Breast Lift with Implants

Mastopexy Augmentation: Breast Lift with Breast Implants (Breast Enhancement Cosmetic Surgery, Melbourne)

Do you have drooping breast tissues?  Are your nipples drifting south?  Or do your breasts look empty or saggy after pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss or menopause?  If your breast tissue or your nipples are heading south – and if your breasts are looking droopy, saggy or baggy – you may be a good candidate for the rejuvenating Breast Lift Cosmetic Surgery.  We can help you get an enhanced breast and fuller breast shaping using the Mastopexy procedure combined with breast augmentation using Mentor or Motiva Breast Implants. Page updated 13 November 2018.

A Breast Lift surgery may be one of the best surgeries to help women readjust the location and size of their breasts for more balanced proportions.

With the right procedure for your physique and breast concerns, you can gain better cleavage, firmer or fuller breasts and aesthetically ‘repositioned’ breast nipples. Nipples can also be resized or re-contoured to more attractive positions or sizes, relative to the under-breast crease (known as the inframammary fold or IMF). A breast lift surgery with breast augmentation, called an Augmentation Mastopexy, may also help you get the look you desire.

Our Australian Specialist Plastic Surgeons on our team are highly-regarded for their complex breast surgery expertise including Breast Lift with Implants, breast reduction procedures, implant removal & replacement and Revisional Surgery expertise.


When should I consider a Breast Lift?


  • Do you have Saggy or Droopy Breasts?
  • Are your breasts droopy and noticeably asymmetric?
  • Have your breasts drooped after pregnancy or weight loss?
  • Are your nipples over-stretched (or enlarged) from breastfeeding?
  • Are you embarrassed by having droopy-looking cleavage?
  • Have your breasts sagged with gravity and time?
  • Do you miss having firm, full breasts?

Does having droopy breasts leave you

  • Feeling you look older than you are?
  • Missing the freedom of occasionally not wearing a bra?
  • Embarrassed by where your nipples sit?
  • Feeling less feminine?
  • Struggling to find a swimsuit that flatters your torso?
  • Missing having firmer breasts?
  • Considering having an uplift or enlargement with a lift?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might be a great candidate for a Masto-Augmentation (Augmentation Mastopexy) – Surgery that uplifts AND enlarges your breasts.

What causes droopy, sagging breasts?

Do you miss the location and firmness of your breasts, or how they were before children or menopause? If so, you’re not alone.

Drooping or saggy breasts are very common in women who have breast fed children, experienced weight fluctuations or significant weight loss, or who have lost elasticity of their breast tissue due to ageing and other reasons.

Many factors can contribute to the drooping or sagging of a woman’s breasts; these changes and the degree of breast Ptosis (sagging of the breasts) can result from the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Ageing
  • Gravity
  • Heredity

This leads to Breast Lift with Implants and Mummy Makeovers becoming increasingly popular for women of all ages, who seek to restore their breast and body contours to get back ‘what they lost’ over the years.


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What is Breast Tissue Ptosis or droopy breasts and can droopy, saggy breasts be fixed?

Ptosis, sagging breasts or nipples pointing ‘southward’, will eventually be an issue affecting nearly every woman.  It occurs due to a number of factors, from weight loss to post-breast feeding tissue reductions to genetic inheritance to ageing of the breast skin and atrophy of the breast tissues.  But saggy breasts and drooping breast tissue can be fixed or remedied with cosmetic breast surgery such as Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation, combined in one procedure.

If fact, if you have saggy breasts or drooping nipples (or asymmetrical breasts), you can take advantage of the breast lift procedure to enhance your overall breast size or breast proportions and cleavage.

The question most women ask about breast surgery by a Specialist is this:

Do I need JUST a breast lift to get the desired results, or do I need a breast lift with a breast augmentation?

The answer is always individual to the patient and is a very personal decision, made in collaboration with the patient and surgeon to get the most aesthetically pleasing surgery result.

breast lift with implants


There are surgical solutions, depending on the degree of Ptosis (drooping) experienced, the amount of existing breast tissue you have, and your individual preferences for how you’d like your breasts and nipples to look after your breast enhancement uplift surgery.

And there are surgical breast lift solutions that are enhanced with a breast augmentation using implant, performed either at the same time or in succession.

If you’re not sure you want augmentation or not, then typically you’d start with a breast lift.  If you knew you wanted ‘a bit more up top’ or needed fuller cleavage to wear your favourite fashions, or to feel more feminine in your view, then you might choose to have both cosmetic surgeries performed at the same time.

Ask your Specialist Plastic Surgeon to be certain by scheduling a NO OBLIGATION surgical consultation to find out what types of procedures will get YOU the results you’re wanting from cosmetic breast surgery.

Are there different types of Breast Sag or Ptosis of the Breast and Nipple areas?

Yes, there are different classifications of breast sagging or droopiness, known as Ptosis. Before considering the types of breast lift options it is a good idea to understand the ptotic conditions that require a cosmetic or corrective breast lift surgery.

