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Breast Reduction Surgery in Australia

Breast reduction surgery is also known as Reduction Mammoplasty. It is a common plastic surgery procedure for altering the breasts. This surgical procedure involves removing breast tissues and loose skin to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. Liposuction in the breast or chest area is also often used by Surgeons during or after surgery, to assist with reshaping and fat reduction in the chest area.

Incision methods for Breast Reduction:

There are 3 key types of incisions that are popular for breast reduction. The primary two types used in Australia and around the world today are the Anchor incision method and the Le Jour technique. Liposuction may also be used and may sometimes require additional small incisions.

Drain-free methods vs drains in breast reduction

  • Plastic Surgeons usually aim to offer drain-free procedures for breast reduction surgery in Melbourne and Sydney, primarily to assist with patient comfort during recovery from Breast Reduction.
  • Every surgeon is different, however. In terms of using surgical drains vs employing drain-free surgical strategies; you can discuss the pros and cons of using drains with your Surgeon during your breast reduction during your consultation.
  • Phone us on (03)88491444 or 1800033333 to find out which Melbourne and Sydney Surgeons offer this type of procedure for suitable candidates.
  • For some patients, however, drains may be required; if so, they are typically removed within a few days.

But most patients enjoy a drain-free surgery recovery from our Specialist Plastic Surgeon team.

What do scars after Breast Reduction Surgery look like?

Photographic Example of a Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) Le Jour Surgical technique

An example of scars from the Le Jour technique is shown below; remember, however, that healing is somewhat unpredictable and that every patient’s skin is unique. This means that every patient will vary in terms of scarring and scar visibility. Some patients will have less visible scars and some more visible scars. Scars also take about 12 months or longer to fully mature.

Silicone strips may help reduce scars. There are also some laser or light-based modalities to reduce scars after surgery, if your Surgeon recommends these.

breast reduction surgery consumer information and reviews - Plastic Surgeons Melbourne and Sydney

Reduction Mammoplasty Terms, Techniques and Recovery from Breast Reduction including liposuction

  • Female Reduction Mammoplasty is known colloquially as a Breast Reduction procedure
  • Male Breast Reduction is called Gynecomastia Surgery (USA) or Gyneacomastia Surgery (UK/AUS) surgery.
  • These procedures are often performed in a hospital theatre under general anaesthetic.
  • Recovery is approximately 10 to 14 days with longer periods required before resuming certain lifting or exercising activities.
  • Patients may be required to wear a firmly-fitted support garment after surgery for the requisite period of time a Surgeon advises.

Breast Reduction Surgery Research, Reviews and Information

Life Quality and Medical Reasons for Having Breast Reduction Procedures (Reduction Mammoplasty).

  • Patients opt for Breast Reduction for a variety of reasons, personal to their life and health needs.
  • The most common reasons women may undergo breast surgery include to reduce or alleviate back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain caused by breast weight or breast size/position, to improve posture, to reduce discomfort when exercising and to improve quality of life and clothing comforts.
  • The surgery may also have a positive health impact by reducing skin chaffing, excess perspiration under or around the breasts, and bra-strap indentations in the dermal tissues (skin).

Resources for Breast Reduction including Research Links and Guide books.


What does a Breast Reduction Surgery involve? Medical Definitions, Surgical Incisions and Reduction Mammoplasty Techniques.

  • Breast Reduction Surgery is officially called a Reduction Mammoplasty.
  • As above, it involves a surgical breast reduction and nipple-aerola-complex uplift procedure to reduce breast size and breast weight and re-position the breasts more centrally on the chest wall.
  • It is performed by Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne and Sydney and throughout the world, although surgical techniques can vary from region to region and Surgeon to Surgeon.
  • Not all patients are good candidates for this surgical procedure and a consultation is the first step to assess suitability, potential outcomes and risks.

Reduction of the breasts for women: chosen by patients who are tired of having pain or discomfort caused by heavy, pendulous breast tissues (very large breast proportions).

  • Reduction surgery of the breasts can help re-position the breasts, reduce size and reshape the breast mound AND the nipple (aerola nipple complex or ANC).
  • It can bring a more harmonic balance to the upper and lower body.
  • It may help reduce the appearance of looking heavier or larger in frame size, than you actually are, related to high volume and heavy tissues weight in the chest area.

