction SURGERY PROCEDURE page and downloading a GUIDE.

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Read the PRICE PAGE.



Ask us for a Breast Reduction PRICE Quote during your no-obligation consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne or Sydney.

  • Once you have a quote, remember that it is valid for a certain period of time, because hospital fees or Medicare Rebates may suddenly change.
  • Also, if your condition leaves you eligible for any Medicare code/rebate or health fund coverage, health funds and Medicare code criteria are subject to rapid changes.
  • Keep these issues in mind if you’re hoping for a rebate on your surgery.

Other criteria apply – talk to your GP and request a referral to one of our Breast Reduction Surgeons, who are FRACS qualified and highly respected in their fields of Plastic Surgery expertise.



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