The three conditions that Specialist Plastic Surgeons consider “sagging breasts” are:

  1. Ptosis: This is the medical term for breasts that sag far enough that the nipple and areola are out of position relative to your breast crease.
  2. Empty Sac Syndrome: This refers to a breast that has lost fullness due to age, genetics, breastfeeding, etc. The nipple and areola have not fallen in relation to your breast crease.
  3. Pseudptosis: Like the Empty Sac Syndrome, pseudoptosis is a condition where your breasts lack fullness. In this case, your breasts may appear full below the nipple but they lack fullness above the nipple.

illustration - breast-ptosis-degrees-of-breast-drooping breast lift with implants

Our leading team of Plastic Surgeons are artisan experts at shaping and lifting breasts, whilst minimising scar formations, as well as other complex breast surgeries including lift-plus-implants or a lift with a breast reduction.

We also perform nipple surgeries to correct disproportionate nipples, inverted nipples or nipple hypertrophy.

Please note – you will have a scar, as all surgeries result in a scar. Just ask us how we minimise scarring through precision incisions, Healite II sessions or Fraxwel, Silicon strip recommendations and other forms of helping you heal from surgical incisions.

And remember to ask us for our tips about how long to avoid getting sun on your newly shaped or newly uplifted breasts.

Your choices when it comes to getting a Breast Lift.

Breast Lift on its own, or a Breast Lift with Implants?

If you are considering a Breast Lift with no size enhancement please read the Breast Lift page for additional details on related procedures.

If you are instead wanting a Breast Lift with a size reduction, please visit our Breast Reduction pages.

Augmentation (size enhancement) during a Breast Lift surgery is called a Breast Augmentation Mastopexy (BAM) or ‘Masto-Aug’.

Our highly experienced Plastic Surgeons can assist you in understanding your different options for implant types and sizes and Breast Lift surgery specifics.


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Breast Lift with Implants (Masto-Augmentation)

For an uplift and a larger breast size

If you want to remedy your sagging or droopy breasts with a Breast Lift but also want a bit of a size or shape enhancement, then you may want to add an Augmentation to your Breast Lift procedure.

This page overviews a Mastopexy Augmentation; a breast lift with a size enhancement.

With a combined breast implant Augmentation and Breast Lift procedure, you can enhance your shape and size as well as restore your breast and nipple position and ‘breast tone’.

Can I get more cleavage from a lift with implants?

Increased cleavage is easily attained with this procedure. Our Melbourne Surgeon team counsels patients on how they can achieve better cleavage when considering a Breast Lift with Implants.

Increased cleavage is easily attained with this procedure however the outcome depends on the type of cleavage you want.

Are there Different Types of Cleavage?

The word cleavage is derived from the word cleft: usually V-shaped indented formation: a hollow between ridges or protuberances.

There are two types of cleavage: Medial cleavage and Upper Pole Fullness.

Upper Pole Fullness is when a patient attains cleavage as a result of their breasts being close together at the upper part of their breasts. A Breast Lift (Mastopexy) can be enhanced with breast implants for added projection or upper-pole fullness.

Medial cleavage is when they achieve closeness at the midline.

Our  Melbourne surgeons take great care to give you the exact amount of cleavage you desire.

Beyond cleavage, you’ll also be discussing the implant sizes and types during aBreast Lift with Implants consultation.

Your Melbourne surgeon will explain all of the options you’ll need to consider in choosing the perfect implant to meet your goals.

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Corrective Nipple Surgery & Areola Reconstruction During Your Breast Surgery

Enlarged or disproportionate nipples, inverted nipples and nipple hypertrophy can also be corrected during your Breast Lift with Implants surgery.

This may involve adjustment of the position, size or shape of the nipple, as the areola can also expand in size over time or may point downwards.



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Reducing Ptosis: How is a Breast Lift with Implants performed?

  • Breasts sag when the skin gets looser and when the amount of breast tissue decreases.
  • There are two solutions for the problem of ptosis.
  • The problem of loose skin is covered with the breast lift (mastopexy) procedure.
  • To address the issue of loss of volume or fullness in the breast, a breast augmentation (implant) is often recommended at the same time as the lift.  The breast implant fills up the extra skin of the breast. Breast implants work well to restore the fullness that was in the upper aspect of the breasts.
  • In some cases with just slight sagging of the breasts, an implant alone without any additional mastopexy (breast lift) may lift the breast.
  • In most cases, the implant is placed beneath the pectoral muscle and the breast lift is then performed. The shape of the breast mound is usually better when both breast augmentation and breast lift are performed together.
  • The placement of an implant, even a small one, will fill out the top part of the breast and improve the projection.
  • This additional weight on the chest may accelerate the rate of ongoing breast ptosis if the implant is placed above the muscle. For this reason, the implant is usually placed below the muscle.
  • Your Breast Lift with Implants procedure is performed in our accredited surgery centres. General Anesthesia is recommended to make your recovery as quick as possible.  For the utmost safety, your anaesthesia is administered only by Board Certified Anesthesiologist’s.