How does a breast reduction procedure work?

  • A breast reduction surgery REMOVES excess adipose tissues from the breast (breast area fat cells), redundant glandular tissue and tightens the appearance of the breast skin.
  • It is a surgical excision method (the excess tissues targeted for removal are excised or removed using sharp surgical blades, other cutting instruments or lasers, liposuction and other advanced surgical methods for reducing the size of the breast tissues).
  • Reshaping and resizing breast tissues helps achieve the breast proportions or breast position/breast tissue weight that is MORE proportionate to a patient’s body and physique-appearance/re-balancing goals.

Are there quality of life improvements after Breast Reduction Surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty)?

Yes, many women report breast reduction benefits to quality of life and overall health because they can exercise more freely after having their breasts reduced.

Meaning of Breast Reduction Surgery: Posture, Weight and Quality of Life

Key benefits of having breast reduction surgery:

  • improve quality of life and health outcomes by being able to exercise more freely/more regularly
  • greater likelihood of exercising more often after reduction
  • potential weight loss and increased fitness levels due to more freedom of movement and more activity
  • reduction of breast-size related back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain
  • reduced skin problems such as chaffing or skin indentations where bra straps struggled to sustain and lift the heavy breast tissues of women with larger breasts and heavy, pendulous breast tissues
  • reduced sagging (ptosis)/more central and uplifted breast and aerola-nipple complex tissues
  • body confidence/better posture
  • less social discomfort/more clothing options

Breast Reduction Surgical Techniques and Scars

Three incision methods for breast reduction popularly used in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and other regional locations).

The 3 types of incisions (scars) after breast reduction result from incisions known as:

  • the ANCHOR technique (under the breasts and up the lower pole and around the ANC)
  • the Le Jour method (also called “a lollipop” incision method, similar to anchor but reduces scars by avoiding the breast crease scar under the breast fold)
  • periareolar (‘donut’), rarely performed due to complications with nipple sensation and nipple functions.

Breast Reduction Incisions by Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne and Sydney: Le Jour and Anchor



Can you breast feed after having Breast Reduction?

  • Many women do successfully breast feed after breast reduction, but there is not a guarantee.
  • Different methods may increase your chances of breast feeding after having a reduction of breast tissues and a nipple-area uplift. Ask your Surgeon for details.

Scars after Breast Reduction Surgery – Silicone Scar Management and Different Scar Techniques

  • Incisions are decided upon by your Surgeon to suit your procedure needs and body type.
  • Some Surgeons also have preferred methods (ask your Surgeon which technique they will employ for your breast reduction, and why this is a preferred surgical Reduction Mammoplasty method).
  • On most women, the Le Jour incision methods for breast reduction leave fewer breast area scars because it avoids the breast-crease or inframammary fold incision/scar.
  • Some women use silicone strips to reduce or help fade scars after breast reduction.
  • Other methods for scar fading or scar minimisation may include healite II or laser methods such as Fraxel, skin needling or other methods such as healing creams or oils.
  • But be cautious about what you are putting on a fresh scar (fresh incision line) and know that scars may take 12 months or longer before they are fully settled/healed.
  • Caution: Do not get sun exposure on fresh incision lines or this can worsen the appearance of a scar.
  • Smoking after surgery is also a NO NO as it can impede health and increase your surgery complication risks and wound breakdown, which could also mean re-operation and poor results.

There are risks involved in Breast Reduction and sometimes complications will occur, some minor, some more serious.

Key risks (not a full list) to consider before you sign a Surgery consent include:

  • Skin or wound infection
  • Changes to nipple sensation including loss of feeling/sensation changes to the breasts
  • Breast asymmetry changes
  • Scarring
  • Other risks of surgery in general such as having Anaesthesia, circulatory risks and bleeding

Sydney and Melbourne options for Breast Reduction are available by top expert Breast Reduction surgeons – phone – 0388491444 for Melbourne or 1800033333 for Sydney’s recommended Breast Surgeons for advanced techniques for Breast Reduction/Breast & Nipple Reshaping and Uplift Surgery to reduce breast ptosis or concerns in relation to high-volume, pendulous breast tissues or elongated nipples (the ANC).

How long does breast reduction surgery recovery take?

  • Everyone is unique in healing and every surgeon is different.
  • Typically you’ll need about 2 weeks off of work/normal activities, sometimes more.
  • If you have a less strenuous work environment, you may be able to return sooner.
  • Some initial limitations may be recommended such as avoiding heavy lifting or high-impact/high-contact sports for several weeks/months.
  • If a complication occurs during or after Breast Reduction Surgery, you may require longer to heal and recover OR re-operation (such as for a seroma/hematoma).
  • Recovery details are available in Plastic Surgery Recovery Guides or read our blog about normal recovery from Breast Reduction.

What is NORMAL Recovery after a Breast Reduction?

Sydney and Melbourne Reduction Mammoplasty Surgery options with FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeons

Breast Reduction Surgery Photographic Case Examples

Illustration of results from a Reduction Mammoplasty by Dr Rubinstein (FRACS) Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeon

breast reduction surgery experts in Melbourne and Sydney

Another example of a Reduction Mammoplasty Surgery Patient Case Study; this result by Dr Barnett (FRACS) Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeon


View more consumer information, reviews and photos on the Breast Surgery Gallery Photo pages.

Find out more by asking for a consultation to assess your skin, scarring tendencies and breast volume/breast reduction needs. Phone (03) 8849 1444 or 1800033333 for a recommended Plastic Surgeon for Breast Reduction in Melbourne or Sydney.


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Unanswered Questions?

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Plastic vs Cosmetic Surgeons – know the difference.

Not all Surgeons have the same experience or intensive training and testing qualifications. Be sure you learn the differences between a Plastic Surgeon and a General Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon or other type of Surgeon. Watch the ABC FOUR CORNERS special report on breast surgery in the cosmetic surgery sector – Cosmetics vs Plastic Surgeons.

  • Anyone with an MBBS Qualification (Bachelor of Medicine or Surgery) can call themselves a ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’
  • However, they may not have had the minimum 7 post-MBBS years (over 12 years experience) and rigorous training that is required to become a genuine FRACS (ISAPS/ASPS or ASAPS) Plastic Surgeon.
  • If your Surgeon cannot operate in an Australian hospital – but only performs surgery in a back room – you are wise to assess if they are just a GP or skin doctor vs a genuine APHRA verified / FRACS Plastic Surgeon.

Qualifications, Experience and Online Breast Surgery Reviews – What Patients look at when they are performing Research into Plastic Surgery

  • It is important to research a Surgeon’s qualifications, reviews and experience before deciding on the Surgeon who will perform your Breast Reduction procedure.
  • It is highly recommended that you choose a genuine FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is accredited by a recognised association AND performs surgery in an accredited Hospital rather than a ‘back room’.
  • Look for members of FRACS, ASPS, ASAPS or ISAPS as some of the qualifications of your Plastic Surgeon.

Expert Surgeons and Consumer Reviews for Breast Reduction:

It may also be helpful to consider the recommendations of your friends & family, as well as online reviews to have a better understanding of a Surgeon’s experience and previous outcomes.

Note that verifying the qualifications of your surgeon, and seeking second medical opinions from another of our Group’s leading experts in Breast Surgery, may be considered a best-practice second-opinion consultation method for gaining information about your Surgeon – and the Reduction Mammoplasty/with a Breast Lift procedure – before you proceed with one surgeon.

More photographic examples (below).

Elective Surgery Waiting times for Breast Reduction: Current Mandatory Waiting Periods for Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery (elective)

Read more on elective surgery waiting times in Australia.



Additional Breast Surgery Patient Examples –

Photographic Case Studies of Breast Reduction and Breast Weight/Breast Size Changes

Before and After Photos of a Breast Reduction (Melbourne)





Patient Results from Breast Reduction Surgery Results depend on individual patient circumstances and can vary significantly. Results may also be impacted by a variety of factors including your lifestyle, weight, nutritional intake and overall health.

See more in the gallery:

Breast Reduction Surgery Before & After Photos

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