Procedures normally last between 90 to 150 minutes or longer for some patients.

What are the Different Types of Breast Lift?

If you desire a Breast Lift with Implants to restore your youthful appearance the best type for you will be determined by the degree of ptosis exhibited in your breasts.

The types of breast lift procedures include:

Crescent Breast Lift

This procedure is also known simply as a crescent lift or a nipple lift. This is a simple breast lift that corrects mild, or Grade I, ptosis. During this surgery, your surgeon will remove a crescent shaped piece of tissue above your areola before he raises your nipple to a higher position.

Benelli Breast Lift

The Benelli breast lift is also known as a Doughnut mastopexy, Circumareola breast lift, and Apex breast lift. The Benelli is typically considered less invasive than other types of breast lifts and it will correct mild to moderate ptosis in the Grade I or Grade II range.your surgeon will remove a doughnut-shaped piece of tissue from around your areola before re-attaching the remaining tissue to your areola.

Vertical Mastopexy Breast Lift

Also known as the Lollipop breast lift, LeJour lift, and Modified Benelli, the Vertical Mastopexy provides more lift than the Benelli for those with moderate or Grade II ptosis. During this procedure, your surgeon will remove a doughnut-shaped piece of tissue just like in the traditional Benelli breast lift. In addition, they will make a straight incision from under your areola to your breast crease. The Vertical Mastopexy provides more lift than the Benelli, but less than the Full Mastopexy.

Full Mastopexy Breast Lift

The Full Mastopexy breast lift is also known as an Anchor lift or the Inverted-T. This breast lift will correct severe Grade III ptosis. In this procedure,your surgeon will make an anchor-shaped incision that starts at the base of your areola and travels to the bottom of your breast where it meets your ribcage. Your surgeon will cut out a crescent-shaped piece of skin above where your breast meets your rib cage. He will then remove and re-position your nipple so that is sits in a more youthful position.

What is the normal Recovery downtime after Breast Lift with Implants?

  • Patients can typically return to work after 7 to 14 days, but should avoid vigorous activities for at least 3 weeks (or as your Surgeon advises – this can vary from patient to patient).
  • Visible bruising should start to resolve within about 2 weeks; swelling should begin to subside within 3 weeks.
  • Do not exercise until your Surgeon clears you to do so; and be sure you wear a supportive sports bra as instructed.

The RAPID RECOVERY kits we provide patients with in our Melbourne Clinic is also a valuable aid to healing – be sure to follow your post-op instructions precisely for best results from your MASTOPEXY AUGMENTATION.


Is that too much surgery to do on the breast all at one time?

We perform the combination Breast Lift with Implants on a frequent basis without any concern. The down time for a Breast Lift with Implants is no more than if either procedure was performed alone.

We find that when mastopexy (breast lift) and augmentation are done at the same time, less skin has to be removed, therefore resulting in less scarring.

Most of our mastopexy-augmentations are done using the crescent or partial circum-areolar incision.

Only in very droopy breasts do we use the ‘lollipop’ incision (the Le Jour incision method for breast lifts).

What are the pre-operative requirements?


We may require some patients to get a medical clearance prior to having surgery.

This can vary from patient to patient and may involve images or blood tests or surgery clearance by their GP.

You should stop smoking at least 4 weeks prior to surgery, as well as stop aspirin products at least one week before surgery.

On the evening before surgery, you may not eat or drink anything after midnight.

What is the post-operative recovery like?

Following your Breast Lift with Implants you’ll be given specific post-op instructions to follow.

You’ll likely have swelling and soreness four to six weeks.

Pain management is customised for each patient and will be discussed as part of your consultation with your surgeon.

Each patient circumstances and recovery are different however typically you should expect follow up appointments on day 2, at 1 week, 1 month, and 4 months with drains removed at first post-op follow up appointment, 2-3 days post op.

What are the risks and possible complications?

Any surgery poses a certain amount of risk and potential complications.

Potential complications include, but are not limited to:

  • infection
  • poor scarring
  • seroma (accumulation of fluid)
  • implant issues (wrinkling, leakage, rupture)
  • capsular contracture
  • asymmetry

Common side effects include bruising and swelling.

The shape of the breast may change over time, and the final result may not be realized for a few months.

Breast Lift with Implants is associated with a higher rate of corrective surgery than either breast augmentation or breast lift alone. For this reason it is highly important that you choose the best possible Melbourne Surgeon.


Photos of Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy (BAM) procedures

You can visit our Before & After MASTO-AUGMENTATION photos to see patient results (we also have more to show you in our office).

You can also see more Augmentation surgery before and after photos pages by Our Team of Surgeons,  Dr Craig Rubinstein, Dr Richard Maxwell, Dr Douglas McManamny and Dr Geoff Barnett.

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